winter college party outfits

If you’re planning on going to college parties in the winter months, you’re probably looking for winter college party outfits. Here are some of the cutest winter college outfits to wear to parties!

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winter college party outfits

Once it gets cold out, it can be hard to know what to wear as winter college party outfits. Most people go for the less is more mindset when it comes to college parties, but in the winter if you do that you’re gonna freeze your butt off.

So, if you’re looking for some college party outfits for the winter that are still cute but won’t cause you to turn into an icicle, I’ve got you covered (literally lol).

After you read this post you’ll have so many cute ideas for winter college outfits!

This post is all about winter college party outfits.

The Cutest Winter College Party Outfits

1. Long Sleeve Bra Top

Recreate This Party Outfit:

winter college party themes
winter college party
winter frat party outfits

This is such a perfect outfit to wear to a winter college party. The long sleeve crop top and high waist pants combo will keep you warm while still letting you look hot!!

2. Tie A Sweater Over Your Shoulders

Shop This Outfit:

winter college graduation party ideas
what to wear to a college party

Tying a sweater over your shoulders looks so classy and ~expensive~ but it is also a super practical way to stay warm and have something on hand to wear if you get cold while still getting to show off your outfit.

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3. Leather Jacket And White Boots

Recreate This Look:

college party outfits 2022
winter party outfits for ladies

I am obsessssed with this look. To copy it you’ll need an oversized leather blazer/ jacket, a dress, and a pair of white boots like these.

4. Cute Sweater Vest

Copy This Outfit Idea:

outfits for college girl
college party tops

Sweater vests have come back and been super trendy in recent years. They’re a perfect thing to wear if you want to look cute while also staying warm. Layering is definitely your friend when it comes to dressing for college parties in the winter, and this is such a cute way to do it.

5. Bustier Top With A Puffer

Shop This Picture:

cute outfits for parties
cute party outfit

You can never go wrong with sparkly tops for parties in the winter, and this sparkly bustier outfit is the perfect example. Make sure if you wear a bustier like this one you pair it with a super warm coat like this puffer so you don’t freeze!!

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college night out outfit

6. Satin Button Up Over A Lingerie Top

Shop This Outfit Idea:

cute party outfits
outfits for college

I love the way these pieces look together!! Wearing a satin button up with a lingerie top will keep you warm while still being a super delicate look. It looks so pretty!

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7. Turtleneck And Miniskirt

Recreate This Outfit Idea:

college party outfits
party outfits college

Pairing a plaid bodycon miniskirt with a turtleneck is a super cute winter college party outfit idea. I would pair it with a pair of black tights to keep your legs warm!

8. Puffer Vest

Shop This Outfit:

school outfit winter
going out winter outfits

This is a great layering idea!! The puffer vest adds an element of warmth to the outfit while also making it look cuter. The color scheme of this outfit is amazing.

9. Patterned Pants With A Long Sleeve Crop Top

Recreate This Outfit:

what to wear to college parties
what to wear to parties in college

Wearing a pair of patterned pants with a long sleeved crop top is a great way to stay warm without being boring. These zebra print flare leg pants are super on trend right now, so they’d be perfect for college parties this year.

10. Leather Leggings

Copy This Outfit Idea:

frat party outfit
college party clothes

Leather is a reoccurring theme in these outfit ideas, and for good reason. It’s warm while also being so cute and chic. To recreate this outfit you’ll need some leather (or faux leather) leggings, a fluffy sweater like this one, and a black puffer.

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11. Flannel And Ripped Jeans

Recreate This Outfit:

party clothes for college
dress for college party

This is an outfit idea you can probably put together from things already in your closet. It’s super simple but still really cute! The flannel will give you some extra warmth and a nice pop of color.

12. Brown Leather Jacket

Shop This Outfit:

dresses for college party
college party dresses

I loooooove the jacket/ blazer in this look. I was literally at TJ maxx today and almost bought one just like it because it is just so cute and versatile. You could wear it with so many things! It really levels up this super simple jeans and white bandeau outfit and makes it the perfect outfit for a party.

13. Brown Pants And A Flannel

Recreate This Party Outfit Idea:

winter party dress ideas
winter college outfits

These brown flare leg pants are super on trend right now, and would pair well with most flannels/ shackets. I love the color combos the person in the pic has going on. This flannel is suuuper similar (if not the same one) to what they’re wearing in the picture!!

14. Cute Skirt With Leg Warmers

Copy This Outfit Idea:

winter college outfits student
winter college outfits cold weather

This outfit gives me very coquette/ light academia vibes and I am here for it. Pleated skirts are very in and you can wear them so many different ways, so they’re definitely a good investment for fall/ winter. Same thing with leg warmers! They look so good over a pair of black tights and worn with some chunky loafers.

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15. Oversized Blazer

Shop This Outfit:

winter college fits
winter college party outfit ideas

This is a really cute outfit idea if you’re going for a more classy look. It’s super chic but I think the knee high boots paired with the skirt make it the perfect winter party outfit. Oversized blazers are such a good investment because they’re super trendy and versatile.

16. Tie Front Cardigan

Shop This Outfit:

winter college party outfit jeans
cute party outfits college winter

A tie front cardigan outfit like this is a great idea if you wanna look hot while also staying warm. This top gives me very Maddi from Euphoria vibes. Also peep leg warmers and chunky loafers making another appearance!! They’re staples, I’m tellin ya.

17. Bodycon Dress With Thigh High Boots

Copy This Outfit Idea:

party clothes college winter
winter theme party outfit college

This is a suuuper cute outfit idea if you wanna be warm without looking frumpy. This outfit paired with this black leather blazer would be so cute and also keep you super warm.

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18. Chunky Cardigan

Recreate This Outfit:

casual college party outfit winter
college party outfit winter night out

A chunky cardigan is another way to stay warm while still looking cute for a party!! If you’re going to recreate this outfit, I definitely recommend including the faux leather leggings. They make the outfit look really put together. If you just wear normal leggings you run the risk of looking like you just rolled out of bed.

19. Shacket With Brown Leather Leggings

Shop This Look:

college party outfit winter frat
house party outfit college winter

A plaid shacket like this is a great piece for staying warm and adding a pop to your outfit! I really love how this person paired it with a pair of brown faux leather leggings. Such a good outfit idea.

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20. Sweater Dress With Knee High Boots

Copy This Outfit:

freshers party outfit college winter
party outfits college night winter

This is one of my fav outfit ideas on the list and probably what I would wear if I was going to a college party. This combo is just literally so perfect and the colors go SO well together. Both the sweater dress and the boots are literally to die for. You could also wear a pair of opaque tights like these for some extra warmth.

21. Belted Blazer

Shop This Outfit:

cute party outfits for winter college
college party outfits for winter

This is a cute idea if you want to wear a dress to a winter college party!! The oversized leather blazer belted shut gives a very sophisticated look. If you’re going to recreate this I recommend wearing it with some thigh high leather boots like these!

This post was all about the best winter college party outfits.

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