35+ Christmas Gifts For College Boys He Actually Wants

If you’re wondering “what do you get a college boy for christmas,” here are the best christmas gifts for college boys that they will really use!

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christmas gifts for college boys

It is no secret that some boys can be so hard to shop for gifts for, so if you’re christmas shopping for a college guy, you’re probably wondering what Christmas gifts for college boys to get.

After being in college and being around lots of college boys, I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of good gifts for college guys.

Here are some of the best gift ideas college boys will love!

This post is all about the best christmas gifts for college boys.

The Best Christmas Gifts For College Boys

1. Yeti Mug

Every college student needs a reusable cup to take to class with them. Yetis are super high quality! Plus, college students need a cup that won’t leak if they have to put it in their backpack, and the reviews say this is leakproof.

2. Reusable Notebook

I am so obsessed with this gift idea for college guys. It’s a notepad with reusable pages that you can scan into an app.

Not only is this so cool because it’s eco friendly, it’s also really cool because it’ll be so convenient to be able to store and organize the notes on an app, and it will also save them money on notebooks if they don’t have a tablet to take notes on!

Overall, I think it’s such a cool and innovative idea, and would be such a cool gift to recieve.

3. Phone Charging Pad

My roommate and my dad both have one of these and use them all the time. There is just something about the ease of just being able to lay your phone on the charger that appeals to men.

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4. Apple Airtag

An apple airtag is the perfect gift for someone who is always losing things. You can put the airtag in a keychain and attach it to things you lose frequently, like your keys, and then track it from your phone if you have an iphone.

5. Gaming Headset

Every boy who I know that is a gamer has wanted a headset as a gift at some point. My brother is always wanting new and better headsets.

If your college guy is a gamer without one of these, he would probably love to receive one as a gift.

6. Cologne

I feel like cologne is something most guys need and will use, but for some reason won’t buy for themselves.

I’ve heard really great things about this cologne– it has really great reviews on amazon! My roommate doesn’t have this one but has a different Versace cologne and it smells really nice, so I’m sure this one is just as good.

7. LED Lights

Every boy I know has some form of LED lights like these decorating their space. I feel like you can never have enough of these because you could always decorate more things with them.

If you want to help your college boy decorate his space, he would probably love some of these lights!

8. Craft Beer Making Kit

This is such a cool gift idea if your boy is into beer! It’s a kit where they can make their own craft beer.

I feel like it would be so much fun to receive a gift like this one.

9. Amazon Echo

A speaker is something every college boy could use. And amazon echos are super useful because of the capabilities like voice commands.

My boyfriend has an echo and he’s set up the smart home settings on it and he can walk into his room and say “echo, turn mood lighting on” and it turns on all the ambient lighting in his room at once. It’s SO cool.

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10. Amazon Prime Membership

If your college boy uses Amazon and doesn’t have a prime membership already, getting him a subscription would be the perfect gift. Every college student I know uses amazon a TON.

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11. Wallet

Every man I know will use a wallet until it is literally falling apart. I’m sure getting the jump on a new one for them before that happens would be greatly appreciated! Having a backup wallet would be pretty useful, too.

12. Kindle Paperwhite

My Kindle paperwhite is one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received. My boyfriend has one and loves his, too.

It is super useful for college students (especially ones who don’t have a tablet already) because they can get their textbooks on it. It’s also just a good gift generally for people who like to read.

13. Pocket Knife

When I think about gifts for boys I always think of pocket knives for some reason. They’re a super practical thing to have, especially if your guy is outdoorsy.

14. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If your guy likes cold brew this is such a good gift idea! This has such good reviews.

15. Apple Watch

An apple watch is a great gift for people who are into fitness or who like to be really connected to their notifications all the time.

You can hook it up to your phone and get notifications on it and all kinds of other cool features.

16. Nice Watch

This is another gift that I feel like most guys won’t buy for themselves but will probably wear. I feel like every guy needs a nice watch!

