If you’re having a college Christmas party, you might be in need of some college christmas party ideas. Here are some of the best decor, outfit, and game ideas to help you have the best party ever!

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college christmas party

After a semester full of studying hard, it can be so fun to plan a college christmas party.

It’s the perfect time to get all your friends together, especially if you’re all going home for christmas break!!

Whether you’re looking for college christmas party outfits, college christmas party games, or college christmas party decorations, I’ve got you covered! After you read this post, you’ll have all the best ideas for planning your christmas party.

This post is all about college christmas party ideas.

The Best College Christmas Party Ideas

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1. Merry Friendsmas Balloons

Shop This Decor Idea:

college christmas party outfit
college christmas party ideas

“Friendsmas” is a great theme for a college christmas party. A merry friendsmas balloon banner like this one would be super cute and festive.

2. Snowman Door Decor

Shop This Party Decor Idea:

college party dresses
winter college party outfits

This is a really simple and easy decor idea for a christmas party. You can do it with some construction paper and some tape, or if you don’t feel like DIYing it, you can get some pre-made ones like these!

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3. Santas Sweet Shop Letterboard

Recreate This Decor Idea:

christmas college party themes
christmas party themes college

A light up letter board like this is an adorable idea for a snack table. You can make it say whatever you want, but the santa’s sweet shop idea is so cute!!!

4. Hang Lights And Ornaments On The Ceiling

Shop This Decor Idea:

college christmas party themes
christmas oarty games for college students

I am obsesssssed with this decor idea. It looks so pretty!! To recreate this idea, you’ll need some christmas lights, some ornaments, some fishing wire to hang the ornaments, and probably some command hooks to hang the lights.

5. Balloon Arch

Shop This Decor Idea:

christmas party ideas teens
friendsmas party ideas

A balloon arch like this one is an amazing idea for a college party because it would be perfect for taking pictures in front of. Plus it looks really great!!

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6. Solo Cup Bells

Shop This Party Decor:

friendsmas party decorations
christmas party with friends

This is such a clever decor idea. It’s also super affordable! If you’re throwing a college party you probably have some red solo cups on hand, so all you’ll need is a few of those and some christmas ribbon!

7. Wrapped Cabinets

Shop This Decor Idea:

friendsmas ideas

This is a super simple but super cute idea! All you really need is some red christmas ribbon, but if you wanna go the extra mile you can decorate with a banner like this one as well!

8. Drink Up Grinches

Shop This Decor:

friendsmas invitation
merry friendsmas

This is one of my fav ideas on the list!! This one is perfect for taking pics with. I love how they have the curtain lights behind the banner too! 10/10 very cute.

9. Let’s Get Lit Banner

Shop This Decor Idea:

college christmas party outfit

This is another really cute banner idea! It’s great for a party but also really cute and festive.

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10. Hot Cocoa Bar

Shop This Decor:

friendsmas themes
friendsmas decorations

A hot cocoa bar is good idea for a holiday party, especially if you’re wanting more of a chill hang out than a full blown party. Plus if you buy the stuff for this you can use it more than once! Would be perfect for using on movie nights during cozy season.

11. Drink Hats

Shop This Decor:

friendsmas gift ideas

A really low maintenance way to be festive for a christmas party in college is to just put some santa hats on the drinks. The mini hats are pretty cheap too so it’s a good idea if you’re wanting to save money!

12. Jello Shot Christmas Tree

Shop This College Christmas Party Idea:

friendsmas games
friendsmas theme ideas

A jello shot christmas tree is the PERFECT idea for a christmas party in college. It’s a good way to make something you might already have into decor! Just top the tower with a little christmas star and you’re good to go.

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13. Home Alone Quote

Shop This Decor Idea:

friendsmas food ideas

This is the perfect idea if you and your friends are fans of Home Alone! Super simple but a great way to bring the christmas vibes. You could just print out the quote on a piece of paper and tape it onto whatever drink dispenser you’ll have.

14. Solo Cup Wreath

Shop This Decor Idea:

friendsmas balloons
friendsmas party decorations

Another great use of extra solo cups if you already have some laying around! You’ll just glue a bunch of them together into a wreath shape and put a bow on it.

