30 Insanely Fun College Party Themes For The Best Party Ever

If you’re planning a college party, you’re probably looking for college party themes. Here are the best college party theme ideas to recreate!

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college party themes

One of the best parts of planning parties in college is looking for the cutest college party themes.

There are so many amazing options for college theme parties, and for this post I’ve gathered some of the best to copy this year.

After you read this post you’ll have so many amazing college party themes 2023.

This post is all about college party themes.

The Best College Party Themes

1. 2000s Theme

Recreate This Party Idea:

college party theme ideas

This is a super trendy party theme recently! To recreate this theme you can do Y2K inspired decorations and tell everyone to come dressed up like they’re in the 2000s.

2. Toga Party

Shop This Party Idea:

college party themes tik tok
college party theme outfits

Toga parties are a staple college party theme. Most people will just cut up their pillow cases or use white bed sheets to make their togas. You can get super created with it! And for decor if you’re planning the party you can use greek inspired decor like this pack of busts.

3. Anything But Clothes Party

Copy This Party Idea:

college party theme ideas reddit

This is another super popular college theme party idea. It’s pretty self explanatory– everyone comes dressed in anything but clothes. I have seen so many super creative ideas with this theme, yesterday I saw a picture of some girls wearing laundry baskets to an anything but clothes party.

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4. Gatsby Party

Recreate This College Party Theme:

college party theme names
college party themes 2023

If you’re wanting to do a more glamorous party theme, a Great Gatsby theme is a great idea. You can decorate with black and gold decor and tell everyone to come dressed like they’re in the roaring 20s!

5. Meme Party

Copy This Party Idea:

college party themes 2022

This is one of the best funny party themes I’ve seen. It would be so awesome for everyone to come dressed as their favorite meme and it would create so many opportunities for conversation between people at the party. It would be so funny to decorate with funny memes like this Robert Pattinson “this is the skin of a killer bella” tapestry.

6. Barbie

Shop This Theme Idea:

best party themes

This is a super trendy party theme, and I have a feeling Barbie themed parties are going to be even more on the rise with the Barbie movie coming out this year.

7. Pajama Party

Copy This Party Theme Idea:

tiktok party theme

This is my kind of party theme. It would be so cute to have everyone dress up in their cutest pajamas.

8. Baywatch

Shop This Party Idea:

unique party themes for adults
trending party themes

This is another party theme that might be more popular this year since the Pamela Anderson documentary came out recently.

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9. Under The Sea

Recreate This Party Idea:

sorority party themes
house party themes

The mermaidcore aesthetic has been insanely popular this year, so an under the sea/ mermaid theme would probably be a HUGE hit. There are so many options for doing cool decorations for a party like this, too.

10. Devils And Angels

Copy This Theme:

college birthday party themes

Angels and devils is another really cute theme idea for college parties. Every one either dresses up as an angel or a devil! For decor you can do red and black decor.

11. Out Of This World

Shop This Theme Idea:

high school party themes
drinking party themes for adults
college date party themes

This is a super fun theme. You could dress up as an alien, astronaut, do a galaxy outfit, or really just anything that has to do with space! There are so many cute ways to decorate for a party like this, too.

12. Fake Wedding

Copy This Theme Party Idea:

darty themes

This theme is a new one I’ve seen popping up. I saw someone talking about it on tik tok and basically the premise is everyone gets assigned a role of people who are usually at a wedding. Like bride, flower girl, etc, but also people like the drunk aunt, creepy uncle, psycho girlfriend, and basically just every stereotypical wedding role.

You could also do this and not worry about assigning roles and just let everyone show up dressed as whatever they want. This one would be so fun to decorate for because you can make it look like a wedding!

13. Apres Ski Party

Recreate This Party Idea:

do college parties have themes?
what to do at a college party?

This is another new unique theme I’ve been seeing. This is the perfect winter college party theme. You just dress up like you’re going on a ski trip!

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14. Jersey Party

Copy This Party Idea:

what do we need for a college party?

