Insanely Cute College Class Outfits Guaranteed To Make You The Best Dressed In Your Classes

Looking for cute college class outfits to wear to your classes? Here are some insanely cute outfit ideas to help you figure out what to wear to college classes.

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college class outfits

If you’re a soon to be or current college student, you might be looking for college class outfits. If you’ve not been to college before, it can be hard to know how to dress for college classes.

I recently graduated college, so I’m here to help you figure out what to wear for college classes!! Most colleges don’t have specific dress codes that I know of (mine didn’t at least), but be sure to check the dress code if your school has one so you know what you can and can’t wear to class!

If your college doesn’t have a dress code you can wear whatever. These are some insanely cute outfit ideas that would be amazing to wear to class.

After you read this post you’ll have so many ideas for cute outfits to wear to school!!

This post is all about college class outfits.

The Cutest College Class Outfits To Wear To Your Classes

Summer/ Warm Weather Outfits

1. Shorts with a Jean Jacket and Tote

Recreate This Outfit:

college class outfits 2022
university class outfit

Wearing some cute shorts with a jean jacket and a tote bag is the perfect warm weather class outfit idea. It is super casual while still looking really cute and nice, and totes are usually big enough to carry your laptop and other school supplies in, so they’re the perfect alternative to taking a backpack to class.

2. Biker Shorts With An Oversized Tshirt

Recreate This Outfit Idea:

college girl outfits 2022
casual college outfits

Biker shorts are insanely trendy right now and they’re super cute and comfy. Pairing them with a big tee, a claw clip, sunglasses, a purse, and nike socks and sneakers is the perfect casual outfit idea! It’s very laid back while still looking really put together.

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3. Cute Set

Recreate This Outfit:

what to wear to college everyday
college outfits summer

Matching sets are the perfect option for lazy days if you still want to look nice and put together. A white lightweight set like this is perfect for warm weather!

4. Neutrals

Recreate This Fit:

college wear dress for girl
fall college outfits

Here is another option for the biker short/ tshirt combo!! Looks super cute and clean. I love how she paired it with gold jewelry and a cap!

5. Tshirt And Jeans

Recreate This Outfit:

college outfit
college outfits

Jeans and a tee can also be a really good option for warm weather outfits. I’m obsessed with these jeans and this purse!! To recreate this look you’ll need those two things plus a comfy graphic tee and some white sneakers.

6. Bucket Hat

Shop This Outfit:

what to wear to college classes

Bucket hats are super cute and trendy for warm weather, and they’re also amazing at hiding bad hair days. This is an especially great option for the summer because your hair might get sweaty on your walk to class and a bucket hat will cover it up!!

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7. Midi Skirt

Shop This Outfit Idea:

outfits for college
fashion in college

Slip skirts are another clothing item that is super trendy right now. I couldn’t find the exact light green slip the girl is wearing in the picture, but this dark green slip skirt is super similar and would also be insanely cute!!

8. Skirt and Sneakers

Recreate This Outfit:

college fashion
university class outfit

This combo is soooooo cute. I am obsessed with how they dressed it down and made it more casual by wearing platform sneakers like these!

9. Summer Dress

Shop This Outfit Idea:

college girl outfit

Summer dresses can also be a really cute option for warm weather class outfits. A babydoll dress like this would look so classy to wear to class and wouldn’t be too revealing if you wanna keep your class outfits more modest!

10. Tshirt and Skirt

Recreate This Outfit:

college girl outfits
college outfits for girl

I loooooove tiered flowy skirts like this! I just love this look altogether really. To recreate it you’ll need a tiered skirt, a graphic baby tee, a tote bag, and some gladiator sandals like these!!

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Fall Outfits

11. Crewneck And Jeans

Recreate This College Outfit:

cute college outfits
cute outfit ideas for school

Jeans and a crewneck are the perfect casual cold weather college class outfit! This nike crewneck and these Levi’s straight leg jeans would be perfect for recreating this outfit.

12. Corduroy Jacket

Recreate This Fit:

cute outfits to wear to school

Corduroy jackets are perfect for fall!! I have a few corduroy jackets/ flannels and I am obsessssed, I wanna buy a hundred more. They’re comfy and cute while still being warm! This burnt orange/ tan colored one would be really cute to wear to class in the fall.

13. Plaid Jacket

Shop This Outfit:

cute outfits for college
college wears

I tried so hard to find the exact jacket from the pic because I love it but I couldn’t find it!! I did find this one though which is pretty similar and would pull off the same look. To recreate this look you’ll need a long plaid jacket and these Beats headphones (or knockoffs)!! Wearing headphones like this has become super trendy all of the sudden.

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14. Pleated Skirt and Turtleneck

Recreate This Look:

what do college students wear
what do you wear to class in college
what should i wear to my first day of college classes

This outfit is so cute and feminine!! Perfect if you like dressing girly. You’ll need a lettuce hem mockneck top like this one, a pleated skirt, and a fluffy sherpa coat like this one.

15. Patterned Tights

Recreate This Outfit:

how to dress class
outfit inspo for school

Patterned tights are soooo cute for fall. They look super classy and they’ll keep your legs warm on your walk to class!

16. Leggings and a Flannel

Shop This Outfit:

college outfits ideas
first day of college outfit

Leggings and a plaid flannel are a super common thing to wear to college classes in the fall. It’s a super comfy combo and looks really cute too!

17. Flare Pants

Recreate This Class Outfit:

clothing for college students
college student outfits

This is a really cute and warm comfy outfit for going to class in the fall. You can pair some flare pants like this with literally so many things. Definitely one of the best college outfit essentials!!

