college essentials for class

Going to college soon and looking for some college essentials for class to get? Here is the best college essentials list for class of everything you’ll need.

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college essentials for class

When going to college for the first time, it can be hard to know what college essentials for class to get.

As a recent college grad, I’m here to tell you what supplies you need for college classes. These are the college school supplies I used in my classes throughout school, so I know you’ll need them too!

Here are the best school supplies for college!!

This post is all about college essentials for class.

The Best College Essentials For Class

1. Laptop

college essentials for girls

A laptop is absolutely essential for college. Most, if not all, classes will require you to have one. I used my Macbook all throughout college and it has been great!

Pro tip: if you can’t afford a laptop, you may be able to rent one for free or low cost through your college!

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2. Ipad & Apple Pencil

college essentials for freshman
college essentials for studying

This isn’t necessarily “essential,” but getting an Ipad and Apple Pencil for college changed my life!! I wish I would have gotten them sooner. An Ipad would make it so you wouldn’t have to purchase the majority of the items on this list. You can take notes on it, get your textbooks on it, get a digital planner, etc.

If you have the money to get an Ipad I highly, highly recommend! It will make your life in college so. much. easier. Whether that’s by being able to store all of your notes electronically in one place, or not having to carry around heavy textbooks in your backpack all the time. You can also use it as a cheaper alternative to a laptop for class by getting a bluetooth keyboard!

Post college I am so grateful I had an Ipad, because all of my notes from my classes for the past 2 years are on it for me to refer back to whenever I need to!

It can be a bit of an investment, but you’ll be able to save tons of money on school supplies, and it’s super convenient. I didn’t have a ton of money to spend when I bought mine (I found mine used on Facebook Marketplace), but I am so glad I made the investment!

3. Pens

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I’ve been really liking these Sharpie gel pens lately! As someone who was always super picky about what pens I would use to take notes for class, these would be great for school!

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4. Pencils And Extra Lead

college essentials list for class
what supplies do you need for college classes

Zebra mechanical pencils are the absolute BEST. I used them all throughout college. Also don’t forget to get some extra lead in case you run out!

5. Pen/ Pencil Case

college school supply list 2022

You’ll need a pencil case to keep all of your pens, pencils, highlighters, etc in. This one is so cute and will keep them all organized!

6. Scantrons

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If you’re going to a bigger school, your professors will probably require you to bring your own scantrons for exams during your freshman and sophomore years (mine did). It would be a good idea to get some ahead of time to keep in your backpack for exam days!

It is very anxiety inducing to show up to an exam and realize that you don’t have a scantron to take it with, and then having to sprint to the nearest on campus store to buy one before the test starts. (Ask me how I know). These are the scantrons I used for most of my exams at my college.

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7. Highlighters

college school supplies list pdf

You’ll also need some highlighters to keep you organized when you’re studying. These Sharpie highlighters have a clear tip so you can see what you’re highlighting!!

college school supplies 2022

8. Notebooks

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You’ll need some subject notebooks to take notes for your different classes. I really like these pastel ones!

9. Backpack

college school supplies

This backpack is perfect for college students because it has a laptop slot, pockets on the sides for your emotional support water bottle and travel mug, AND it even has a USB charging port where you can charge your phone!

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10. Reusable Water Bottle And Travel Mug

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school supplies for college

You’ll need a reusable water bottle so you can stay hydrated during class, along with a travel mug so you can take coffee/ tea to class with you!

11. Mini Stapler/ Stapler

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what supplies do i need for first semester of college

You’ll probably have to print out and staple tons of things for class (I know I did). So you’ll definitely need a stapler. It is also a good idea to get a mini stapler to carry around in your backpack for those times that you forget to staple things beforehand!

12. Scientific Calculator

college essentials for class school supplies

You’re probably going to have to take math and accounting classes your first couple of years at college, so you’ll probably need a scientific calculator.

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13. Graphing Calculator

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For your math classes they’ll likely also make you get a graphing calculator. The TI 89 is what they had me use in all of my math classes.

Graphing calculators are a little expensive, but some colleges will let you rent them for free or cheap! I found it a lot more convenient to have my own to avoid the anxiety of having to run to get one before an exam (again, ask me how I know), but if you’re strapped for cash, renting one could be a good option!

14. Headphones

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If you don’t already have some, you’ll want to get some headphones so you can listen to music when you’re walking to class or studying on campus. I would recommend getting some wireless bluetooth headphones so you don’t get all tangled up in the wires when you’re walking to class! Cannot tell you how many times I accidentally ripped my wired headphones out of my ears on walks to class before I got my Airpods.

15. Planner

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A planner is ESSENTIAL for staying organized in college. You’ll need to get one so you can write down all of your assignment due dates and important events. I would not have made it through college without using a planner!

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16. Flash Cards

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You might also want to grab some flash cards to help you study for exams if you’re someone who likes using them!

This post was all about the best college essentials for class you can’t forget.

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