36 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts For College Girls She’ll Be Obsessed With

If you’re starting to do Christmas shopping for this year, you might be looking for christmas gifts for college girls. As a recent college grad, I’m here to give you all the best christmas gifts for college girl!!

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christmas gifts for college girls

If you’re close to a girl who is in college, you’re probably looking for ideas for christmas gifts for college girls. It can be hard to know what a college girl will like, but as a girl who is a recent college grad, I’ve got you covered with the best gift ideas any college girl will love!

In this post I’ve gathered some of the absolute best college girl gifts, and after you read this you’ll have some amazing christmas ideas for college girl!

This post is all about christmas gifts for college girls.

The Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls She’s Sure To Love

Top Picks

Best Overall: Beetles At Home Gel Nail Kit

Best Cozy Gift: Ugg Fluff Yeah Slippers

Top Budget Friendly: Dyson Airwrap Dupe

Best Thoughtful Gift: 5 Year Memory Journal

Best Practical: Topume Wireless Charging Auto Clamping Phone Mount

1. Light Therapy Lamp

christmas gifts for college girl 2021

This is the PERFECT gift idea for anyone who gets seasonal depression in the winter time. It’s a therapy lamp that can be a good replacement to sunlight in the winter months!

2. Fjallraven Backpack

christmas gifts for college students 2020

This brand of backpacks is super popular amongst college students. They’re super cute and high quality and are the perfect gift!

3. Kindle Paperwhite

college student gift

I got a kindle paperwhite for my birthday last year while I was still in college and it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received!! I’ve used other e-readers before and they’re really no match. The screen on this one looks like paper, and it is super lightweight and easy to use. Perfect for girls who like to read!! (Speaking from experience).

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

gift college student

Any college student would appreciate a pair of noise cancelling headphones. One, because they’re cool and awesome to listen to music on, and two, because college campuses are really noisy places, and noise cancelling headphones can really help with tuning out the noise when studying!

The new Apple Airpods Max are SUPER popular and trendy right now, and most college girls would probably love to get them as a gift, but they are a little on the pricy side. If you want a dupe, these headphones look pretty similar! The quality won’t be as good, but they’re the same aesthetically!

5. Smartphone Picture Printer

gift for college student

I always recommend this as a gift for college girls because it is so cool! It’s a photo printer that you can easily print pictures from your phone on. It’s the perfect gift for college girls who like to have physical pictures and it’s a great way to keep college memories.

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6. Phone/ Tablet Stand

college gifts for girls

A lot of college students watch videos/ Netflix on their phones or tablets. A stand like this one is the perfect gift idea so they can enjoy handsfree watching!

7. 5 Year Memory Journal

gifts for college girls

I received one of these memory journals at the beginning of college and it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received! You write one line a day for 5 years and then you can look back and see what you were doing every day and all the memories you made over that time period! Seriously such a good gift for college students!

8. Essential Oil Diffuser

college girl gifts

An essential oil diffuser is a great gift idea. Essential oils can help with stress, make a room smell better, etc. This one is super cute because it’s ceramic, so it can double as room decor!

9. Cloud Ariana Grande

gift for college girl

This perfume has been alllllll over the internet this year because of how good it smells, and I can personally attest to this because I have it myself and wear it almost every day. It is such a good perfume and is really well priced for how nice it is!

10. Gel Nail Kit

christmas ideas for college girl
great gifts for college girl

One of the best things I ever bought myself was stuff to do my nails at home. Any college girl who likes to get her nails done would be OBSESSED with this. It’s pretty easy to learn how to use it, and it saves you TONS of money on getting your nails done at the salon.

11. Gift Cards

christmas gifts for her
christmas gifts for college students
christmas gifts for college students 2021

Gift cards are a great gift idea if you don’t really know what to get someone. Most college students would enjoy amazon and starbucks gift cards, and a visa gift card is a great option because they could use it anywhere!

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12. Moon Lamp

college gift for girl

Moon lamps are super cute and trendy and are great for creating a relaxing ambience.

13. Back Rest Pillow

college student christmas gift

I still use the back pillow I got my freshman year of college. College students do lots of stuff in bed, like homework, watching TV, etc. A back pillow is great because it lets you sit up in bed while still being comfy.

14. Wireless Headphones

christmas gifts for college students

Another thing that I swear by for college is wireless headphones. I splurged on some airpods while I was in school and it was one of the best things ever!! They’re really great quality and insanely convenient since you just pop them out of the case and put them in your ears.

15. Ugg Fluff Yeah Slippers

christmas gifts for college girls ideas

I got these for my birthday last year, and oh my goodness I’ve never worn a pair of shoes more. They are so warm and comfy and I’m totally obsessed.