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18. Sweater Tied Over Shoulders

Recreate This Fall Outfit:

college class outfits summer
college class outfits winter

Tying a sweater over your shoulders like this takes what would otherwise be a lazy outfit to a whole new elevated level! It makes you look so classy and expensive. To recreate this look you’ll need a knit sweater like this one!!

Winter Outfits

19. Turtleneck, Faux Leather Leggings, and Combat Boots

Shop This Outfit:

college class outfits comfy
college class outfits 2021
college class outfits fall

Grey and black outfits are perfect for winter. I really love this combo of the long grey turtleneck sweater, the faux leather leggings, and chunky combat boots!

20. Puffer Coat

Recreate This Outfit:

college class outfits summer casual
college class outfits lazy days

Puffer coats like this are insanely cute and warm. They’re perfect for walking to class in in the winter. Seriously my whole life changed when I got one because they are so warm. To recreate this look you’ll need a tan one like this and a black turtleneck!

21. Cute Scarf

Recreate This Look:

college class outfits warm weather
classy college class outfits

I think this combo of icy blue and white is soooooooo pretty. The way that she accessorized by adding a blue claw clip to her coat is genius tbh.

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22. Long Houndstooth Coat

Shop This Look:

college outfit essentials

I looked so hard for a long tan houndstooth coat like this one on Amazon, but this black and white one is the closest I could find!! A houndstooth coat is a winter staple if you like to look super classy. I thrifted one last year and wearing it makes me feel so fancy.

23. White/ Cream Outfit

Recreate This Look:

college outfits for girls
college outfit ideas
college outfits 2022

White/ cream colored outfits are perfect winter college class outfits. To recreate this outfit you’ll need a white turtleneck, a fluffy white coat, and some cream and tan booties like these!

24. Hoodie Under a Long Coat

Copy This Look:

college outfits summer
college outfits for ladies

The way that she added boots and a long coat to what is otherwise a comfy outfit (leggings and a hoodie) is so smart! This is perfect for class if you want to be cozy during lectures while still being better dressed than all your classmates. 😉

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25. Long Puffer

Recreate This Class Outfit:

college outfits pinterest

Like I said earlier, you NEED a puffer coat for winter if you’re going to be walking to class at all. This long white one is super cute and would go with so many things!!

26. Dress with Tights, Long Coat, and Boots

Recreate This Outfit:

outfit inspiration for school
first day of school outfits ideas
outfits for school summer

If you wanna get dressed up for class, an outfit like this is a great idea. Combine a black dress (or shirt and skirt), a long black coat, some patterned tights, and some knee-high boots like this and you’re good to go!!

Lazy Day/ Comfy Outfits

27. Matching Set

Copy This Outfit:

school outfit summer

This is like the warm weather version of the white summer set from earlier. Matching sets are so comfy but make you look so put together. They were my favorite to wear to classes! I always got so many compliments on my sets when I would wear them.

They’re also super low maintenance because you don’t have to pick out you shirt/ pants separately (which is my favorite part, I get decision fatigue when picking out clothes lmao).

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28. Leggings and a Crewneck with Boots

Recreate This Outfit:

school outfits for summer
school outfits summer

I am obsessed with this outfit! I really like how they combined different colors of dark brown for this. To recreate this outfit you’ll need a brown crewneck like this one and some dark brown leggings like these!

29. Lounge Set with Chunky Cardigan

Shop This Look:

casual college outfits
dresses for college

A lounge set like this, some Ugg boots, and a chunky cardigan would be so perfect for wearing to classes in the winter!

30. Leggings, a Comfy Sweater, and Comfy Socks

Recreate This Outfit:

college looks
best college outfits
summer outfits for college girl

If I was going to be in classes again this winter I would def invest in an outfit like this. It looks literally so nice and clean while still looking really comfy!!

31. Set with a Long Cardigan

Recreate This College Class Outfit:

college student outfit
what to wear in college

Another set idea!! I couldn’t find this exact set and cardigan, but the ones I linked are pretty similar and would give you the same look!!

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32. Cardigan Set with a Cute Purse

Recreate This Look:

what do college students wear
what to wear to class in college

I looove this outfit idea. Again, I couldn’t find this exact set, but to recreate this look you’ll need some ribbed flare leg pants like these and a ribbed cardigan like this!!

33. Hoodie and Biker Shorts

Copy This Outfit:

what to wear to college class
student outfit

Another biker shorts idea!! Wearing some plain back biker shorts and a grey hoodie like this with some nike socks and white sneakers would be super cute for class!

34. Oversized Tee and Sweats

Shop This Look:

college student dress

This is the outfit you’ll see like 99% of girls wearing to class all the time (at least on my college campus). Some grey sweats like this and an oversized tee make the perfect lazy day outfit for school!

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35. Fuzzy Coat with a Hat

Copy This Outfit:

how do college students dress
what do people wear in college

This is another option for how to dress up really cozy college class outfits. Pairing a set with a long coat and cap like this is a really cute idea!! Some colleges don’t allow you to have hats on in class though so be sure to check and make sure you can before wearing one!

36. Tshirt and Leggings with a Sweater

Recreate This Outfit:

how to dress as a college student

Here’s another option for tying a sweater over an outfit to make it look more put together! A white shirt/ black legging combo is a really easy class outfit idea, and adding a cream colored crewneck like this one is a great idea to dress it up! Also it will be nice to have a sweater in case you get cold in class.

This post was all about college class outfits to help you figure out what to wear to college classes.

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