Insanely Good 4th Of July Outfits To Recreate 2024

If you’re celebrating on the 4th, you’re probably looking for cute 4th of July outfits to wear this year. Here are some super trendy outfit ideas for the holiday!

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4th of july outfits

It can be hard to decide what to wear for 4th of July outfits, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t own a lot of USA apparel. I usually want to dress up for the holiday, but I usually like to do outfits that are a little less ~in your face~ than your typical 4th of July attire.

If you’re like me and you want to dress up for the 4th without being too over-the-top, here are some super cute and trendy outfit options you should try this year!

After you read this post, you’ll have some super cute 4th of July outfit ideas to recreate!

This post is all about the cutest 4th of July outfits to wear this year.

1. Blue Gingham Top


This is a super classy outfit idea for the 4th! This makes me think of relaxing next to the pool. I love the blue gingham pattern.

2. Red Top And White Boots

An outfit like this would be so cute and festive for the holiday! Boots like these have been super trendy lately, so they’d be perfect.

3. Bikini Top With Jean Shorts

You can’t really go wrong with a bikini top and jean shorts combo for the 4th! It’s one of the best combos that will always be in style.

4. White Top With Blue Gingham Skirt

This is another really cute way you could incorporate blue gingham into your 4th of July outfit! I am just obsessed with the pattern. It looks so cute!

5. Maxi Skirt Outfit

This is definitely the type of outfit I would wear on the 4th. I wore an outfit pretty close to this a couple years ago for the holiday actually.

A maxi skirt bandeau combo like this would also be really comfy!

6. Red And White Dress With Boots

I am obsessed with the dresses in the picture! They are so adorable. This dress is pretty similar to the one on the right!

7. Mini Dress With Red Boots

These are some other really cute dress options you could wear on the 4th of July! Red boots like these have been insanely trendy recently. The 4th is literally the perfect occasion to wear them.

8. Jean Skirt Outfit

You cannot go wrong with jean skirts during the summer in general, but especially for a 4th of July outfit! Pair a jean skirt with a red, white, or blue shirt, and you’re set!

9. Jean Jacket With Red Hair Ribbon

Hair ribbons are another thing that has been really trendy lately. It would be so cute to do a red, white, or blue ribbon in your hair for the holiday!

10. White Top With Ribbons

This is a super cute top idea for the 4th. I love how they added some red gingham ribbon to make it a little more festive.

11. Blue And White Dress

I am obsessed with the dress in the picture! It is so pretty. A dress like this would be so insanely cute to wear to celebrate the 4th of July.

A blue and white dress with red boots would be SUCH a good outfit.

12. Denim Skirt With Baby Tee Outfit

I was linking this outfit and I realized my parents probably dressed me in an outfit almost exactly like this for 4th of July when I was a kid. This is perfect if you’re into the y2K aesthetic.

13. USA Hats

A hat like this is something you could add to literally any outfit on the 4th to make it more festive! Cowboy-style things are really trendy right now, too, so it’d be amazing.

14. White Satin Skirt Outfit

4th of july outfit ideas

For some reason the quality of this picture got degraded when I was uploading it, so please ignore that. But the girl in the picture is my friend Avery and she always has the CUTEST outfits. This particular outfit would be so good to recreate for the 4th! I love the belt she styled it with as well.

15. Red Gingham Shorts Outfit

This is such a unique outfit idea for the holiday! I’m obsessed with the red gingham shorts in the picture. I would 100% wear this outfit for the 4th of July.

This post was all about the best 4th of July outfits for this year.

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