16 Super Cute Spring Dorm Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Room So Pretty

If you’re wanting to decorate your dorm for spring, you might be looking for some cute spring dorm decor ideas. Here are the best spring dorm room decor ideas to copy.

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spring dorm decor

There are so many cute ideas you could do when it comes to spring dorm decor. Whether you’re wanting to switch up your bedding, add some wall art, spice up your decor, or add some greenery to your room, this post has you covered with all the cutest dorm decor ideas for spring!

After you read this you’ll have some insanely cute ideas for decorating your dorm room for the new season.

This post is all about the cutest spring dorm decor to recreate.

1. Hang Fake Flowers On The Wall


Decorating the wall with fake flowers is a super cute dorm decor for spring! This would be pretty cheap to do and wouldn’t take up too much precious space in your dorm.

2. Floral Bedding

Vintage looking floral bedding like this is so pretty. A floral quilt or comforter like this would be the perfect way to decorate your dorm for spring.

3. Flower Pillows


A low maintenance way to decorate your dorm room for spring would be to get some cute spring throw pillows! This green flower pillow would be perfect.

4. Pastel Decor

If you’re wanting to switch up your dorm decor colors for spring, a pastel color scheme would be an amazing option. This decor looks so bright and cheerful.

5. Pink And Green Vines

Hanging vines is super trendy (I have some in my room) but a cute way to amp it up for spring would be to incorporate some pink flowers into the vine decor!

6. Put Together A Cute Side Table

If you have a bit of extra space somewhere in your dorm, doing a little side table like this with some spring themed decor would be so adorable.

7. Green Decor

Green is another color that would be so good to decorate with for spring! This green throw blanket looks so cozy and cute on the bed.

8. Butterfly Throw Pillow

A butterfly throw pillow is another really cute spring themed throw pillow idea you could use in your dorm room.

9. Decorate Your Mirror With Vines


If you have a mirror in your room, putting a eucalyptus vine on it would be a super easy to spruce up your dorm room for spring.

10. Do A Wall Collage

Adding a wall collage to your room or switching up the one you already had is another way you could decorate your dorm for spring! I love how this pastel collage looks, but another color scheme like green would also be good for spring!

11. Hang Greenery


Getting some plants (real or fake) for your dorm is the perfect way to liven things up for when the weather starts warming up.

12. Decorate With Dried Flowers


I haven’t seen dried flowers like this before, but they are SO pretty! These would be amazing as dorm decor because they’re dried and won’t die.

13. Cute Candles

You aren’t allowed to burn candles in most dorms, but that doesn’t have to stop you from decorating with them! This candle set would be so cute for spring decor.

14. Organize With Cute Baskets

If you’re in need of some extra storage in your dorm, these baskets would be perfect. The colors would be perfect for spring.

15. Use A Sun Catcher


Hanging a sun catcher in your dorm is such a great way to commemorate spring. They catch the sun and shine the rays all over your room.

16. Butterfly Neon Sign

A butterfly neon sign like this one is another super cute way to decorate for spring in your dorm room!

This post was all about the best spring dorm decor inspo.

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