21st birthday ideas

If you or someone you know has a 21st birthday coming up, you might be looking for 21st birthday ideas. Here are all the best ideas if you’re wondering “how do you celebrate your 21st birthday!”

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21st birthday ideas

When I was about to turn 21 I remember having so much fun looking for 21st birthday ideas to plan a super fun party.

Your 21st birthday is one you spend years imagining and thinking about. I’ve found all the BEST 21st birthday party ideas to help you plan a party that is absolutely unforgettable.

After you read this post, you’ll be so ready to start planning for a 21st birthday!

This post is all about the best 21st birthday ideas.

Party Ideas

1. RIP Fake ID Theme

Shop This 21st Birthday Idea:

21st birthday ideas for girls

This is the perfect 21st birthday party theme. To recreate it you’ll need a decor pack like this one. It would be so cute to take pictures with as well!

2. Alcohol Tower

Recreate This Party Idea:

21st birthday photoshoot ideas

This is such a cute idea for decor for a 21st birthday. To DIY it, you can use cake boards like these to stack the alcohol on. You could also make your own bases with cardboard.

3. Candy Floss Drinks

Recreate This Birthday Idea:

21st birthday gift ideas

These are such a cute drink option for a birthday party! You can basically put the cotton candy with any kind of drink. This birthday cake flavor cotton candy would be so perfect.

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4. Bedazzled Wine/ Champagne Bottle Decor

Shop This Decor Idea:

21st birthday outfits

If you’re wondering how to decorate for your 21st birthday party, this would be an amazing idea, especially if you have some wine bottles laying around.

5. Bar Cart Drink Stand

Copy This Party Idea:

21st birthday ideas for daughter

A little drink stand like this would definitely be a crowd pleaser. Guests can customize their own drinks. If you want to recreate this party idea, you’ll need some juice containers like these!

6. Disposable Cameras To Remember The Night

Shop This 21st Birthday Idea:

21st birthday ideas for non drinkers

This would be an insanely fun idea for a 21st birthday. You could give your guests disposable cameras at the door and have them take pictures throughout the night! It would be so much fun to see all the pictures that people got afterwards.

7. Jello Shots

Copy This Birthday Idea:

21st party entertainment ideas

This is a super easy drink/ food idea for a birthday party! They’re good because you can make a lot if you plan to have lots of people there.

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8. Neon Sign Decor

Copy This Idea:

21st birthday party games

This is another decor idea that would be perfect for taking pictures with. It would also make for some great ambient lighting!

9. Bubbly Drink Balloon Decorations

Recreate This Party Idea:

how do you celebrate your 21st birthday?
what should a girl do on her 21st birthday?

I think this balloon decor idea is SO cute. To easily recreate it you could use a balloon pack like these.

10. Oh Sh*t Kit

Copy This Idea:

how can I celebrate my 21st birthday at home?

If you’re planning a 21st birthday party for someone, an oh sh*t kit like this one would be such a great idea to make for the birthday person.

These Rally Bag hangover kits would be so cute to give as party favors to guests who come to the party.

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11. 21st Birthday Ideas For Non Drinkers

21st birthday cake ideas
do people still celebrate 21st birthdays?

If you’re like me and don’t drink alcohol but still wanna have the 21st birthday vibes, these non alcoholic drinks are my absolute favorite. They give you the warm bubbly feeling without the sick feeling that alcohol gives you! I’m obsessed and I buy them any time I find them, so I definitely recommend.

21st Birthday Outfits

12. Feather Top With Skirt And Matching Boots

Shop This Birthday Outfit Idea:

ideas 21st birthday
idea for 21st birthday

I absolutely love the pink boots that she wore to match her pink top! This would make such a cute birthday outfit.

13. Pearl Outfit

Recreate This 21st Birthday Outfit:

gift ideas for 21st birthday
21st birthday party ideas

An outfit like this would be so cute for a 21st birthday! This top is the closest thing I could find to the top in the picture.

