18 Cute Study Table Ideas That Are Perfect For Small Spaces

Looking for study table ideas to create the cutest space where you can be the most productive? Here are some insanely cute study table decor ideas.

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study table ideas

If you’re looking for ways to be more productive, you’re probably looking for study table ideas to help you have a comfortable and stylish space to get stuff done.

I’ve gathered some of the CUTEST study table decor inspo to help you decorate your work space!

This post is all about study table ideas.

The Cutest Study Table Ideas

1. Pick A Theme Color

Recreate this cute pink desk space:

study room decor
study table
study designs

This all pink desk space is SO cute. Picking one color and using that color to accent things in the space makes it look really put-together. Also, the laptop stand on this desk is so cute and great for saving space when you aren’t using your laptop.

2. Add Fake Vines

Recreate this earthy minimalist study space:

study table ideas aesthetic
study table ideas modern
study table decor

One of my favorite ways to decorate a space is with fake ivy. It bring such a fresh, earthy feel to a space. I love how this person also added in a collage wall to pull everything together.

3. Laptop Stand

Recreate this neutral aesthetic study space:

study table for small room
study table ideas student
study table ideas for small room

Getting a laptop stand is a great way to make a simple desk space feel a little fancier. This wood laptop stand is awesome because you can store your keyboard under it whenever you aren’t using it.

4. Use A Wire Wall Grid

Recreate this boho desk space:

study table ideas in bedroom
study table ideas pinterest
study table designs for adults

Using a wall grid is a great way to display pictures, hang up sticky notes, or really anything you could need in your study space. It would be awesome for making a vision board to keep you feeling motivated and inspired.

5. Keep It Simple

Recreate this minimalist study area:

ideas for a desk
corner study table design for bedroom
diy desk ideas

I really like the minimalist vibes of this desk. It’s so simple without lots of distractions, and I think the digital 3D alarm clock makes it look so cool and futuristic.

6. Lots Of Plants

Recreate this fairy vibes study space:

desk calendar
how to make a study space in a small room
desk chair

Having plants in a work space is proven to increase productivity. Adding in a few plants (real or fake) makes a space feel so much more vibrant and alive, and can help you focus while you’re trying to get work done.

7. Light Up Elements

Recreate this gamer desk:

desk organizer
desk lamp
study table and chair

The light-up keyboard and lava lamp make this space feel so exciting. Adding some cool elements like this can make a study space feel really stimulating.

8. Add A Cute Vace

Recreate this chic desk space:

study table for kids
study table ideas in bedroom
study table ikea

This space is simple but the little elements added in, like the little cute face vace, make it feel so inviting and chic.

9. Statement Lamp

Recreate this princess-like study space:

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study table designs
study table ideas for small spaces
study table designs pictures

This desk looks so soothing and nice to study at. The pleated lamp is a statement piece that really pulls everything together and gives it such a soft princessy vibe.

10. Add A Cute Mirror

Recreate this cute frilly desk space:

study table for students
study desk
study desk for students

I am OBSESSED with this pink frilly heart mirror. Also, I have literally never considered using a mini easel as an ipad stand, but doesn’t it look so cute?!

11. Cute Candles

Recreate this artsy study table:

desk decor ideas
desk decor ideas student

Adding in some cute candles, like the bubble candle in this picture, is such a good way to decorate a desk space. If you’re anything like me, you probably won’t ever burn it because it’s too cute to use.

12. Add Cute Plushies

Recreate this cute desk:

study table ideas college

Adding some squishies and plushies, like this cute dumpling, to your desk space can be a good way to relieve stress and keep you focused when you’re trying to get stuff done.

13. Neon Light

Recreate this dreamy desk:

student desk decor ideas

Neon lights are such a cute way to decorate a study space. This neon cloud light is perfect for dreamy study vibes.

14. Color Code Your Books

Color coding your books is such a cute, low-maintenance way to make your study space look put together and decorated.

15. Fairy Clip Lights

Recreate this soft lit desk space:

student desk decor

LED photo clips are perfect for a desk space. Not only can you hang up anything you need to, it also gives you the perfect source of soft lighting.

16. Make It Cozy

Recreate this cozy boho study table:

student desk decor studying
study table decorations
study table decorations college

It’s a good idea to make the space you’ll likely spend a lot of time studying cozy. Adding in a yarn wall tapestry and a chunky knit cushion are a perfect way to make your study space super comfy.

17. Add A Little (Faux) Fur

Recreate this study space:

study desk decorations college

Adding a faux fur chair cushion is another perfect way to make your space a little more cozy. Plus, it looks super chic.

18. Add Some Flowers

Recreate this classy desk:

college desk
college study space

Having flowers on my desk helps me be so much more productive. This fake rose bouquet is perfect for a desk because you don’t have to worry about water spilling on your desk and the flowers will never die.

This post was all about the cutest study table ideas.

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