The Secret to Surviving College: Time management

Time management is something that almost all students struggle with when transitioning from high school to college. It is essential for college students to learn how to practice good time management in college to avoid the stress of having to do assignments last minute. But how to you find a good balance between your social life and school?

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Cheap things to do for a Fun Girls Day Out

Cheap, affordable thing to do for college girls when they want to spend time with friends on a girls day out

As a college student, it can be really hard to find entertaining things to do with your friends that are affordable. Girls days out are essential for surviving the stresses of everyday life, but how can you have a fun day out with your girl squad if you have a super low budget? With these fun and cheap ideas of course!

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Study Method That Will Help You Ace Your Next Exam

Simple 5 step study method that will help college students ace all of their exams

Somewhere in the transition between high school and college, there is a time when we all have to learn how to actually study. College exams are much harder than high school ones, and you can’t get by without studying (or barely studying). Instead of having to learn this the hard way, you can use my 5 step study method!

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The Ultimate List of Dorm Room Essentials

The ultimate list of dorm room essentials for college girls

Dorm life is a super important part of college. Going into college, a lot of people find themselves clueless on what they actually need to bring to live in a dorm. Although the thought of living in a dorm is exciting, you don’t want to get there and realize that you don’t have everything you need! So, to help you all avoid that problem, here is a list of all of the dorm essentials so that you can make the most of your dorm experience!

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What to do the Summer before College

The summer after you graduate is a sort of in between time–A time that people tend to look for a balance between everything that is changing–the time between childhood and adulthood. This is a time for exploration, both self and world. To help you look for that special balance while you’re on the journey to becoming an adult, here is a list of things that you should do the summer after senior year.

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How to Relieve Anxiety in College

Anxiety can be a hard thing to conquer. And, unlike a physical illness or ailment, it can be hard to figure out ways to lessen it. Succeeding in college can become very complicated when mental issues are put into the equation. Dealing with anxiety might seem impossible sometimes, but, coming from someone who has tried many, many different ways to relieve it, it’s not! Here are a few of the things that have helped me overcome my anxiety.

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10 Things to do Senior Year


Senior year is a roller coaster. It is one of the best times of your life, but it can also be really stressful. Finding ways to enjoy yourself throughout all of the up and downs, “first lasts”, and all of the bittersweet moments throughout senior year is essential. This list of 10 things to do senior year will help you do just that.

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