17. Drone

My dad and my brother both got drones as Christmas gifts, and they were both obsessed. It’s something most guys would be absolutely thrilled to have and play around with.

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18. Lap Desk

This is a great gift for someone who likes to do homework/work on the couch or in bed!

19. Carhartt Beanie Or Jacket

A beanie and jacket like this would be perfect to keep warm when walking to classes in the colder months.

I feel like beanies and coats are the same as wallets for guy in the fact that they’ll use them until they’re crumbling. So new ones would probably be so appreciated!

20. Back Warmer

I bought this after seeing it on tik tok and oh my goodness, one of the best purchases I’ve EVER made. It’s a heating pad that covers your entire back and neck and is weighted on the neck and shoulder part.

This would be a perfect gift for a college student because of how much they sit on their computers and are hunched over studying.

Seriously, I would buy this 100 more times. It’s that good.

21. Airpods

When I was in college I debated investing in airpods for a while before I actually did it, but when I did they were so much better than my wired headphones!

They’re so convenient for walking to class or studying.

22. Portable Charger

A portable charger is always good to have. A college guy could carry it in his school bag, keep it in his car, take it with him when he goes out, etc.

23. Oculus (VR Headset)

My brother got one of these for Christmas one year and he is obsessed. If your guy is a gamer he would probably love one of these.

This is definitely more of a splurge/ luxury gift for college boys.

24. Multitool

A multitool is a super practical gift idea for a guy. Everyone needs to have one of these on hand. This is good especially for college because of the limited space and the fact that they probably wouldn’t be able to bring a toolbox.

25. Hammock

So many people like to hang hammocks on campus during the warmer months to study and hang out on campus. If your guy doesn’t already have a hammock this is an amazing gift! I got a hammock before I went to college and I used it all the time.

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26. Ipad

This is another more expensive gift idea, but it is something a college guy will definitely get use out of.

I broke down and bought myself an ipad in college after saving up, and it was probably the #1 most useful thing I bought for college. I used it for everything from dowloading and reading textbooks to taking notes in class.

It made it so I didn’t have to carry any heavy books or notebooks in my backpack. I would just bring my ipad and my macbook and I was good to go!

If you want to get your college guy one for christmas to use for school I would recommend getting an apple pencil to go with it as well so he can use it to take notes!

27. Slippers

I don’t know that I’ve ever met a guy who has bought a pair of slippers for himself. I feel like every guy I know who has slippers got them as a gift. This is something they probably won’t buy for themselves but will definitely get use out of!

28. Go Pro

A gopro would be an amazing gift for someone who likes to travel or do certain kinds of sports!

29. Duffel Bag

A duffel bag is something else I feel like boys will use until it falls apart. They would definitely get use out of a new one whether it was for traveling, packing to come home, or going to the gym!

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30. Grooming Kit

A grooming kit is something most guys should have, but it’s another thing they probably won’t buy for themselves if they’re in college.

31. Massage Gun

A massage gun is something anyone would be happy to get as a gift. These are especially good for college students because of the back and neck pain from studying. It would especially be good for people who are into fitness, too!

32. Laptop Case

A laptop is pretty much essential for college, and I feel like I have not seen very many college boys who have a case on theirs. It’s something they definitely need and probably don’t already have!

33. Socks & Boxers

Socks and boxers are yet another thing that I feel like college boys just do not think to buy for themselves. They are probably due for some new ones.

34. Belt

A nice belt is like a nice watch in the fact that it is just a good thing for a guy to have if he needs to dress up for something. This would be a good gift idea if he’s in a frat and has to dress up for stuff a lot.

35. Nice Backpack

Every college student needs a backpack or two for college. Even if your guy already has a backpack it might be nice for him to have a backup or an upgrade!

36. Luggage

If your college guy lives far away from home and has to travel to and from college, this is the perfect gift idea. It’s a good gift for travelling in general, though!

This post was all about the best Christmas gifts for college boys.

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