16 Insanely Cute Graduation Picture Outfits For The Best Pics EVER

It can be hard to know what graduation picture outfits to wear when you’re preparing to take your grad pics. Here are some off the cutest graduation picture outfit ideas to wear!

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graduation picture outfits

If you’re getting ready to take grad pics, you’re probably looking for graduation picture outfits.

There are a lot of really cute outfit/ dress ideas you could wear for senior pictures. Here are some of the absolute cutest ones to wear this year!

This post is all about the CUTEST graduation picture outfits.

1. White Ruffle Dress


A white dress with ruffles at the top would be so classy for graduation pics! This dress looks so flattering as well.

2. Red Dress

If you want to do something a little more bold, you could go with a red dress! This would be even better if red is in your school colors.

3. White Spaghetti Strap Dress


A white strapless dress like this is the perfect simple grad pic outfit! It would look so good under a graduation gown as well.

4. White Pant Suit

If you’re not wanting to wear a dress for graduation pictures, a pant suit like this would be super cute to wear instead!

5. School Sweatshirt And Jeans

This is another super cute option if you don’t want to wear anything fancy. A school sweatshirt with jeans would make for such good pictures. This would work for high school or college grad pics! If you’re doing high school senior pics, you could also wear a sweatshirt of the college that you’re going to attend!

6. Pink Cap And Gown

I am absolutely obsessed with this graduation picture outfit idea! It would be SO amazing. You can get a pink cap and gown like this on amazon!

7. White Bow Dress

A dress like this would be so lovely for grad pics. It’s so feminine, pretty, flowy, and delicate!

8. Flowy White Dress


A dress like this would be so cute for any aesthetic, but especially for a boho aesthetic. I also absolutely love this picture in the water!

9. Poofy White Dress

This is the type of dress I really wanted to wear for my graduation pictures! The brand Selkie has a lot of really cute poofy dresses like this. It’s just too cute!

10. Black Dress

This is another amazing classy graduation picture outfit idea. A dress like this would be so chic and would also look amazing under a grad gown!

11. White Bustier Dress

This is the cutest baddie graduation picture outfit idea ever! You could wear a bustier/ corset dress, or you could wear a bustier/ corset top with a bodycon skirt!

12. Black Dress With A Bow In Your Hair

I love black and white for graduation pictures, and this idea would be so cute for a coquette-type aesthetic! Hair bows are super trendy right now, so it would be really cute to wear one for graduation pictures.

13. Floral Maxi Dress

This is a perfect cottagecore vibe outfit for senior pics! A dress like this would be so lovely to wear.

14. Jersey

This is another cute casual outfit idea to wear for graduation pictures! Wearing a jersey from your school would make for such fun pictures.

15. Scrubs

Scrubs would be so cute to wear for nursing graduation pictures or any other kind of medical grad pics.

16. Red Maxi Dress

This is another super cute red dress idea for grad pics. Maxi dresses are so pretty to wear for graduation and graduation pictures.

This post was all about super cute graduation picture outfits.

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