What to do the Summer before College

The summer after you graduate is a sort of in between time–A time that people tend to look for a balance between everything that is changing–the time between childhood and adulthood. This is a time for exploration, both self and world. To help you look for that special balance while you’re on the journey to becoming an adult, here is a list of things that you should do the summer after senior year.

Take a Break

Senior year can be seriously crazy and hectic, and it is important to give yourself a little break, especially right after graduation. Even if you’re spending the summer working, find some time to relax!  Read some books, or relax at the pool on your days off.

Go on a Trip

I’m not saying go on a ridiculously extravagant trip. Even if you just go spend a weekend at the lake, beach, or even just travel an hour to go stay with your grandma or something, get away for a few days. Go explore! Nothing is better for the spirit than curing a little but of wanderlust, and right before you go to college is the perfect time to do it.

Try New Things

The summer after senior year is a perfect time to try new things like starting an etsy shop, or in my case, a blog. Perhaps you could even try something that you’ve been wanting to try for a while, like photography or art. Odds are you aren’t tied down to a salary job, and probably don’t have to pay bills yet, so why not try to make money from doing what you love before you go off to college?

Spend Time with Family

The summer after senior year is the last summer that you actually get to be a kid, so embrace it! Just cherish this last bit of time with your family before you have to go out into the real world. The time where your parents are still buying your groceries and buying your toilet paper. I know that it gets a little hard to want to deal with your family when you’re finally about to be away from them. However, you’re probably going to miss them a lot, and it is important that you at least try to spend some time with them. Go out of your way to spend some time with them before you go off to college, and I bet you won’t regret it.

 Practice Good Habits

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the freshman 15, aka where you gain 15 pounds your freshman year of college because you eat nothing but fast food and Ramon noodles. Why not stop that bad habit before it starts? Practice making healthy, affordable meals the summer before college, and you’ll be good to go! Working out is another good habit to start before college! Also, a lot of people drop out of college because they go in with bad study habits. So, start practicing good study habits now! And even if you’re not an avid reader, practicing reading would be helpful as well.

Take an Online Class

If you’re looking to get out of school as soon as possible, taking an online class is for you. Summer classes usually only take 8 weeks, and if they’re online, odds are they are easier than the actual course. I took my college algebra class online and finished with a 99 (what??) if that tells you anything about how easy they are.

Spend Time with Friends

This is your last chance to get to spend time with your high school friends before college, so make the most of it! Before you know it you’re all going to have bunches of other friends, and the next time you see each other you won’t be the same people that you are today.

Clean up Social Media

You’re getting ready to start a new phase of your life where you’ll be meeting a bunch of new people, so if there is something on your social media that you wouldn’t want them to see, delete it. General rule of thumb…if you wouldn’t want your grandma seeing it..then you shouldn’t post it. 😉

Rethink your image

Like I said in the last point, you’re going to be meeting a bunch of new people, and you’re going to be leaving all of the people you know from high school. Translation: you don’t have to be the same person that you were in high school! The majority (if not all) of the people going to college with you aren’t going to know a thing about you. You are under absolutely no obligation to be the same person in college that you were in high school. You are under absolutely no obligation to be the same person in college that you were in high school. Click To Tweet Take advantage of that and rethink how you want to be viewed by people, and rethink if you’re on the road to being who you really want to be.

Rethink your Wardrobe

Along those same lines, you are probably not going to want to dress exactly like you did in high school, so clean out your closet! If you see things that you don’t want or things that you don’t ever wear, you can take them to a place like Platos closet (which pays you for your clothes, if they’re stylish enough) or you could always just donate them.

Start a journal

This is as good a time as any to start a journal! Right now it would be a really good thing just to document this time of your life! If you want to learn more about why you should start a journal, head over to my post “Why you should start journaling right now.”

Don’t Overspend

It is no secret that most college students are broke. Don’t doom yourself before you start! Watch your spending the summer before college, and make sure that you keep enough money in your bank account to be able to buy necessities when you go off to school! You can still do fun things without spending money!

Have Fun

Seriously, embrace this time, and have fun. Don’t waste your summer before college prematurely stressing about all of the problems of the adult world. Just appreciate the small amount of time that you have left as a kid, and enjoy it.


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