The Cutest Prom Hairstyles For 2024 That Will Make You Stand Out

If you’re going to prom, you’re probably looking for some super cute prom hairstyles to try. Here are the cutest prom hair ideas for this year!

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One of my favorite parts of getting ready for prom was looking for cute prom hairstyles. Your hair can really make or break your prom look, so you obviously wanna look as cute as possible.

There are so many gorgeous ideas for what you can do for your prom hair, and some of them are easy enough to do at home!

After you read this post you will have some stunning ideas for how to do your hair for prom this year that will have you looking SO cute!

This post is all about the cutest prom hairstyles.

1. Pearl/ Rhinestone Hair

This look has been super trendy for special events for the past few years. It is absolutely gorgeous! This wouldn’t be too hard to do yourself at home. You can apply the pearls or rhinestones to your own hair using lash glue! This is definitely a prom hair idea that will definitely make you stand out.

2. Butterfly Clips

If you’re wanting to go for a magical/ fairycore look, you could add some silver butterfly clips to your hair! You could even get some moving butterfly hair clips that flutter around when you move and look like real butterflies.

3. Half Up Half Down With Curls

This is a beautiful simple prom hairstyle. This hair idea would be so pretty with a prom dress that has a lower cut neckline!

4. Half Up Half Down Bubble Braid

A bubble braid prom hairstyle wouldn’t be too hard to do on yourself at home! You’d do the bubble braid at the back and then to recreate the flower look, you’d add some dried baby’s breath flowers.

5. Claw Clip Half Up Half Down

You can do this half up half down hairstyle with a claw clip, so it’d be easy to do yourself at home! You can use pretty much any claw clip, but I’d recommend using a pretty one for prom just in case it peeks through your hair.

6. French Twist With Pretty Pins

This hairstyle looks so gorgeous and a little complicated, but it wouldn’t be that difficult to do if you know how to do a french twist! You’d do a french twist crown around the back and then add some pretty pins to it.

7. Braided Into A Chic Ponytail

A braided ponytail like this would be such a cute prom hairstyle for long hair to do. This is the perfect hairstyle for a dress with an open back!

8. Knotted Updo

A knotted updo like this would be stunning for prom. If you can figure out how to place the hair to give it the knotted look, you could probably do this yourself at home. I tried updos like this on myself for prom and homecoming, but they always turned out better when I went and got them done by someone else. So if you can, I’d recommend doing that!

9. Braid With A Bow And Flowers

This would be a super easy and simple hairstyle to do at home for prom as long as you know how to braid (or know someone who does!) You do a simple half up half down braid, add some ribbon at the bottom, and then add some little pink flowers!

I’d recommend using dried flowers for any hairstyle because real ones will probably wilt as the night goes on.

10. Low Updo

I did my hair like this for prom my senior year of high school and it turned out really pretty! My hair was a little longer than shoulder length when I did it like this, so this could work on medium length hair.

11. Tie Your Hair Into A Bow

If you’re into the coquette aesthetic, this hairstyle would be so adorable for prom. Instead of adding a bow to your hair, you could just make your hair into a bow! It looks so pretty.

12. Fairy Flower Hairstyle


This is definitely the most elaborate hairstyle idea on this list, and unless you’re insanely good at doing hair, you will probably have to have this done by a professional if you want to do this look. It would be so gorgeous as a prom hairstyle though, and you’d probably be the only one there with your hair like this because it’s so unique!

13. Loose Updo

A wispy updo like this would be really pretty. It gives such a romantic vibe! An updo like this would be great if your dress has a neckline that you don’t want to cover with your hair.

14. Slick Back Updo

This is a really cute hairstyle if you wanna go for more of a Y2K/ insta baddie type vibe for your prom hair.

15. Flipped Out Ends Hairstyle

If you’re not wanting to do a curly hairstyle but still want it to have a bit of ~oomph~, you could do a look like this where the ends are flipped out!

16. Ponytail With Bow

This is another hairstyle that would be so easy to do yourself. You’d just have to curl your hair, put it in a high pony, and then add the bow!

This post was all about the cutest prom hairstyles.

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