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15. Reindeer Outfit

Shop This Christmas Outfit Idea:

friendsmas party themes
chrismas game

These matching reindeer outfits are so cute!! To recreate these outfits you’ll need a black overall dress, some thigh high christmas socks, and a reindeer headband.

16. Santa Skirt

Shop This Outfit:

christmas party
christmas party games

Santa skirt outfits are another really cute outfit idea for christmas parties! You can get this santa skirt on amazon. The “lets get baked” gingerbread sweater is another really cute idea for college christmas parties if you’re a fan of ~devil’s lettuce~

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17. Santa Dress

Recreate This Outfit Idea:

christmas party ideas

A santa dress like this one would be so cute for a party! I love that they wore it as a group costume.

18. Red Plaid

Copy This Christmas Outfit:

ideas for christmas party
christmas theme

An outfit like this one is great if you want to be cute and festive without wearing a costume-like outfit. Red plaid is perfect for christmas, and a fuzzy red cardigan like this one would look so cute over any red plaid outfit!!

19. Christmas Sweaters

Shop This Outfit Idea:

fun christmas
college christmas decorations

Christmas sweaters are a christmas party staple, and these are so cute!! This christmas sweater and christmas cardigan would both be perfect for a christmas party.

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20. Green And White Outfit

Recreate This Outfit:

christmas party ideas 2022
college christmas party ideas 2022

This is a really chic outfit idea for a christmas party. I really like the green and white color scheme because it’s christmasy without being tacky!

21. Fuzzy Sweater And Sequin Skirt

Copy This Christmas Outfit:

party themes for christmas
christmas party theme

This is another super classy and chic outfit idea. To recreate this you’ll need a fuzzy white sweater and a sequin skirt. You could do a black skirt like this person did, or you could do a different color like gold, green, red, or silver.

22. Candy Cane And Reindeer Outfits

Shop This Outfit Idea:

christmas party ideas for friends
christmas party ideas christmas

This is a really cute group costume idea. To recreate the candy cane outfits you’ll need some red and white striped thigh high socks and a red and white outfit. For the reindeer outfit you just need some antlers and some makeup to do the nose!

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23. Snowflakes

Recreate This Outfit Idea:

college christmas party games
college party outfits
party outfits college

I think this is my favorite outfit idea on the list! It is just so creative and cute. To recreate this costume you’ll need a white long sleeve bodysuit, some fur trim to glue to the sleeves and neckline, and a snowflake headband like this one.

24. DIY Ribbon Skirt And Tinsel Sweater

Shop This Christmas Party Idea:

pinterest christmas party ideas
christmas party outfit ideas

This is a great DIY idea if you want to make a festive costume last minute. To make the skirt you’ll need some christmas bows, and to make the sweater you’ll need some tinsel.

25. Festive AF Sweater

Recreate This Outfit:

christmas party outfits 2022

This is a really cute cozy outfit idea!!

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26. Dirty Santa

Dirty santa (otherwise known as white elephant) is a staple christmas party game. Basically everyone brings a gift and then everyone pulls a number from a hat and you go in that order picking gifts from the gift pile. If you’ve not played before you can find instructions online! It’s really fun but also can get pretty ruthless lol.

27. Grinch Drinking Game

If you’re having a movie night-ish party, a drinking game is a great idea. My sister has done this grinch drinking game and she said it’s really fun.

28. Elf Drinking Game

Another fun christmas movie drinking game is to watch Elf!!

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29. Jingle Bell Pong

A festive twist on beer pong for christmas is to play with jingle bells! You can play it like this or you can play it on a table like normal.

30. Candy Cane Fishing Game

This idea would be so fun for a college christmas party! Basically you put a bunch of candy canes in the center and two people each hold a candy cane in their mouth. You set a timer and they use the candy canes in their mouths to pick up candy canes from the center and put them in a bowl/ cup. Whoever has the most candy canes in their bowl/ cup when the timer goes off wins!

This post was all about awesome college christmas party ideas.

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