23 Unforgettable College Graduation Pictures Ideas You Need To Copy

Need some super cute college graduation pictures ideas so you can take some awesome grad pics? Here are some college graduation pictures ideas you absolutely need to copy.

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college graduation pictures ideas

One of the best parts of graduating college is taking graduation photos. It’s your opportunity to get some momento photos of your time in college, while at the same time celebrating such a big accomplishment.

When I was getting ready to take my college grad photos last semester, I had no clue what to do for them. If you’re like I was when it came to taking college graduation pictures, you are probably in need of some graduation picture inspo.

Here are some super cute ideas for college graduation pictures that will help you capture the best pictures celebrating graduation!

This post is all about college graduation pictures ideas.

The Cutest College Graduation Pictures Ideas

Use a Confetti Popper

Recreate this picture:

grad pic ideas

There is nothing like adding confetti to capture the celebratory nature of grad photos. Using some rainbow confetti is such a good way to have fun in your pics.

Recreate this picture:

graduation pictures ideas

You really can’t go wrong with gold confetti. Add a more chic, sophisticated look to your grad pics by adding a touch of gold. You can even combine it with your school colors for a little school spirit.

Recreate this picture:

graduation picture ideas

This all-over glitter vibe is so cool. Doesn’t it look so magical? If you want to recreate this photo don’t forget to bring some friends along to throw the glitter for the perfect picture!

Hold Some Balloons

Recreate this picture:

graduation picture ideas 2022

Balloons are another super cute way to commemorate your college experience. The black and gold colors give this pic such a professional look, but you could also use balloons that are your school colors!

Recreate this picture:

college graduation photos

Number balloons are such a cute way to document the year that you graduate. Using the last two numbers of the year is a great idea for bestie pics!

Recreate this picture:

college grad photos

If you have a bigger friend group to take pictures with, using the balloons of the full year is another adorable idea!

Hold Sparklers

Recreate this picture:

college graduation picture props

I never considered using sparklers for my graduation photos, but I wish I would have, because look how cute this picture turned out!

Pics with your Pup

college graduation photos

Recreate these pictures:

college graduation pictures 2022

Pictures with my pup were a must for my graduation pictures. If you’re a dog parent as well, you know how much they help with getting through school! We get the degrees for them, after all, so these pictures are a great way to have a memory of going through school with your pup.

Throw or Blow Confetti

Recreate this picture:

college graduation pictures poses

This picture where she throws confetti in front of the camera is SO pretty.

Recreate this picture: 

college graduation pictures outfits

Blowing confetti at the camera is an absolute staple for grad pics. Doesn’t it look so dreamy and magical?

Hold a Sign

Recreate this picture:

college graduation photo ideas with family

Using a letter board in your pictures is a good way to subtly let people know what degree you’re graduating with.

The Champagne Pop

Champagne graduation pictures are another staple. They look so fun and celebratory!

Bye Homework!

If you’re completely done with school, these picture ideas can help you can celebrate not having any homework ever again!

Powdered Smoke Cannon

Recreate this picture:

college graduation photo ideas 2022

Using a powdered smoke cannon in my grad pics is another thing I never considered. It looks so cool though!

Get In The Fountain

Getting some celebratory pictures in a fountain is perfect for spring or summer graduates.

Use The Campus Scenery

college grad photos

College campuses usually have pretty scenery, and taking pictures with your college’s landscaping in the background is the perfect way to capture memories of all your years walking the campus. They look so pretty too!

This post was all about college graduation pictures ideas.

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