Thrift Haul #1

Something that you guys might not know about me is that I LOVE thrift shopping.  My mom would take my sister and I thrift shopping when we were younger, and I have loved it ever since. Some people think thrift shopping is gross and unsanitary, but 99% of the time the clothes are perfectly fine. You can even find brand new clothes in most thrift stores if you look hard enough! So today I am bringing you my most recent thrift haul!

I don’t know what it is about shopping that makes people feel better, but it sure works. I’ve been feeling really bogged down because of school and other stuff these past few weeks, so yesterday I decided that I would treat myself to a little shopping. I’m in college though, and I don’t have a whole lot of money to go shopping. I decided to hit up my local Goodwill to see what I could find!

I’m happy to say that I found some really cute things. I ended up getting 4 things total, two dresses and two shirts. Two of my items still had the price tags on them! Without further ado, here are the clothes I got in my thrift haul!

P.s- please ignore the terrible quality of these photos. My camera wasn’t charged and I really wanted to get this post up in a hurry so I just took the photos with my phone. 🙂


Audrey 3+1 suede lace up dress- $8.99

I was SO excited when I found this dress. I am absolutely obsessed with suede anything, so I hit the jackpot on this one. I tend to lean towards more modest clothing options usually, but I’m trying to broaden my horizons when it comes to style, so I decided that I would get this one even though it’s a little more risqué than the clothes that I usually buy.

Another plus of this dress is that it still has its price tag on it! It retails for $44.00, so getting it for only $8.99 is a STEAL. Super happy with this one.


Merona pink blouse-  $4.99

I’m so excited about this shirt. I love this color of pink, (I love any shade of pink really) and I have some leggings that this is going to look really cute with. You can kind of tell from the picture that the fabric is pretty thin and flowy, so I think that this one is going to make the perfect addition for my spring wardrobe.

I looked this shirt up online to see what it is worth, and I found someone selling the same shirt on Poshmark and they said that they bought it for $30. I looked at Target’s website to see what other Merona shirts are priced at, and they all seem to be in the $30 range so that seems about right. And I got it for only $4.99!


Ecote’ cropped blouse- $6.99

I’ve really been wanting to get some crop tops for spring/ summer time, so I was over the moon when I saw this shirt. It is also super thin and flowy like the last shirt, and I am really looking forward to wearing this when the weather gets warmer.

This is the other one that still had the price tag on it, and it retails at $49.00! I got it with the tags still on for $6.99. Thrift shopping is the way to go, people.


Petra fashions green shimmery dress- $4.49

This is my absolute favorite thing that I got. It just a simple t-shirt dress, but it is so comfortable and matches my eyes perfectly. I cannot wait to wear this dress with some sneakers on a casual day out.

I looked this up online and apparently the company that it is from sells mostly lingerie and sleepwear. I couldn’t find this exact dress, but I saw a lot of people selling similar dresses for $50+.  This dress might actually be a night gown, but you will still see me rocking it in public when spring rolls around.

Total cost of my items- $26

Estimated total worth of items- $175


I’m super happy with the results of this thrift haul! It’s so awesome that I could get things that probably would’ve costed around $175 originally for only $26! All of them are in perfect condition and have no wear whatsoever, too.

As you can see, you can get some really cute clothes at thrift stores for super cheap! If you guys would like to see more posts about thrift shopping, make sure you let me know in the comments!

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