This is another staple college party theme idea to copy. Everybody just wears a jersey! This is a good idea if you wanna do something more simple.

15. Mardi Gras

Shop This Party Idea:

how do you throw a cool college party?
party themes

This is another one that would be pretty simple to set up! You could decorate with purple, gold, and green decor, and you could get some necklaces to give everyone so they wouldn’t have to worry about dressing up. You could also go all out with it though and have people really dress up for it!

16. Rice Purity Score

I saw this one being talked about on tik tok and I’d never heard it before but it is such a clever college party idea. If you haven’t heard of the rice purity test it’s basically a quiz that you take and it’ll give you a score based on how “pure” or “experienced” you are.

Basically everyone comes to the party with their score on the front of their shirt and the goal is to change your score as much as possible. The person who has the biggest change in their score “wins.”

17. Euphoria

Shop This Party Theme:

theme party
party themes for adults

I’m sure we’ve all seen this theme by now, but it’s still a great one! So many cute options for outfits and decor.

18. Neon/ Glow In The Dark

Shop This Party Idea:

party themes college

This is another staple theme! You could either go super simple with decorating by just getting some black lights, or you could go all out and do all kinds of neon decor!

19. Ugly Sweater

Copy This College Party Themes Idea:

party themes for college

This is a theme mostly used around Christmas time. Everybody comes dressed in their ugliest sweater! You could also do a prize and have everyone vote on the ugliest sweater.

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20. Album Covers

Shop This Party Theme:

college party theme

To recreate this party theme idea you just have everyone come dressed as their favorite album cover! You could set up a cute photo booth where you take pictures of everyone and have them recreate the album cover they’re dressed up as.

21. Seven Deadly Sins

I think this theme idea is so cute. Everyone comes dressed up as one of the seven deadly sins! There would be so many cute outfit options for this one. For decorations you could do black and red decorations!

22. Middle School Dance

Recreate This Party Theme:

themes for parties college

This one would be so fun. Everyone comes dressed up in something they would have worn to a middle school dance. I would absolutely love to see the outfits people come up with for this theme.

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23. High School Superlatives

There are a couple different ways you could do this theme. I think the cutest way to do it would be to have everyone at the party vote for the superlatives. You could also have everyone dress up as a superlative that they pick for themselves, or you could assign them beforehand.

24. Rave

Shop This Party Theme:

college parties themes

The decor for this one would be similar to the neon theme but everyone would come dressed up like they’re going to a rave. There is so much potential for outfits for this them!

25. Prom

Recreate This Theme:

college theme parties

For this theme you could either just do a general prom theme, or you could do a decade prom and have everyone dressed up like they’re going to a 70s, 80s, 90s, etc, prom!

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26. Rubiks Cube Clothing Swap Party

Shop This Party Idea:

college themed parties

This is another idea I’d never seen before now but it is SUCH a good one. Basically everyone starts the night wearing all 6 colors of the Rubiks cube, and throughout the night you swap clothes with people to try to be wearing all one color by the end of the night!

27. Shirts Against Humanity

Copy This Idea:

college theme party

This is another new and unique theme idea. Everyone wears shirts that have a cards against humanity-like prompt. Then throughout the night you can find other people who your prompt goes well with and take pictures of all the different combos! Such a great idea if you want to create lots of conversation opportunities at your party.

28. Hawaiian

Recreate This Party Theme:

frat party theme

This is another staple party theme idea! Everyone dresses like they’re in Hawaii and you do Hawaiian decor.

29. Mamma Mia

Shop This Party Theme Idea:

frat party themes

If you’re a Mamma Mia fan, this theme could be perfect for you. Everyone can dress up like they’re in the movie! I would love to go to a party with this theme.

30. Western

Recreate This Party Theme:

birthday theme ideas
unique birthday party themes

This is another theme that has been getting more and more popular. I am obsessed with these little boot shot glasses! They would be so cute for this theme.

This post was all about the best college party themes for this year.

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