Everything You Need To Sell On Depop | 11 Products That Will Make Your Life As A Depop Seller So Much Easier

Are you wanting to sell on Depop? Here are some things that you need for your shop that will make your life so much easier.

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When I first started to sell on Depop, I had no idea where to even start. I had no clue of the things I would need for my shop, and pretty soon I figured out there were a ton of different things I needed to help my shop run smoothly that I hadn’t even thought about.

I’ve been selling on Depop for a year and a half, and these are some things that have my life as a Depop seller MASSIVELY easier and have helped my shop be successful.

If you want to start selling on Depop, these are some things that will make your shop run smoothly and help you have a thriving Depop shop.

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This post is all about the products that you need before you start to sell on Depop.

Everything You Need To Sell On Depop

1. Scale For Weighing Clothes And Packages

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When making a listing, whether you’re using Depop’s shipping or your own, you’ll need to input the weight of your item. Having a scale to weigh your items with will make your life SO much easier, and it will help you avoid the headache of putting in the wrong shipping weight and getting in trouble with Depop about it (coming from someone who has done just that).

2. Printer OR Label Printer

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You’re also going to need a way to print off shipping labels. I use a normal printer that I already had at home when I started, but I have heard amazing things from other sellers about the Rollo label printer and might just upgrade to that soon.

If you’re hard pressed for cash, you can also go somewhere, like your local library or school, that offers free printing. I had to do this a few times, but if you’re selling pretty consistently it is honestly a big hassle to have to leave your house to print a label. So, if you have the money for it, I would definitely recommend investing in a printer.

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3. Measuring Tape

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Putting measurements in your Depop listings is super important so that buyers will be able to know if an item will actually fit them. It is especially important if you’re selling vintage or thrifted clothes.

When I first started out, I used the “measure” app on my phone to take measurements. This can be a good way to do it if you don’t have money to spend on extra things.

However, since then, I’ve been using a tape measurer to get measurements. It is SO much easier to use because the measure app can be pretty finicky. I’ve also found that it is a lot more accurate than the measure app. They’re honestly pretty cheap too, so if you have a few dollars to spare, I would recommend investing in one.

4. Packing supplies

You’re going to need packing supplies in order to ship packages. You can buy some supplies or reuse boxes. Here are a few Depop packaging ideas.

Cute Depop Packaging Ideas

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Having cute packaging makes it a lot more likely that you will get a good review. I like to use eco-friendly mailers (also, these are the ones I use but I didn’t know they came in pink!!! Aren’t they the cutest? I’m gonna have to go snatch some up), cute tissue paper, and twine to make my packages look super cute.

Other Packing Supplies

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Additionally, if you reuse boxes, you’re going to need some packing tape to tape them shut for shipping. I like to make all of my packages look cute, so if I’m reusing old boxes, I’ll use these markers to draw cute designs all over the box.

Thank You Cards

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Thank you cards are something you can do for your packages to take them above and beyond. It’s such a nice personal touch to add to an order. These thank you cards are so adorable and would be perfect for Depop packaging.

OR Make Your Own

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If you don’t feel like spending the money on thank you cards, you could also make your own. I personally make my own by using water color paper and paints, and then I’ll just cut the paper into cards and write the thank you note using a pen.

Freebie Ideas

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The last thing you can do to really take your depop packaging above and beyond is to add freebies. I think adding freebies is such a nice thing to do and really adds to the experience of opening a package. I personally add freebies to every order.

For my freebies, I use these little drawstring bags, and I usually like to include some cute stickers and some plastic wrapped candy (if you do candy make sure it is individually wrapped for hygiene purposes and so it won’t melt on the clothes). Recently I’ve been adding these super cute squishies to every order, too.

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5. Lint Roller

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A lint roller is essential if you’re selling clothes on Depop. Nobody wants to buy clothes and have them come in the mail covered in pet hair and fuzz.

6. Fuzz Remover

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You know those little fuzz balls that sometimes form on clothes in the dryer that you can never get off? This device is for removing those. I personally don’t have this yet, but I have heard really great things from people who use this for their shops.

7. Inventory Storage

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Something that I didn’t think about when starting my Depop shop was inventory storage. I didn’t realize how fast the inventory would build up or that clothes could take up so much space. I can’t tell you how many times I got so anxious because I sold something and had no idea where it was because I didn’t have a space for inventory storage.

So, I would definitely recommend getting some shelving or some other kind of storage. I use plastic totes because I already had some, but I’d definitely recommend shelving of some sort. When I sell something I have to dig through the whole tote and it is a pain. Totes can be a good option if you’re wanting to save money, though!

8. Stain Remover

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought something for my shop after looking it over thinking it had no damages, only to get home and realize it’s stained. I’d definitely recommend getting a stain remover stick, especially if you’re going to be selling fragile things that you can’t just throw in the wash.

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9. Sewing Kit

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Along with stains, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listed an item after looking it over and seeing no flaws, only to sell it and realize it had tiny holes that I didn’t see the first time. I would recommend having a sewing kit on hand for quick repairs if you’re selling clothes.

10. Backdrop

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Having a clear background in your Depop photos is really important so you don’t pull attention from the clothes. There are a bunch of different ways you can do this. You can use a blank wall or hang a sheet, but the easiest way to get a good background for your pics is with a backdrop.

I personally hang a sheet up to take my pictures, but it is a hassle. Having a backdrop you can just pull down whenever you need it would make your life way easier.

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11. Tripod Ring Light

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When I first started my Depop, I really, really struggled with getting the right angles for my photos, along with getting the right lighting. I would literally prop my phone on my window, set it on a self-timer, and then it would fall down every other picture. It was SO frustrating.

My world became a much happier place when I finally budged and invested in a tripod with a ring light. It also comes with a bluetooth remote that you can take pictures with. It has seriously made my life so much easier, and I wish I would have bought it sooner.

This post was all about everything you need in order to sell on Depop.

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