23 Amazing College Graduation Party Ideas To Recreate This Year

If you or someone you know is graduating college soon, you might be looking for college graduation party ideas. Here are the best college graduation party ideas 2024 to give you all the inspo you need!

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college graduation party ideas

It can be hard to know what to do for a college graduation party, which is why I’ve gathered all of the best college graduation party ideas for this post to help you plan the best graduation party ever!

Whether you’re looking for grad party themes, decorations, or ideas for backyard graduation party, I’ve got you covered! After you read this post you’ll have all the inspo you need to plan such a fun college graduation party.

This post is all about college graduation party ideas.

The Best College Graduation Party Ideas

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1. Hawaiian Theme

Recreate This Party Theme:

college graduation party ideas for daughter
college graduation party ideas 2023

A Hawaiian graduation party theme like this one is so cute for a spring or summer graduation party. The bright florals will make the cutest pictures!

2. Taco Theme

Copy This Theme:

college graduation party ideas for adults
college graduation party ideas for guys

If your grad loves tacos, this could be a really cute theme. You could do some taco themed balloon banners like these, and for food you could do a taco bar!

3. Friends Theme

Shop This Party Theme:

college graduation party ideas pinterest

I’ve seen this graduation party theme alllll over the place. It’s super popular, and for good reason. Friends is a cult favorite, and if your grad is obsessed with the show as well, this theme would be perfect!

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4. Retro Party Theme

Recreate This Grad Party Theme:

college graduation party ideas 2022
college graduation party ideas for teachers

If you really want to capture the party spirit for your graduation party, this theme would be so cute. And this background would be PERFECT for photo ops.

To recreate the backdrop in the picture, you’ll need a sequined backdrop like this one. (ps, some of the reviews of this backdrop say it is a tarp material and not actually sequins, but they say it gives off the same effect in pictures, and it is way more affordable than an actual full sequin backdrop!) You’ll also need a neon “let’s party” sign and a balloon arch like this one.

5. Smart Cookie Theme

Copy This Theme:

graduation party ideas
decorating for a graduation party

This is one of my personal favorite grad theme ideas. It is just so cute and frilly and soft! To recreate this theme you’ll need a chalkboard, cookies, and if you want to go the extra mile, you could also get some themed cookie bags like these!!

6. Candy Theme

Shop This Theme:

what to do for a college graduation party?
how do i celebrate my daughter's college graduation?

Another cute and sweet theme idea would be to do a candy theme. Plus, it would give your guests something to snack on the whole time.

7. Classy/ Elegant Theme

Recreate This Theme:

graduation party at home
party for graduation
decoration for graduation party

This is another one of my favorite theme ideas. It’s the perfect elegant college graduation party idea! These centerpieces are so lovely.

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8. 2024 Balloons

Copy This Decoration Idea:

decorations for graduation party
decor for graduation party

Balloons of the graduation year are a staple decoration for most graduation parties. They make the perfect opportunity for pictures! To recreate this decor, you’ll need some pallets, (I’ve seen people giving away pallets for free on Facebook marketplace) some year balloons, and a balloon arch!

9. The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle Letterboard

Recreate This Decor:

graduation party decorations

A letterboard like this one is the perfect graduation party decor for any words you want to display!

10. Graduation Cap Mason Jar Centerpiece

Copy This Idea:

graduation decoration ideas
graduation decorations ideas

This is such a cute graduation centerpiece idea, especially if you’re like me and have a ton of mason jars at home! You can DIY the graduation cap on top with some black construction paper.

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11. Words Of Wisdom For The Grad

Shop This Decoration Idea:

Words of wisdom cards like this are such a great momento for the grad. We did something like this for my sister’s high school graduation party and it was really cool seeing what everyone put.

12. Floral Photo Backdrop

Recreate This Grad Party Decor:

college graduation party

I looooove this photo backdrop idea. To recreate it, you can get an assortment of fake flowers and hang them with fishing wire, or you could glue them to a big cardboard backdrop. An easier way to do it would be to buy a floral vine pack like this one that you can just pin on a backdrop.

13. Vine Photo Backdrop

Copy This Decor Idea:

college graduation party decorations
college graduation party ideas backyards

This is a super trendy and cute backdrop idea. Fake vines are all the rage right now, plus a pack of them is pretty affordable and they look really cute in pictures!

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14. Donut Bar

Recreate This Decoration Idea:

college graduation parties
college graduation party favors

A donut bar is the perfect college graduation party food idea! You could make your own donut holder like the one in the picture with a pallet and some stakes, but it would probably be a lot easier to get one already made like this one.

15. Diploma Cookies

Shop This Idea:

college graduation party food
college graduation party invitations

This is another suuuper cute food idea that can double as decor. Pirolines already look like diplomas, so all you’d need is some packs of them and some ribbon to tie around them! If I were to have another graduation party, I would use this idea because pirolines are so yummy.

Backyard Party Ideas

16. Paper Lanterns And String Lights

Recreate This Backyard Party Idea:

college graduation party themes
college graduation party themes

This is such a beautiful and picturesque backyard grad party idea! It is just. so pretty and atmospheric. To recreate the picture, you’ll need a pack of pink paper lanterns and some outdoor globe lights like these!

17. Rustic Floral Pallet Photo Background

Copy This Party Idea:

college graduation party centerpieces
college graduation party gifts

This is a super cute rustic grad party idea. To copy this idea you’ll need a couple pallets, (check on Facebook marketplace if you don’t have some on hand!) some balloons, and a pack of flowers to put on the pallet!

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18. Outdoor Globe Lights

Shop This Outdoor Grad Party Idea:

college graduation party supplies

Globe string lights are the perfect lighting idea for a backyard graduation party. They look so pretty and magical!

19. Walk Through The Years

Recreate This Idea:

simple graduation party ideas
elegant college graduation party ideas

This is a really sentimental grad party idea. To recreate it you’ll need some stakes, some battery operated string light strands to wrap around the stakes, (if you want to go the extra mile, you could wrap fake vines around the stakes as well!) and some pictures of the grad throughout the years!

20. Mason Jar Pink Lemonade

Shop This Idea:

college graduation party ideas teacher
college graduation party ideas for women
college graduation party ideas food

This is another food/ drink idea that doubles as decor. Displaying the drinks like this is SO cute and aesthetic!

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21. Chalkboard Entrance Sign

Recreate This Backyard Graduation Party Idea:

college graduation party ideas nursing

A sign like this is perfect for the entrance of the grad party! If you’re good with chalk art, you could make it look really, really cute.

22. Smores Bar

Copy This Party Idea:

college graduation party ideas winter
college graduation party ideas indoor
university graduation party ideas

I think this is my fav backyard college graduation party idea. It is such a good snack idea!! If you don’t have a fire pit available to you but still want to do this for your grad party, I found this electric smores maker that would be perfect!!

23. Fruit Cup Bar

Recreate This Idea:

college grad party ideas

Serving fruit like this is another great food idea for a graduation party. All you’ll need is the fruit and a pack of cups like this!

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This post was all about amazing college graduation party ideas for 2024.

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