12 Super Fun And Unique Party Themes You Have To Try

If you’re planning a party, you might be looking for the best party themes to try. Here are some amazing party theme ideas that will make everyone want to come to your party.

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It can be hard to find ideas for party themes that aren’t super overdone. You want your party to be unique, but you also want to make sure people will have fun.

These are some super cute and unique party theme ideas that would be insanely fun. Everyone will want to go to a party with these themes (I know I would).

After you read this post, you’ll have so many cool theme ideas for your party.

This post is all about the best party themes.

1. Vintage Game Theme Party

A vintage game themed party would be SO much fun. You could play vintage board games, n64 games like Mario kart, get vintage toys, etc. Guests could come dressed as a vintage video game character! I also saw a picture where people were serving pac man cookies. There is so much potential for this theme. I would be so obsessed with a party like this.

2. Time Traveller Theme

A time traveller theme party would be so much fun to dress up for. You’d decorate to make each room represent a different time period, and guests come dressed in an outfit inspired by their favorite era!

For decor, it would be so cool to decorate the front door to make it look like a time machine. A steampunk backdrop with a silver foil backdrop like these would be really cute for people to take pictures in front of!

3. Carnival/ Circus Theme

This theme would be so perfect because it would be so easy to get ideas for decorations, food, and costumes! You would decorate like a circus or carnival, you could serve carnival food, and people come dressed as circus acts (tightrope walker, ringmaster, lion, strongman, etc).

4. Enchanted Forest


The decorations for an enchanted forest party would be top tier. If I were to throw a theme party, I would probably do this theme. You could decorate your place with fairy lights, moss, mushrooms, butterflies, etc, and everyone could come dressed as something that would be in an enchanted forest, like fairies, unicorns, elves, etc.

5. Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Theme

This would be such an insanely good theme for a themed dinner party, but would work for any kind of party! You’d decorate like it’s mad hatter’s tea party with all kinds of trinkets and nonsensical things. Everyone could come dressed as an Alice In Wonderland character.

6. Disco And Diamonds

The outfits for a disco and diamonds party would be so much fun! The pictures from a party like this would be so good as well. You do disco themed decorations and everyone comes dressed in something shiny and sparkly!

7. Underwater Theme

Underwater party decorations are always so pretty. You can do all kinds of sea/ ocean themed decorations and use some blue led lights to give it the underwater look. Everyone could come dressed as something ocean/ sea themed, like mermaids, jellyfish, etc.

8. Galactic Theme

This is a pretty popular theme idea for parties, and for good reason! The decorations are so cute, and the costumes people can wear are awesome as well. Everyone could dress like something galactic themed, like aliens, astronauts, etc.

9. Wild West Theme

This theme has been growing a lot in popularity the past couple years. The cowgirl/ cowboy aesthetic is really in right now! Everyone could dress like they’re from the wild west! A party like this would be so much fun. You could do saloon themed decor or anything else that reminds you of the wild west.

10. Decades Theme

For a decades theme, everyone would come dressed as their favorite decade, like 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. You could decorate every room to look like a different decade!

11. Dress As Your Spotify Top Artist

This party would be so much fun and would be so cool to try to guess who everyone’s top artist was based on their outfits! This theme would be a great conversation starter if you’re wanting to help people get to know each other at your party. You could do music themed decorations.

12. Bridgerton Party

If you’re someone who is obsessed with Bridgerton like me, this would be the absolute perfect party theme idea! The decorations would be so cute, and it would be a blast to see the outfits everyone would show up in.

This post was all about the best party themes to recreate.

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