college apartment bedroom

Moving into a college apartment and looking for some college apartment bedroom ideas? Here are some of the cutest college bedroom ideas.

college apartment bedroom

I remember moving into my first apartment and having no clue how to decorate my college apartment bedroom. I was so excited to make the space my own, but I didn’t even know where to start!

If you’re like me, you probably took to the internet for some inspo for how to decorate your apartment. The absolute best place to find decor inspiration (in my opinion) is pinterest, so here are some of my favorite pinterest college apartment bedroom ideas!!

After you read this post you’ll have so many good ideas for college apartment room decor!

This post is all about college apartment bedroom decor ideas.

The Best College Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

Inspo For Girls

1. Use A Neon Sign

Shop This Bedroom Idea:

college apartment bedroom ideas
college apartment bedroom ideas guys
college apartment bedroom essentials

Neon lights are so trendy right now and they’re the perfect piece of college apartment decor. I absolutely LOVE how this person paired it with the vines on the wall behind it. And the matching throw blanket is *chefs kiss*

2. Neutral Colors

Recreate This College Bedroom:

college apartment bedroom checklist
college apartment bedroom ideas pinterest

If you’re a clean girl aesthetic girlie like me, this is the room decor inspo for you. White bedding just makes a room look so sophisticated and put together. This is the duvet cover I have on my bed and I am obsessed. It definitely makes me feel like I’m doing a good job at ~adulting~

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3. Preppy/ Glamorous Aesthetic

Copy This Bedroom Idea:

college apartment bedroom furniture
apartment decor college

This is such a glamorous college apartment decor idea. A bed skirt like this one will definitely make your room look more expensive and put together.

4. Boho

Shop This Decor Idea:

college apartment decor
college apartment decorating

Burnt orange accents give a room such an earthy and homey vibe. This bedroom decor idea is perfect for a boho aesthetic!

5. Indie

Recreate This Bedroom:

college apartment decor
decorating college apartment

I loooove how this person decorated their wall with records. If you want to recreate this bedroom idea, you can get a pack of records like this one on amazon to decorate your wall with.

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6. Moroccan

Shop This College Apartment Idea:

bedroom ideas college apartment
college apartment ideas
ideas for college apartment

The bright colors in this bedroom inspo remind me a lot of moroccan decor. I really like the eyeball pillow too!! I couldn’t find the exact one on amazon, but this one is pretty close and would still achieve the same look.

7. Vines And Curtain Lights

Recreate This College Apartment Bedroom:

college apartment room
college apartment bedroom ideas guys

This is one of my absolute fav decor ideas right now. I copied this in my own apartment and it looks soooo cute. It’s a really affordable decor idea too!! All you need are some curtain fairy lights and a pack of fake vines.

8. Comfy Throw Blanket

Shop This Idea:

apartment room ideas college
college apartment room decor

A cute way to level up your college apartment bedroom is by adding an accent throw blanket like this leopard print one. It looks really cute and its also really nice to have a cozy throw blankie to use.

9. Icicle Lights

Copy This College Room Idea:

college house room ideas
college apartment bedroom decor ideas

This is another really pretty idea for lighting if you’re like me and like decorating with fairy lights. (Overhead lighting is an absolute no for me. Ambient lighting only pls.) Icicle lights look really lovely and it’s a unique idea I haven’t seen many people do!

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10. Flower Vines

Recreate This Bedroom:

college apartment bedroom inspiration
college apartment bedroom sets

If you like the vine trend but don’t want the same look as everyone else, flower vines like these might be for you. They look SO pretty and magical and add a nice pop of color.

11. Ceiling Lights

Copy This Bedroom Inspo:

college apartment room ideas for guys
small apartment bedroom ideas

Yet another cute string light decor idea! This one is a unique idea if you want to do something a little different than the trends.

College Apartment Bedroom Ideas For Guys

12. Light Grey

Shop This Room:

college bedroom ideas
apartment bedroom ideas for guys
college apartment bedroom ideas girl

This simplistic room looks so ~clean~ I love their bedding choice and the electric alarm clock and industrial floor lamp make it look so sophisticated.

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13. Sports Themed

Recreate This Bedroom:

college apartment bedroom aesthetic
college apartment bedroom guys

A wall decal like this one is really cute for a sports themed room! I also really like the little basketball throw pillow they added. The Louis Vuitton blanket makes it look so expensive, so if you have one of those laying around it would look really cute as well.

14. Plaid Throw Blanket

Copy This Decor Idea:

college apartment bar cart
college apartment bedroom inspiration

This plaid throw blanket they added to the bedroom decor makes the room feel a lot cozier. It also adds a nice pop of color to the white color scheme.

15. LED Lights

Shop This Room Decor Idea:

college apartment bedroom pink

LED lights are super super popular for guys bedrooms right now. You can change the colors so they’re a really cool lighting choice, especially for gamers.

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16. Matching Throw Blanket

Recreate This College Room:

college apartment bedroom blue
college apartment bedroom wall decor

The matching throw blanket this person added to their bed makes it look so much more cozy! I would definitely recommend getting one that is a slightly different color than the comforter like they did.

17. Plants

Shop This College Apartment Idea:

college apartment bedroom artwork
college apartment inspo

Decorating with plants adds so much life to a room. If you want to recreate this decor idea but are like me and don’t have much of a green thumb, I’d recommend decorating with fake plants like this fake monstera!

18. Galaxy Projector

Recreate This Bedroom:

college house ideas
college girl apartment

It isn’t super evident in this picture, but the purple blue light they have projecting onto the ceiling is a galaxy projector. I have one of these and it is one of my most prized possessions and was worth literally every penny. It immediately levels up any room you put it in and makes it feel like a movie theatre. 10/10 recommend.

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19. Large Bulb String Lights

Shop This Room Decor Idea:

college dorm inspo

If you’re an ambient lighting person like me, this is a really cool decor idea for guys! I love these large bulb lights because they have more of a masculine effect than other types of string lights.

20. Charcoal Grey

Copy This Room:

college house bedroom
college apartment inspiration

I am OBSESSED with the bedding in this college apartment bedroom decor. It looks SO comfy. The fact that they have their bed on the floor makes it look even more cozy.

21. Navy Blue

Recreate This Room:

dorm room

Navy blue is another good color scheme for a guys bedroom! This duvet cover set would be perfect for recreating this decor idea.

This post was all about college apartment bedroom inspo.

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