The Complete College Essentials List Of Things You’ll Actually Use

Looking for a college essentials list because you’re going to college soon? Here is the complete college essentials checklist of things you should bring to college in 2024.

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college essentials list

If you’re trying to figure out what all to bring to college, you might be looking for a college essentials list. It can be really confusing to figure out what you actually need when you’re going to college for the first time.

As a recent college grad, I know everything you really need for college. Whether you’re looking for college essentials for girls, a college essentials list for class, college living essentials, or a college shopping list, I’ve got you covered with these amazon college essentials!

After this post you’ll know about everything you’ll need for college, and you’ll be super prepared to start!

This post is all about the best college essentials list.

The Best College Essentials List For 2024

Dorm Essentials

1. Bedding

college essentials for class
college essentials for girls
college essentials checklist

Dorm beds are a weird size, twin XL, so you’ll probably need to get new bedding when you’re going off to college so it’ll fit the bed! I have these satin pillow cases and they help keep my skin and hair healthy, and they’re also super comfy! I’ve also heard tons of good things about using these sheets in the dorms.

2. Mattress Pad

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Dorm beds are so uncomfortable, so a good mattress pad is a must have. This is something I would definitely invest some money in!! I started off college with a cheap thin mattress topper and ended up having to get a thicker one later on because it was still so uncomfy to sleep on. I’d recommend getting a 3-4 inch memory foam one like this one!

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3. Laundry Hamper

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A laundry hamper with handles is essential for college! You’ll have to carry it around to the on campus laundry mat or home to do your laundry, so it’s important that it has handles. This one is perfect because it is collapsible, so when you’re not using it you can collapse it to save space!

4. Desk Lamp

college essentials for commuters

My freshman year I used my desk lamp all the time to do homework when my roommate was sleeping because she went to bed before me. I’d recommend getting one because of this if you’re going to be living with a roommate! I don’t think it’s as important to get if you are going to be in a room by yourself, but it is also useful for doing homework if you’re like me and don’t like overhead lights.

5. Dorm Room Storage

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college essentials list for class
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Dorm rooms are tiny. You’ll need some extra storage options to help keep everything organized and to make sure everything has a place. When I first went to college I didn’t buy these things, but I really wished I had!!

college dorm checklist

6. Small Vacuum

college essentials laundry hamper

You’ll also need a small vacuum cleaner for your dorm room. This one is a dupe for Dyson vacuum cleaners and I’ve heard really good things about it!! It’s under $100 and is perfect if you’re like me and are obsessed with cleaning. If I were to buy a vacuum for a dorm right now, this is probably the one I would buy.

Cheaper Alternative

dorm essentials

This is a cheaper alternative to the one above if you’re not wanting to spend a lot of money on a vacuum! I’ve seen lots of people recommending this for use in the dorms. It’s under $25!

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Dorm Essentials For Girls

7. Cute Laundry Basket

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One of my fav dorm decor ideas is having a laundry hamper double as decor. This one is perfect for using while living in the dorms because it has handles so you can carry it to wherever you’re going to do laundry, but it is also really cute and can serve as an extra functional piece of decor in your dorm when you have limited space.

8. Back Pillow

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A backrest pillow is absolutely essential for college because you’ll most likely be doing homework and watching TV and such in bed at one point or another. This pink one is so cute! It’s really similar to the one I used in my dorm room (and still use 4 years later!!)

9. Full Length Mirror

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You’ll also need a full length mirror to be able to check how your full outfits look. This one is perfect for the dorms because it comes with 4 separate pieces that you can stick together wherever you want to put it, whether that’s on the wall, the back of the door, etc.

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10. Bathrobe

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A bathrobe is a must have if you’re going to be sharing your bathroom with other people. It’ll keep you from having to worry about accidentally dropping your towel when you’re walking down the hall back to your room, but it’ll also keep you warm!! This one is super cute and has pockets to hold your phone and keys. It comes in other colors too!

11. Hair Towel

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It’s a good idea to get a hair towel for college. They help your hair dry faster, which will help you save time when you’re getting ready for class or to go out. They’re also better for your hair than normal bath towels! I used my hair towel all the time when I lived in the dorms.

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College Class Essentials

12. Backpack

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For college, you’ll need a backpack that has a laptop slot, and preferably has lots of storage space to keep things organized. This one is perfect for college because not only does it have all that, it also has pockets on the side for a water bottle/ travel mug, and it also has a charging port for your phone!

13. Stapler

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You’d be surprised at how many professors make you print things out and turn them in your freshman and sophomore years of college. Most also expect you to staple assignments before turning them in, so you’ll need to keep one on hand!

