30 Best College Graduation Gifts To Give In 2023

If you know someone graduating soon, you’re probably looking for some ideas for college graduation gifts. Here are the best college graduation gift ideas!

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college graduation gifts

If you’re wondering “what do you give a college graduate as a gift?” you might be looking for the best college graduation gifts.

I recently graduated college so I’ve gathered a list of the best gifts for college grads that they’ll actually use! Whether you’re looking for college graduation gifts for daughter, college graduation gifts for son, or college graduation gifts for friends, I’ve got you covered!

After you read this post you’ll have so many great graduation gift ideas.

This post is all about college graduation gifts.

The Best College Graduation Gifts

College Graduation Gifts For Her

1. Work Bag

gifts for graduates

If your grad is heading into the work force after graduation, this a great college graduation gift idea! A work bag is something she’d use every day!

2. Inspirational Book

what do you give a college gradaute as a gift?

I read this book right after I graduated college and it helped my mindset so much with the transition from school into “real life.”

3. Self Love Journal

what is an appropriate college graduation gift from parents?

This is a super cute journal that helps get rid of negative thoughts and encourages self love. It would be a perfect gift to help someone practice self love.

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4. Coffee Maker

college graduation gifts for him
college graduation gifts for her

If your grad is a coffee lover, a nice coffee maker is the perfect gift idea. Nespresso’s are on pretty much every coffee lover’s wish list, but a Keurig would do the trick, too!

5. Dyson Air Wrap

college graduation gifts from parents

This is a more expensive gift idea, but it’s something that is on my (and most other girls I know) wishlist. If she doesn’t already have one, she would probably squeal with delight to get this as a gift.

6. Nice Headphones

traditional college graduation gifts

This is another expensive gift idea, but it’s one that most people would be very happy to receive! For my high school graduation someone gifted me a nice pair of headphones and I’ve been using them for the past 6 years. A nice pair of headphones are a very useful gift.

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7. Sunrise Alarm Clock

unique college graduation gifts

I’ve been seeing sunrise alarm clocks like this one all over tik tok recently, and it’s something I’m heavily considering purchasing myself.

It is on a timer and the light that comes from it mimics the sunrise and sunset! It’s perfect for someone who needs some help waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night.

8. Towel Warmer

college graduation gifts for friends

After wanting one of these for a long time, I finally broke down last month and bought one on sale. Let me tell you, it is one of the best things I’ve ever purchased! I love it so much and would buy it again and again!

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves the little luxuries in life.

9. Jewelry

unique graduation gifts
gifts for graduates

This is a great inexpensive gift idea! Jewelry makes a wonderful gift while not costing an arm and a leg. Both of these pieces of jewelry are under $15!

10. Photo Printer

college graduation gifts for daughter

This is the perfect gift idea for someone who loves documenting their life through physical pictures. You can connect your phone to it and print pictures straight from your phone!

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College Graduation Gifts For Him

11. Nice Cologne

how much money do you give for graduation

The majority of college guys (the ones I know, at least) don’t have a nice cologne. This is the perfect gift idea because it’s something they usually wouldn’t buy for themselves!

12. Wallet

what do you take to a college graduation?

A new wallet is a very practical gift idea for him. Most of the men I know will use wallets until they’re literally in tatters, so a new wallet is definitely something they’d use.

13. Reusable Notebook

are gifts expected at a college graduation party?

This notebook is so cool because you can take notes, scan them into an app on your phone, and then reuse the pages in the notebook. It is perfect for someone who likes to take notes!

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14. Duffel Bag

how much do parents give kids for college graduation?

A duffel bag/ travel bag is a necessity, and it’s another thing that guys will use until it falls apart. A new one is the perfect graduation gift so the grad has something to take traveling, to the gym, etc.

15. Phone Charging Pad

gift for graduation

My roommate has one of these and he uses it all the time. This is the perfect gift for boys. You basically just lay your phone on the pad and it charges!

16. Headphones/ Airpods

graduation gift

Headphones are a super useful graduation gift idea if your grad doesn’t already have some! It’s something anyone would appreciate.

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17. Hammock

graduation gifts

This is the perfect gift idea for someone who likes the outdoors and camping!

18. Craft Beer Making Kit

graduation gift ideas

I think this is such a cool gift idea. It is PERFECT for someone who likes beer/ alcohol. It’s an at home craft beer making kit!

19. Kindle Paperwhite

graduation gifts ideas

I got my kindle paperwhite as a gift for my birthday a couple years ago, and it is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! It is the perfect gift idea for someone who likes to read.

20. Amazon Prime Membership

Another very practical graduation gift idea for a guy would be an amazon prime subscription! It is something they would definitely use. You can click the link down below to get a subscription for your grad!

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now

ideas for graduation gifts

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College Graduation Gifts For Friends

21. DIY Manicure Kit

gifts for college graduates
best gift for graduation

If your friend likes to have their nails done, this is the perfect gift idea for them. I have these nail kits and I love them! The nail extension kit is way easier to use than other kits I’ve tried, and looks so good.

22. Apple Airtag

college graduation gift ideas

This is the perfect gift idea for someone who constantly loses things like their keys. They can put it on a keychain and, if they have an iphone or other apple products, they’ll be able to track the airtag from their phone to find whatever it is attached to!

23. Now Hotter By One Degree Candle

college graduation gifts for guys

This is the perfect thoughtful, affordable graduation gift. It would be the perfect thing to get someone if you’re not 100% sure what they like! A candle is a foolproof gift.

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24. Reusable Cup

college graduation gift basket

A reusable cup is something literally anyone would use. And it is a good gift idea because even if they already have a reusable cup, you can never have too many! Stanley cups like this one have been super trendy lately.

25. Self Care Box

college graduation gift ideas for her

A self care box is the perfect graduation gift to help them relax after the stress they probably had leading up to graduation with finals and everything!

26. Laptop Lap Desk

college graduation gifts for best friend

This is the perfect gift idea for someone who works from their laptop a lot, especially if they like to work in bed.

27. Cute Lunchbox

college graduation gifts for son

I feel like not a lot of people put thought into getting a cute lunchbox. This would be a great gift because if they’re heading into the workplace post-grad, it’s something they’d probably use every day but wouldn’t even think about buying for themself.

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28. Workout Set

best graduation gift

This is a good gift idea for a fitness/ loungewear lover. This set is so cute and has great amazon reviews!

29. Hat

best graduation gifts

Yankees hats are super trendy right now, so this would be the perfect gift for a fashion lover.

30. Slippers

good graduation gfits

Some cozy slippers are another gift that they would definitely use. I have so many pairs of slippers that I wear all the time.

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This post was all about college graduation gifts they’ll love.

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