30 Unique College Graduation Party Themes To Recreate This Year

If you’re planning a college graduation party, you’re probably looking for college graduation party themes to give you some inspo. Here are the best college graduation party theme ideas for this year!

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college graduation party themes

One of the most exciting parts of planning a graduation party is looking up college graduation party themes. There are SO many cute party theme ideas out there, but it can be hard to know what is a good theme for a graduation party.

I recently graduated college, and for this post I’ve found all the best graduation themes. After you read this post you’ll be ready to plan the cutest party ever.

This post is all about college graduation party themes 2024.

The Cutest College Graduation Party Themes To Recreate

1. Taco Theme

Recreate This Theme:

college graduation party theme ideas
college graduation party themes 2023

I love that you can get balloons to match this theme! You could decorate in so many different cute ways and even match the food to the theme by doing a taco bar!

2. Hawaiian Theme

Copy This Party Theme Idea:

college graduation party theme

This is the perfect warm weather grad party theme. I love the flamingo cake they did in the picture!

3. Adventure Theme

Shop This Theme:

graduation theme party ideas
what is a good theme for a graduation party?

This is a classic graduation party theme. To recreate the backdrop you’ll need a blank backdrop and some vinyl lettering like this! To make it look super cute like they did, you can also get a rainbow balloon arch.

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4. Soda Theme

Copy This Party Decor:

what to do for a college graduation party?
do graduation parties have themes?

This is one of my fav graduation party drinks ideas! To copy this decor you’ll need a chalkboard (or just any kind of board where you can write soda bar) and some soda syrups with gold pumps!

5. Let’s Party Theme

Recreate This Theme Idea:

what color represents graduation?
how do you throw a good graduation party?

This theme in pink is the perfect graduation party idea for girls. To recreate it you’ll need a neon sign, a pink sequin backdrop, and a pink balloon arch!

6. Friends Theme

Shop This Party Idea:

graduation party ideas

This theme has been pretty popular in recent years, and for good reason!! It’s the perfect grad party theme for fans of Friends.

7. Smart Cookie Theme

Shop This Theme:

decorating for a graduation party
graduation party

A smart cookie graduation party theme is so cute! To copy the cute decorations they did in the picture, you’ll need a chalkboard, some cute cookie displays, and cookies!

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8. Dessert Theme

Copy This Idea:

graduation party themes
graduation party theme ideas

This is one of my favorite graduation party food ideas I’ve seen. If I were doing my graduation party again, I would probably copy this. I couldn’t find the exact backdrop they used, but you could create a similar look by getting a sprinkle backdrop and a “treat yo self” banner like this one.

9. Donut Theme

Recreate This Party Theme:

graduation party themes 2023
graduation party theme ideas 2023
what are some good themes for graduation?

This is another theme that’s been pretty popular the last couple years! I looove how they put donuts on the milk bottles in the second pic.

10. Nurse/ Premed Theme

Shop This Theme Idea:

college graduation party themes for girls ideas
college graduation themes for boys

This decor is so cute for a nurse/ pre med grad! To recreate this theme you can get nursing/ medical cupcake toppers like these and some themed balloons.

11. Tassel Was Worth The Hassle

grad party theme

This is a really easy and simple theme idea. I made this printable graduation party sign! You can get it on Etsy. You get two different sizes of this graphic that are perfect for frames, and you can print out as many as you want to decorate you party with!

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12. Teacher Theme

Recreate This:

college graduation party themes cute ideas

This one is super cute if you’re looking for a teacher graduation party theme!

13. Disney Theme

Shop This Party Idea:

college graduation party themes creative
college graduation party themes decoration

I am obsessed with the cupcake ferris wheel in the second picture. This theme is perfect for Disney lovers!

14. Alice In Wonderland

Copy This:

college themed graduation party
college graduation party teacher theme

This is another theme I would heavily consider copying if I was throwing my graduation party again. I couldn’t find the exact centerpiece they used in the picture, but these two things would give a similar look!