14. Silky Slip Dress

21st birthday outfits

Recreate This Outfit Idea:

21st birthday parties ideas
21st birthday themes

This outfit looks so chic and elegant. To recreate it you’ll need some white square toe heels and a blue silky slip dress. To recreate the lace underneath you could wear a lace bandeau.

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15. Tulle Dress

Copy This Outfit:

birthday party 21st ideas

If you’re obsessed with pink like me, this could be the outfit for you! This dress would also be perfect for a birthday photoshoot.

16. Rhinestone Skirt

Copy This Outfit:

ideas for 21st birthday parties
ideas for 21st birthday party

Wearing a skirt like this would be the perfect way to give off super celebratory vibes! I absolutely love the strappy bow heels she paired with the outfit.

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17. Glamorous Glove Outfit

Recreate This 21st Birthday Outfit:

idea for 21st birthday party
ideas on 21st birthday party

If you want to do a super glamorous, over the top birthday outfit, this would be the perfect outfit. It’s giving Marilyn Monroe, and I’m obsessed.

21st Birthday Cakes

18. Simple Heart Cake

This is a super cute dainty little cake! This one would be super easy to make yourself if you don’t want to buy a decorated cake.

19. Wasted Barbie Cake

Recreate This Cake:

things to do 21st birthday party

This is the absolute staple 21st birthday cake. This cake topper kit would be perfect for recreating it.

20. Pretty Floral Cupcake Arrangement

This cake/ cupcake idea is so pretty! I really like how it has other desserts attached to it as well, like the macaroons.

21. Pink And Pearl Cake

Copy This 21st Birthday Cake:

21st birthday gifts for her

This is another super cute 21st birthday idea if you’re like me and love all things pink and dainty! I’m obsessed with this cake idea.

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22. Spongebob Cake

If you grew up watching Spongebob, this could be the perfect 21st birthday cake for you! It’s the perfect funny cake idea that would definitely be a crowd pleaser.

23. Overflowing Sprinkle Drink Glass Cake

Shop This Cake Idea:

fun 21st birthday ideas
21st party ideas

This is another birthday cake idea that wouldn’t be too hard to do yourself! You’d pretty much only need a martini glass, a sparkly cake topper, and some sprinkles!

24.Disco Cake

Shop This Birthday Cake Idea:

best 21st birthday ideas
best ideas for 21st birthday

This style of cake is so popular right now, and for good reason. It’s so pretty! I love the mini disco balls on this cake.

Photoshoot Ideas

25. Dainty Balloon Photoshoot

Recreate This 21st Birthday Photoshoot Idea:

21st birthday party ideas at home

Like I said earlier, this dress is perfect for photoshoots! These pearly balloons go so perfectly with the vibes of the cake and the dress.

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26. Pajama Photoshoot

Copy This Photoshoot Idea:

good ideas for 21st birthday
21st birthday ideas at home

This would be such a cute picture to take at midnight when you turn 21! The vibes are immaculate.

27. Pictures With The Cake

Recreate This Picture Idea:

at home 21st birthday ideas

This is a super simple photoshoot idea, but it’s foolproof! You can never go wrong with taking pictures with your birthday cake.

28. Dancing Pics

Shop This Photoshoot Idea:

21st birthday plan

Another very cute pretty and pink photoshoot idea! I love the classy vibes of this 21st birthday picture. Also, having your friends dress up to match the theme like this would be so cute!

29. Foil Balloon Pictures

21st birthday photoshoot

Copy This Picture:

21st ideas

This is a super simple photoshoot idea! All you really need are some foil balloons like these and you can take pretty much any kinds of pictures.

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30. Lipstick On The Mirror

This is the perfect picture idea for all my baddies out there! I absolutely love the sassy energy of this photoshoot idea, and it’d be super easy to recreate.

31. Confetti Champagne Pop

Recreate This 21st Birthday Photo Idea:

fun 21st birthday party ideas
21st birthday decorations

The pose she’s doing in this picture is so cute! To recreate this picture you’d need some foil balloons and some gold confetti or gold confetti poppers.

This post was all about the best 21st birthday ideas to copy.

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