20 Best Grad Party Ideas For An Unforgettable Party

Looking for grad party ideas that will help you go out with a bang? Here are some unforgettable graduation party ideas to recreate this year.

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grad party ideas

If you’re graduating soon or planning a graduation party, you’re probably looking for some grad party ideas.

I recently graduated college, so I’m going to give you the best grad party ideas, whether it’s grad party food, grad party decorations, or grad party themes!

After you read this post you’ll have all the inspo you need to to start planning a memorable high school or college graduation party.

This post is all about grad party ideas.

The Best Grad Party Ideas For An Unforgettable Day

1. Decorated Entrance

Recreate this party entrance:

graduation party ideas
college grad party ideas

I know this is a kid’s graduation picture, but this idea would be so cute for any graduation entrance!! It would be perfect for taking pictures in front of. Using foil number balloons and banners is a perfect way to make the entrance to your grad party super exciting.

2. Marquee Letters

Recreate this outdoor grad party decor:

high school graduation party ideas 2022

Marquee letters are a staple for graduation party decor, and they are the perfect idea for a backyard grad party!

3. Graduation Themed Cookies

Recreate this grad party decor:

decoration for graduation party

Graduation themed cookies are the perfect graduation food idea!

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4. Polaroid Guest Book

Recreate this guestbook:

decor for high school grad party
decor for college grad party
decor for uni grad party

Having a guest book where guests can take polaroids of themselves is SUCH a cute idea, and it’s a great way to document the memories from your grad party.

5. Smores Bar

Make your own smores bar:

grad party food
grad party food ideas

Smores bars are one of my absolute favorite grad party ideas. They’re the perfect food idea for backyard/ outdoor parties.

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6. Photo Booth

Make your own photo booth:

grad parties
grad parties ideas

I had a photo booth like this at my high school graduation and it was SO much fun. We had goofy props and looking back at the pictures is so funny. We had someone there taking the pictures, but you could also get a tripod like this one where everyone can just put their phone on there to take pics!

Recreate this cookie bar:

grad party photo backdrop
graduation party photo backdrop

This is another super cute grad party theme idea! All you need to recreate it is a letterboard or chalkboard to put “one smart cookie” on and some cookies!!

8. Polaroid Photo Backdrop

Recreate this backdrop:

graduation party
grad party

This polaroid picture backdrop is the perfect diy grad party decor idea. All you need are some rose gold foil balloons in your grad’s name, and a poster board to cut the polaroid frame from.

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9. Mason Jar Drink Dispensers

decor for graduation party

Recreate these drink dispensers:

grad party ideas for girls decoration

This picture is from my sister’s high school graduation party. I loved the mason jar drink dispensers. They were such a step up from normal pitchers, and they’re super popular for grad parties!

10. Floral Decor

Recreate this grad party decor:

grad party picture display ideas

I think these paper flower grad party decorations look so lovely. They’re perfect for a girly grad party.

11. Cute Picture Display

Recreate this decor:

grad party ideas for girls
graduation party ideas for girls

A diy picture hoop is a great grad party picture display idea. I love how they put fake flowers on theirs as well! An easy way to recreate this look would be to get a strand of flowers like this.

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12. Rose Gold Backdrop

Recreate this backdrop:

graduation party ideas girls
graduation party decorations for girls
grad party centerpieces

This rose gold backdrop idea is a perfect on for a girl’s graduation party! Rose gold party themes are always super pretty.

13. Mason Jar Centerpiece

Make your own mason jar centerpieces:

grad party centerpiece ideas
graduation party centerpiece ideas

This mason jar centerpiece is such a cute and easy diy idea for a graduation party centerpiece. To recreate the rustic look you’ll need some baby’s breath flowers and some twine.

14. Donut Board

Recreate this decor idea:

graduation party food

A donut board is such a genius graduation party food idea. It’s been super trendy the past couple years. I wish I would have thought of this for my party!

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15. Congrats Grad Banner

graduation party decorations for girls

Recreate these grad party decorations:

decoration ideas for graduation
graduation party ideas for daughter

We had this “congrats grad” banner with the black and gold confetti balloons as decor at my sister’s graduation party. I love the black and gold theme for graduations.

16. Cards Suitcase

Recreate this decor idea:

graduation party ideas pinterest
pinterest graduation party ideas
pinterest grad party ideas

Having a designated space for letters for the grad is such a great idea. I remember at my graduation party I didn’t have a spot where everyone could put theirs so it was hard to keep track of them all.

17. Memory Jar

pinterest graduatiton party ideas

A memory jar is such a good idea for a grad party. Everyone can write down memories or advice on a piece of paper and stick it in the jar for the grad. It would be such a great thing to look back on!

18. Popcorn Bar

Make your own popcorn bar:

grad party themes
graduation party themes

A popcorn bar is another great food idea for a grad party. Stock up on popcorn seasonings and candies that can go with the popcorn and you’ve got the perfect popcorn bar.

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19. Grad Photos Centerpiece

Recreate this centerpiece:

diy graduation party decorations

A flower centerpiece is another really cute centerpiece idea for a grad party. You can customize it by adding pictures of the grad!

20. Low Table And Ground Cushions

Recreate these grad cookies:

college graduation party decorations

I love this colorful backyard graduation party idea! The low table and cushions make it super cozy and the perfect idea for a backyard graduation party.

This post was all about the best grad party ideas for an unforgettable day.

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