first apartment decorating

Looking for tips for first apartment decorating on a budget? Here are the best tips for how to decorate an apartment on a budget.

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first apartment decorating

It can be hard to find things for first apartment decorating on a budget. I remember when I moved into my first apartment I had no idea how I was going to make my apartment look cute without spending an arm and a leg.

If you’re wondering “how do I decorate my new apartment on a budget?” or “how do I make my new apartment cozy on a budget?” I’ve got you covered. I’ve been in your shoes and had to figure out how to decorate my own first apartment on a (very tight) budget.

Here are my best tips for how to decorate an apartment on a budget that will make you decorate your first apartment for cheap to make it into a cozy home!!

This post is all about first apartment decorating on a budget.

The Best Tips For First Apartment Decorating On A Budget

1. Ask Friends/ Family If They’re Getting Rid Of Anything

Before you spend any money buying things for your new apartment, make sure to ask your friends and family if they’re getting rid of anything or if they know anyone who is.

When I was looking to furnish my room, I let my friend know, and it turned out that his boss was looking to get rid of a whole matching bedroom set (bed frame, dresser, nightstand, and a mirror) and gave me all of it for free. I definitely got lucky with someone wanting to give away all that stuff, but it never hurts to ask!

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2. Facebook Marketplace

If you have a specific design for your apartment in mind that you’re looking to accomplish on a budget, I would search Facebook Marketplace for the items you’re looking for. You’ll probably be able to find stuff for wayyy cheaper than you would if you were buying it new!

3. Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are another great place to look for cheap furniture. Habitat for humanity is a great place to look that has tons of options, but you can also check your local thrift stores and Goodwill!

If you find furniture that doesn’t exactly fit the vibe you’re going for, I’d look into cheap ways to flip furniture! I saw a tik tok the other day where someone bought a thrift store couch and covered it with a velvet couch cover, and it looked SO cute.

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4. Find Cheap Decor Options

You can always also look for some cute decor options for cheap via Amazon or online. I have a post about super cute cheap first apartment decor ideas that you can read here!

5. Cheap Poster Printing With Fedex

Something my sister did when decorating her first apartment, that I thought was super smart, was print out a bunch of pictures through Fedex to make a cute wall collage. They apparently have a cheap service where you can print posters, so that’s a super cute inexpensive decor idea!

6. Free Printables Online

A lot of home decor-esque blogs offer super cute printable wall art for free in exchange for you signing up for their email list. This can be a great idea for getting wall art for free!!

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6. Get Some Fake Or Hard To Kill Plants

Plants are such a great way to decorate a space. Even just getting a few can bring a lot of life into an apartment. If you’re like me and tend to kill plants, get some fake or super hard to kill plants for your space, that way you aren’t spending money to replace the plants every time they die (which I have done lol).

first apartment decorating on a budget
apartment furniture cheap
first apartment cheap decorating ideas

These are some super cute fake plant ideas that will bring life to your new apartment! I personally have these fake vines and I love them!!

7. Make It Super Cozy With Some Ambient Lighting

One of my best tips for making your apartment super cozy on a budget is ambient lighting.

first apartment decorating ideas
apartment decorating on a budget
first apartment decorating ideas pinterest

Even if you have hardly any decor in your apartment, ambient lighting will make your space feel SO cozy. I have these fairy lights, star lights, and this galaxy projector in my room and they seriously make the space feel so much more comfy and magical. Definitely recommend investing in some ambient lighting for your space.

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8. Start Looking For Stuff Before Move In

The more of a crunch you’re in to get stuff for your apartment, the more money you’ll likely spend just so you can have furniture.

Starting to look as far in advanced as possible will help you find the best deals and keep you from spending an arm and a leg furnishing your apartment out of desperation!

9. Renter Friendly Decals

Another amazing way to decorate your apartment on a budget is by using renter-friendly decals.

first apartment ideas
furnish apartment for cheap
cheaply furnish apartment

You can use decals on your counters, floors, walls, etc, and they are a seriously inexpensive way to really level up your space. These three decals are some super cute ideas for ones to use in your apartment!!

This post was all about first apartment decorating on a budget.

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