16. Hydroflask

gift for college students girl

For some reason hydroflasks have a cult following on college campuses. 99% of the girls walking around on campus have one of these things. I personally don’t have one so I can’t attest to the quality, but I know a lot of people who do have them, so they must be good!!

Reusable water bottles in general are a must have for college students so they can stay hydrated in class.

17. Apple Watch

luxury gifts for college girl

If your college girl has all apple everything, this is a great gift idea for her.

18. Baseball Cap

college girl gifts 2021

I’ve seen this hat everywherrre this year. It’s super cute and trendy and would be the perfect gift for a college girl. Plus it’s under $30!

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19. Comfy PJ set

college girl gifts 2022

A satin pj set is a great luxurious gift idea for girls who like to be really comfy and put together. This one is under $30 as well!

20. Satin Pillow Case

gifts for 19 year old female college student

I have these pillow cases myself and can attest to how great they are! They’re really comfy, look really cute on my bed, and help my skin and hair stay healthy.

21. Apple Air Tag

gift ideas for 20 year old female college student

An apple airtag is a great gift idea for any girl who loses things pretty often. You can put these on your keys, your dog, your purse, etc, and you can track them from your phone if you ever lose the objects! My last roommate had one that she kept on her keys.

22. Cute School Supplies

best college girl christmas gifts
gifts for college girl graduates
christmas gifts for college girls ideas 2021

Cute school supplies like these are another awesome gift idea for college girls!!

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23. Polaroid Camera

christmas gifts for college girls ideas 2022

Like I said earlier when I was talking about the photo printer, it is so nice to be able to print off pictures of memories when in college! Polaroid cameras like this are super popular amongst college girls.

24. Laneige Lip Balm

christmas gifts for college girls 2022

This is my FAVORITE lip balm ever. It has been all over the internet this year, and is definitely worth the hype. I am obsessed with lip balm and have tried so many different ones in my life, but this one takes the cake for sure. It’s a little pricy but it lasts a really long time!!! And it tastes amazing. I’d buy it again and again and again.

25. Dyson Air Wrap

christmas gifts for college graduates

Cheaper Option

christmas gifts for college girls ideas dorm room

The dyson airwrap is another thing that’s been all over the internet lately and is a cult favorite that any college girl would probably be ecstatic to get as a gift. It is prettyyyyyy pricy though. This is a dupe that has great reviews and is under $60!

26. Cozy Blanket

christmas gifts for college grads

You can never have too many cozy throw blankets so this would make a great gift!

27. Weighted Blanket

christmas gifts for college girls ideas friends

My weighted blanket really got me through the stress and anxieties of college. I got it as a Christmas gift when I was a junior and I was obsessed with it from there on out. It’s a great gift for college students because it can really help with the stress and anxieties that come with college life!

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28. Gratitude Journal

college girl christmas gifts

Yet another thing I’ve been seeing all over the internet! This gratitude journal is super popular for helping with mindfulness and positivity.

29. Wireless Auto Clamping Phone Charging Mount

college student christmas gifts

This is something I have on my own personal wishlist this year. It’s a car mount for your phone that automatically clamps it and wirelessly charges your phone while it’s on it! Insanely cool and also really cute!

30. Gold Jewelry

college christmas gifts
christmas gifts girls college
christmas gifts for girls in college

Gold jewelry is another thing that is really trendy right now. Adding it to any outfit makes the outfit look so much nicer and more put together! It’s something any college girl would appreciate.

31. Bubble Candle

college care package ideas for girls christmas gifts

Decorative candles like this one are a really popular piece of home decor right now and would look cute in any room!

32. Cozy Socks

christmas gifts for college age girls ideas

You can never go wrong with cozy socks! These would be the perfect gift for the cold winter months.

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33. Coloring Book

christmas gifts for girls going to college

Coloring books can be a great way to relieve stress in college! This one is fantasy themed and is really cute.

34. Olaplex Hair Treatment

bags for college girls student christmas gifts

Everyone has been raaaving about how good olaplex is for your hair. It’s an amazing gift idea!

35. Dior Lip Oil

gifts for college girls ideas

This is another thing that is on my personal wishlist this year! I’ve heard such amazing things about this Dior lip oil. I’ve seen videos of people using it and it looks so pretty and nice!!! I’d be so happy to get this as a gift, so I’m sure other college girls would be too.

36. Claw Clips

christmas list ideas college girl

Claw clips are another thing that is really trendy right now. This neutral variety pack is so cute and stylish and would be a great gift.

This post was all about amazing christmas gifts for college girls.

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