Cheap things to do for a Fun Girls Day Out

Cheap, affordable thing to do for college girls when they want to spend time with friends on a girls day out

As a college student, it can be really hard to find entertaining things to do with your friends that are affordable. Girls days out are essential for surviving the stresses of everyday life, but how can you have a fun day out with your girl squad if you have a super low budget? With these fun and cheap ideas of course!

fun things for college age girls to do for a girls day out with friends

Hanging out with my girlfriends is one of my favorite things to do. However, having fun is expensive these days! My friends and I all don’t really like to spend much money when we hang out, so instead of spending a bunch of money, we do cheap things that are still just as fun! It can be hard to come up with ideas for cheap and enjoyable activities, so I made this list for girls like me who like to save money!

Cheap, affordable thing to do for college girls when they want to spend time with friends on a girls day out


Go Thrifting

Shopping at thrift stores is seriously underrated. A lot of people think it’s gross to buy secondhand clothing, but it’s really not! A lot of the time I find brand new name brand clothes for as little as $5! I love going thrift shopping with my friends because you can find a lot of cool things there and share the experience with someone! Having a friend there to help with clothing choices is always nice, too.

Matinee Movie

Going to the movies is definitely my favorite activity to do, but it is so expensive *sigh* ๐Ÿ™ However, it is possible to go to the movies for an affordable price! Go to a matinee (afternoon) showing! The tickets are cheaper than the evening showings. Make sure that you eat before you go though, because movie theater food is seriously overpriced! Get your tickets ahead of time with to avoid the lines!


My gals and I have photoshoots almost every time we hang out. A few years ago I saved all of my babysitting money and bought a cameraย (one of the best decisions I’ve made), so we just take it and walk around and take pictures of each other! ย iPhones also take wonderful quality pictures, so if you don’t have a dslr camera, don’t sweat it. Photoshoots with friends are literally so much fun, and they don’t cost a penny!

Play games at a coffee shop

I can’t even tell you how many hours I’ve spent playing Uno and other games at coffee shops. Coffee shops are just so nice and cozy and are a perfect place to sit with friends. Just buy a coffee and you’ve got a place where you can spend hours with your friends having a good time!

Go Bowling

bowling- a fun cheap thing to do for college students to do on a girls day out

Bowling is a super affordable thing do to. Most games cost around $8 per person, and it is really fun to compete with your pals. I went bowling a few days ago and had a lot of fun, even though I got my butt kicked. ๐Ÿ™‚

Go Skating

Skating has always been one of my favorite things to do. Skating is around the same price as bowling, and you can skate and chat for as long as you want.

Go to a Museum

Museums are so cool! They are usually pretty affordable, it honestly depends on the museum you go to, but most of the ones I have been to are around $14 a ticket, which isn’t bad considering everything you get to see! There are so many different kinds of museums to choose from, my favorite are science museums! Going to a museum with your girls is fun because it can be an educational experience for all, and you’ll also have someone there who can take pictures of you in front of cool things.

Go Hiking

If you’re more of the active type, hiking is a perfect activity to do with your girlfriends, and it doesn’t cost a penny! I personally love going hiking with my friends. It is such a great experience and can create so many memories. Normally when you’re hiking there is beautiful scenery as well. The last time I went hiking with my friends, we decided to go off the trails (why, why, why) and had to climb like, giant boulders to get to where we wanted to go. It was terrifying but so so so fun. Our group actually got split up after a little while and it took us a long time of yelling each others names and trying to find the trail to find each other. It was pretty scary in the moment, but it’s a really funny story now. That was one of my favorite days ever. Everyone needs to hike with their gal pals at least once!

Used Book Stores

fun things to do for a girls day out

If you’re a bookworm like me, used bookstores are like heaven. This one may not seem like that much fun to people who don’t like to read. However, there is nothing like the experience of searching for new little worlds in books with your friends. Used book stores are super affordable, and you can get a bunch of new books for a low price! If you’re like me, you will also need a friend there to keep you from buying every single book in the place.

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  • Ahhh! So many great ideas ๐Ÿ™‚ The used bookstore one is my favorite. I love to read a good book!

    -Carine |

    • Ryan

      Thank you Carine! I do as well, especially if I can get it for like $2 at a used bookstore!