The Best Graduation Outfit Ideas To Wear In 2024

If you’re graduating soon, you’re probably looking for some cute graduation outfit ideas. Here are some of the best ideas for graduation outfits!

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graduation outfit ideas

When I was getting ready to graduate college, I was obsessed with looking for graduation outfit ideas. I wanted to look really cute at graduation, but it can be hard to know what will look cute under a cap and gown. So, if you’re wondering what to wear for graduation, this post is for you!

I’ve found the cutest college graduation outfits on Pinterest for this post, and after you read this post, you’ll have all the best graduation outfits ideas!

This post is all about graduation outfit ideas.

The Best Graduation Outfit Ideas

Graduation Dresses 2024

1. Ruched Bodycon Dress

Shop This Graduation Dress:

outfit graduation

Bodycon dresses are always a go-to when it comes to what to wear under a cap and gown. They make it so you don’t look frumpy! This white ruched one would be perfect under a gown, is super flattering, and it’s casual enough that you could wear it again and again!

2. Long Sleeve Sweetheart Neckline Bodycon Dress

Recreate This Outfit:

graduation dress 2023
graduation dresses 2023

I looove this graduation dress idea. It looks so chic! I couldn’t find the exact dress she has on in the picture, but these two are pretty similar and would have the same vibe!

3. Bodycon Slip Dress

Copy This Dress Idea:

men's graduation outfits

Slip dresses are all the rage these days, and this one is the perfect graduation dress. It looks so classy and is another one that you could rewear!

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4. Blazer Dress

Recreate This Graduation Outfit:

graduation outfits

This is one of my favorite more ~unique~ graduation dress ideas that I never would have thought of but it looks SO cute. A blazer dress like this one looks super professional while still looking feminine.

5. Off The Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Shop This Dress:

outfit for graduation

This is another really classy dress idea for graduation! It is chic while still being something unique you could wear. I guarantee if you wear something like this you’ll stand out (in a good way).

6. Flowy Dress

Recreate This Idea:

graduation dress ideas

This is another one of my favorite grad dress ideas. I feel like normally when people graduate they play it safe with the tighter dresses to avoid looking frumpy under the gown, but I think this one would look gorgeous! It’s so flowy while being just structured enough to still look cute under a gown.

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7. Sleeveless Flowy Dress

Shop This Dress Idea:

graduation dress for college
college graduation dress

I absolutely love this dress idea. I couldn’t find the exact dress she was wearing in the picture, but these two are very similar and would give the same flowy effect.

8. White Sweetheart Neckline Dress

Recreate This Dress Idea:

graduation dress college

This is another really cute white dress idea! Also, sweetheart necklines are always a yes. They are so cute.

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grad outfits

9. Red Long Sleeve Dress

Copy This Idea:

graduation outfits ideas
outfit ideas for graduation

If red wouldn’t clash with your school colors/ the colors of your cap and gown, this idea could be for you! My school colors were red and white so a dress like this would’ve been perfect for my graduation.

10. Wrap Dress

Shop This Dress:

graduation dresses ideas

This is another very cute flowy dress option! And another one that you could wear more than once.

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11. Chic Slit Dress

Recreate This Graduation Outfit:

what to wear for graduation

A knit dress like this is the perfect winter graduation outfit idea.

12. Overall Dress

Recreate This Outfit:

what to wear to graduation male

This is the most unique dress on this list and it would be an absolute showstopper imo. I couldn’t find this exact dress but the one I linked is SUPER similar.

Other Graduation Outfits

13. V-neck Pantsuit

Shop This Outfit Idea:

university graduation outfits

If you don’t want to wear a dress to graduation, a pantsuit is a great idea! This one is super cute and classy.

14. Pleated Skirt

Recreate This Outfit:

guy graduation outfits
what to wear to graduation female

Pleated skirts are so in right now, so you might already have this in your closet. For the graduation ceremony I would probably pair the skirt with a bit of a fancier shirt than she has on in the picture, but other than that, this outfit would be perfect! The shoes are to die for.

15. Coquette

Shop This Outfit:

dresses to wear to a graduation ceremony
graduation guest outfit ideas
graduation clothes ideas

The coquette aesthetic has kind of taken the internet by the throat lately, and for good reason. If you want to be extra and make sure all eyes are on you at graduation, an outfit like this is the way to go.

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16. Chic Matching Set

Recreate This Graduation Outfit Idea:

graduation outfit ideas for ladies

If I were to graduate again I might pick an outfit like this to wear to my ceremony. Matching sets like these give very glamorous old money vibes, and I’ve been obsessed with that aesthetic lately.

17. Nice Coat

Copy This Outfit:

graduation dress ideas 2023
graduation outfits for ladies 2023

This is another very classy old money vibes outfit. I loooove how she made the bow from the shirt peek out through the coat. This idea would be really cute for a winter graduation outfit idea!

18. Tailored Trousers

Shop This Outfit:

graduation day outfit ideas
graduation outfit ideas 2023

Tailored trousers like this are another great option if you don’t want to wear a dress or skirt to graduation. Also, again, sweetheart necklines are the best.

19. Houndstooth Set

Copy This Outfit:

graduation outfit ideas winter
graduation outfit inspiration

Yet another glamorous old money vibe outfit! This is another that I would consider copying if I were to graduate again. I couldn’t find the exact set with the matching jacket, but I did find this set with a matching blouse that I am obsessed with.

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20. Lingerie Top

Recreate This Graduation Outfit:

what is a good outfit for graduation
what can i wear to graduation besides a dress

If you want to be a little more ~risque~ on graduation day, this would be a cute n sexy option! It still looks really classy and chic.

Men’s Graduation Outfits

20. Patterned Suit

Copy This Outfit:

graduation outfits for guys

If you want to stand out from the crowd on graduation, a patterned suit like this one could be the way to go! Plaid is always a safe bet when it comes to picking patterns because it looks professional rather than gaudy like some patterns.

21. Black Suit With White Shirt

Recreate This Outfit:

graduation outfits guys
guys graduation outfits

A black suit with a white dress shirt is always a safe bet when it comes to formal wear, and it would be the perfect college graduation outfit.

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22. Grey Suit

Shop This Outfit Idea:

graduation suit for guys
graduation suits for guys

This might be my favorite guys graduation outfit on the list. Something about the grey suit with the brown loafers just looks so ~suave~

23. Matching Vest

Recreate This Fit:

graduation outfit ideas for guys

If you wanna go without the suit jacket on graduation day, you could do some dress pants with a matching vest like this one!

24. All Black Suit

Shop This Idea:

outfits for graduation men
graduation outfit ideas male

Another very classy looking outfit idea would be black on black. I really like how this guy paired his suit with a shirt with a satin finish.

25. Grey Suit Jacket

Recreate This Outfit:

graduation outfits ideas for guys
graduation dress ideas for male

Another very suave idea would be to pair a smoky grey blazer with some black pants, a black satin shirt, and some black loafers.

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15 Best Men’s Graduation Outfits For This Year

This post was all about the best graduation outfit ideas for 2024.

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