15. Go Change The World Theme

Recreate This Theme:

grad party themes
grad party themes 2023

This is another cute and simple graduation party theme! To recreate it you’ll need some year balloons and a “go change the world balloon.” This setup would be super cute to take pictures in front of!

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16. Candy Theme

Shop This Idea:

grad party theme ideas
grad party theme ideas 2023

This is a very clever theme idea. To recreate the picture you’ll need a small chalkboard, some vases/ jars, and some chalkboard labels.

17. Movie Party Theme

Recreate This Grad Party Decor:

graduation party themes for girls ideas
senior graduation party
adult graduation party ideas

This is the PERFECT backyard graduation party idea. You could do a cozy movie party like they did in the picture, or you could even do the decor without the movie part.

18. Paper Lantern Theme

Copy This Idea:

college grad party

This is another really cute decor idea for a backyard grad party. It looks so magical and wouldn’t be very hard to pull off! All you need is a pack of pink paper lanterns and some outdoor globe lights.

19. Bright Floral Theme

Recreate This:

college grad party theme
college grad party themes

This is a very beautiful and whimsical party theme idea. To recreate it you could buy some fake flowers and string them together with fishing line, or a way easier way would be to get fake flower strands like these. The fake wisteria comes in different colors (blue, pink, white, etc) and would be perfect for the first decor picture!

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20. Pink Theme

Copy This Idea:

college grad party themes 2023
college grad party theme ideas

I couldn’t find the exact backdrop they used, but the one I linked would look so cute for this theme as well!

21. Pool Party Theme

Recreate This Graduation Party Theme:

college grad party theme ideas 2023
high school graduation party themes

This theme is perfect if you’re wanting to throw a pool party. I’m obsessed with the heart floaties they used in the pool.

22. Barbie Theme

Shop This Idea:

college graduation aesthetic
what are the best grad party colors?

This is the PERFECT party theme with the Barbie movie coming out this year!! I’m sure barbie themed parties are going to become super trendy.

23. Garden Party Theme

Recreate This Theme:

graduation theme name
graduation themes for high school

This is the perfect theme idea if you’re wanting a more magical/ whimsical party. To recreate this theme you’ll need lots of fairy lights and candles.

If you want to make things much easier on yourself when it comes to decorating, I would get some battery operated candles with a remote rather than having to individually light every candle. Battery operated candles would be a lot safer as well.

24. Disco Party Theme

Copy This:

school graduation themes

I love, love, love the disco ball cups they used in the picture! To recreate this theme you’ll need some of those cups and some disco balls.

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25. Cottagecore Theme

Recreate This Idea For Your Party:

graduation party themes college
graduation party theme colors

This is the perfect theme idea for someone who loves the cottage aesthetic. To recreate it you’ll need some jar drink dispensers and some flowers to decorate with.

26. Enchanted Party Theme

Copy This Idea:

aesthetic graduation party themes
grad party food ideas

This is another very whimsical, magical theme. To copy it you’ll need lots of fake flowers and moss, like this moss table runner.

27. Gatsby/ 1920s Theme

Shop This Party Theme:

grad party ideas for girls decoration
college graduation party ideas

This is another popular party theme. It’s perfect for Gatsby/ 1920s lovers. It’s such a pretty theme.

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28. Polaroid Theme

Copy This Idea:

aesthetic graduation party

This is the perfect theme if you plan to have a photo ops. You could also do a guest check in book where they take a picture with a polaroid camera and put it in the book with a little note for the grad to look back on!

29. Sports Theme

Recreate This Theme:

graduation party ideas

If the grad is sporty this is the perfect theme idea. All you’ll need is some of the grad’s sports stuff to decorate with!

30. Elegant Grad Party Theme

Shop This Idea:

graduation party decorating ideas
grad party ideas

If you’re wanting to do an elegant theme, this centerpiece idea would be perfect!

This post was all about the best college graduation party themes for this year.

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