14. Headphones

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College campuses can be noisy places, so it’s a good idea to always have some headphones on hand so you’ll be able to tune the noise out when you’re studying or walking to class. I loved using my Airpods when I would walk to class! My first year of college I used some wired earbuds, but they would get yanked out of my ears so often while I was walking lol. I’d recommend getting some wireless ones!

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15. Laptop

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You’ll most likely be required to have a laptop for the majority of your college classes. More and more college work is being done online these days, so it would be most convenient to invest in your laptop if you’re able. Some colleges do offer laptop rentals though, or you could buy a used one off of Facebook Marketplace. I’d definitely look into your options if you can’t afford to buy one flat out.

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College Backpack Essentials

16. Pencil Pouch

college supply list for online classes

You’ll need a pencil pouch to keep all of your writing materials in. This one is perfect because it has lots of different compartments to help you keep everything organized.

17. Subject Notebooks

what are college student essentials

You’ll want to get a pack of subject notebooks for classes so you can keep your notes for each class separate. You could also use a binder for this, but I always found using subject notebooks way easier and more convenient.

18. Mini Stapler

college dorm checklist for freshman girl

Like I said earlier, you’ll most likely need to staple assignments before turning them in. I can’t tell you how many times my freshman year I got ready to turn something in, only to realize I forgot to staple it at home. I would recommend keeping a mini stapler in your backpack for times like this!! My mini stapler saved me lots of times.

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19. Water Bottle

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You’ll also want to keep an emotional support water bottle in your backpack to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Really any reusable water bottle will work, but so many people on college campuses use Hydroflasks like this one!

20. Extra Chargers

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It is a good idea to keep extra chargers in your backpack as well. The odds are your phone or laptop will probably die at one point or another while you’re on campus, so keeping extras in your backpack will save you from that! It is not fun to get ready to take an online quiz in class only to realize your laptop is dying and you don’t have a charger (speaking from experience).

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Dorm Kitchen Essentials

21. Mini Fridge

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If you’re living in the dorms, you’ll most likely need to get a mini fridge for your dorm to keep your food in.

22. Electric Kettle

what should i spend my money on in college

Electric kettles are allowed in most dorms, and they’re a really good thing to have on hand when living in the dorms! They boil water super fast and are great for cooking ramen or mac and cheese if you don’t have a microwave in your room.

23. Coffee Maker

dorm room essentials

I 100% recommend getting a coffee maker in college if you’re a coffee drinker. I’ve used a cheap coffee maker before and it does the trick, but I swear by my Keurig now because it’s so much more convenient. Either way getting a coffee maker will save you tons of money instead of buying coffee from coffee shops all the time if you’re going to be drinking lots of coffee!

24. Dishes

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You don’t need tons of dishes in your dorm, but you do need some. This set is perfect for the dorms because it comes with 4 cups, 4 plates, and 4 bowls. It’s also eco friendly!

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Unexpected Things To Bring To College

25. Rainy Day Stuff

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essentials for college

Walking to class in the rain without these things is NOT FUN (speaking from experience). Rainy day essentials are something that a lot of people (me included) forget to bring to college. Don’t forget!!

26. First Aid Kit

dorming essentials

A first aid kit is good to have on hand in college in case you get hurt. It’s also a lot cheaper to just buy a kit like this rather than buying full sizes of a bunch of different first aid stuff. I got poison oak pretty bad on a walk with my dog recently and I was so happy I had a first aid kit on hand!! Better safe than sorry.

27. Earplugs

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If you’re living in the dorms, earplugs are ESSENTIAL. They’re one of the first things I bought after living in the dorms for a bit because I realized pretty quickly that I needed some. Dorms can be pretty noisy, so I would recommend getting some for sleeping and studying. It can be hard to sleep from the general noise in a dorm, but especially when you have a loud roommate.

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28. Clear Bag

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I literally always forget that most big events on college campuses, like graduations and sporting events, only let you bring in a bag if it is see through. Save yourself the trouble of having to take your bag back to your car and get a clear one ahead of time like this one!

29. Hidden Stash Water Bottle And Scrunchies

college essentials for freshman
college essentials for dorm

I think these hidden stash things are so clever. The scrunchies are perfect for storing your valuables in if you’re going to parties so don’t accidentally set them down somewhere and forget them.

This bottle could work well for parties too, but you might accidentally leave it sitting somewhere. It would be great for taking to class though so you don’t risk someone grabbing your money out of a pocket in your backpack!

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This post was all about the college essentials list of everything you’ll need for college.

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