22 Trendiest Birthday Cake Ideas To Try This Year

If your birthday is coming up, you’re probably looking for cute birthday cake ideas for your big day. Here are the absolute cutest and trendiest birthday cakes you should definitely try for your bday this year.

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birthday cake ideas

One of the most exciting parts of planning your birthday (or someone else’s) is looking for cute birthday cake ideas. There are so many insanely good trends when it comes to birthday cakes this year.

Whether you’re planning your own birthday cake or someone else’s, after you read this post you’ll have so many cute ideas for birthday cakes.

This post is all about the cutest birthday cake ideas.

1. Fairy Garden Cake

This birthday cake idea is so pretty. It’s perfect for people who like the fairycore aesthetic. If you want to try recreating this cake at home, you’ll need some edible butterflies like these!

2. Lucky Charms Cake


This is such a cute cake idea, and it wouldn’t be too hard to recreate yourself! You’d need to get a pack of Lucky Charms only marshmallows.

3. Dreamy Cake

A cake like this would be so cute for someone who loves pastels! I would be so obsessed if this was my birthday cake.

4. Coquette Heart Cake

The coquette aesthetic has been super popular recently, and so have heart cakes. This would be such a cute cake idea for someone who is really girly.

5. Ribbon Cake

Ribbons and bows have also been super trendy recently. This cake would be super classy to do as a birthday cake! It would be super easy to DIY a look similar to this one by adding some satin ribbon to the cake yourself.

6. Zodiac Sign Cake

I’ve seen so many people doing zodiac themed cakes for their birthdays recently. My best friend actually did one for her birthday last year that said “gemini baby.”

If you want to recreate this cake at home, you’ll need a mold like this! Then, you can fill the mold with chocolate, fondant, etc to make the letters!

7. Pretty Rose Cake

I am obsessed with this cake! It would be perfect for someone who likes pink.

This cake stand would be so cute to display it on! In the reviews it looks a little more pink than in the picture.

8. Tiara Cake

This cake would be so cute if you’re going for princess vibes! If you want to copy this cake at home, you’ll need a crown cake topper like this one!

9. Vintage Heart Cake

I love the look of this cake! It reminds me of vintage floral fabric and of the little flowers that used to be sewn onto everything in the 2000s. Too cute!

10. That Girl Cake

I love the sparkly look of this cake! If you want to get a similar effect at home, you’ll need some edible glitter and a cake duster like this one!

11. “Older, Wiser, And Hotter Than Ever” Cake

I’ve been seeing this saying for birthday cakes a lot lately, and it is so cute! You’ll need a mold to make the words for the cake at home.

12. Eclectic Cake

I am obsessed with this cake! It reminds me of Howl’s bedroom from Howl’s Moving Castle.

If you want to do a cake like this, you’ll need some squiggly candles and some fake (or real) pastel baby’s breath flowers!

13. Mini Hearts Cake

I’ve seen so many people obsessing over things with this tiny heart aesthetic. I saw someone on tiktok who had sheets with this print, and everyone in the comments was freaking out asking where they got them. So, needless to say, this design is really trendy right now. It’s so cute and dainty!

14. Floral Cake

This cake would be so pretty to recreate for a birthday cake! I’m not entirely sure what kind of flowers they decorated the cake with, but you could probably get a similar look with a pack of fake flowers like these.

15. Calendar Cake

This is such a unique birthday cake idea! I’ve never seen anyone do this before, but it is so cute! It would be absolutely perfect to do for a birthday cake.

16. Sprinkle Cake

This is such a minimalistic, but cute, cake idea! The sprinkles make it so adorable. To recreate it, you’d need some rainbow sprinkles and rainbow cake letters.

17. Sunset Cloud Cake

This is another dreamy cake idea I am absolutely obsessed with! I actually might recreate this for my birthday this year. The clouds are giving me life.

18. Doodle Cake

A doodle cake like this is so cute and it would be so easy to recreate at home! The good thing about a cake like this is that it wouldn’t matter if the doodles are a little messy! You could honestly probably recreate this design by putting some frosting into a ziplock bag, cutting one of the corners off, and drawing on the little designs like that.

19. Funny Cake

I have been seeing recreations of this cake EVERYWHERE and they are HILARIOUS. The worse the frog looks, the funnier they are. This would be so funny to do as a birthday cake.

20. Popart Cake

This gives me total 2000s vibes! I’m obsessed. This wouldn’t be too hard to decorate at home.

21. Geode Cake

Geode cakes are so pretty and would be so perfect for someone who likes crystals! It might be best to leave this kind of cake to the professionals, but if you want to recreate it at home, you’d probably need some rock candy and blue (or whatever color you want the geode to be) food dye.

I’m sure there are tutorials online that could show you how to DIY this kind of cake.

22. Watercolor Cake

This is another cute cake design that would be super easy to do at home! You’d just need some different colors of frosting (whichever colors you want for the design). You’d just put a blob down and smear it with a knife, spoon, or whatever cake making utensil you have on hand that would work.

This post was all about the best birthday cake ideas for this year.

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