The Hottest College Party Outfits To Make You Stand Out

If you’re going to a party soon, you might be looking for college party outfits. Here are some of the best outfits for college parties this year.

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college party outfits

It can be so much fun to come up with cute college party outfits. At the same time, it can be hard to know what to wear, especially if you’re not that familiar with going to parties.

I remember having so much fun planning picking out going out outfits with my friends in college. For this post I’ve found so many cute ideas for outfits to wear to college parties.

If you’re wondering “what do I wear to a college party?” this is the post for you! After you read this post you’ll have the best college party outfit ideas.

This post is all about college party outfits.

The Best College Party Outfits That Will Make You The Best Dressed

1. Cutout Halter Top With Leather Pants

Shop This Outfit Idea:

college party outfit ideas
college party outfits girl

Halter tops like this have been super trendy lately. They’re the perfect college party top. Pairing a top like this with some leather pants makes such a cute but casual outfit.

2. Red Leather Bustier

Copy This Outfit Idea:

college party outfits reddit
what do I wear to a college party?

If you want to stand out, a red leather bustier like this would be such a cute way to do that. This color of red really draws the eyes and is a great outfit idea if you wanna go for a sexy look.

3. Itty Bitty Top

Recreate This Outfit:

college party tops

A tiny bra style top like this with jeans is the perfect college party outfit idea! It’s simple and easy while being unique.

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4. Satin Bustier And Jeans

Shop This College Going Out Outfit:

best outfits for college
college outfit ideas

I am obsessed with how bustier tops look with jeans. It is such a pretty outfit idea to wear to a party.

5. Slip Dress With Cowgirl Boots

Copy This Party Outfit:

jeans outfit ideas for party
university outfits

Slip dresses and cowgirl boots have also been super trendy and popular recently. I love how they look combined together!

6. Leather Bustier And Jeans

Recreate This Fit:

what do girls wear to frat parties?
what do you wear to a college nightclub?

This is another very cute bustier and jeans outfit idea. A leather bustier top like this one is perfect for giving off sexy vibes at a college party.

7. Tie Shirt With A Skirt

Copy These Outfits:

how do you prepare for a college party?
outfits for college girl

Tie up tops like these are another going out top that’s been super popular recently. This is such a cute outfit idea if you want to match with a friend like they did in the picture!

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8. One Shoulder Cut Out Top

Shop This Outfit Idea:

college party

I think this outfit looks so good. This top is so unique and cool. I wasn’t able to find a shirt exactly like this one on Amazon, but I did find this dress that could be tucked into jeans for the same kind of look!

9. Sparkly Top Outfit

Recreate This Outfit:

go out tops
going out top

If you wanna go for more of a glitz and glam look, this outfit is a super cute idea. I absolutely LOVE the sparkly heels she paired with this outfit.

10. Y2K Inspired Fit

Shop This College Party Outfit:

outfit for party
party outfits

If you’re a person who likes the 2000s aesthetic, this could be the outfit for you! I am obsessed with the cargo skirt she is wearing, and it looks so cute with the grey bustier top.

11. All Black Outfit With Combat Boots

Copy This Fit Idea:

cute party outfits
outfits for college

This outfit could give off so many different vibes depending on what shoes you wear with it. I love how the combat boots look with it and they give off more of an intimidating, hardcore look, but you could also pair this outfit with some heels!

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12. Sparkly Top With Leather Pants

Recreate This Party Outfit:

party outfits college
casual party outfits

I think this outfit idea is so cute. The sparkly top looks so pretty paired with the leather pants. I love the color combo as well.

13. Ruffle Skirt With Knee High Boots

Shop This Outfit:

college girl outfit
college girl outfits

This is such a pretty outfit for a boho or fairycore aesthetic. It’s a pretty simple outfit but the skirt really levels it up and makes it look so lovely.

14. Cross Halter Top With Big Jeans

Recreate This Cute Party Outfit:

college outfits for girl
cute outfits for college

This is another cute halter top outfit idea! I love how this one crosses and has a cutout. This is the perfect little top big pants outfit.

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15. Bustier With Low Waist Cargo Pants

Shop This Outfit:

high school party outfits
clothes college girls

This is another Y2K themed outfit! The low waist cargo pants are super cute and would be perfect to wear to a party.

16. Little Black Dress With Boots

Recreate This College Outfit Idea:

clothes for college girl
clothing for college girl

If I was going to a college party, this is probably what I would wear. It is super simple and easy but it looks so cute and put together.

17. Knit Going Out Top Or Jean Shorts Outfit

Copy These College Party Outfits:

college clothes for girl
college girl clothing

If you want a more unique going out top, this knit turtleneck idea would be so cute, especially for warmer weather.

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18. Sparkly Skirt

Shop This Outfit:

college fashion girl

This is another really cute glitzy outfit idea! Wearing a skirt like this is the perfect way to level up what would otherwise be a pretty simple outfit.

19. Chic Going Out Outfit

Recreate This Fit:

college party outfit night
college party outfit summer

This is a super clean and sophisticated college party outfit idea if you wanna do something more modest! This is another outfit I would probably wear if I was going to a college party.

20. Patterned Crop Top And Skirt

Shop This Outfit:

college party outfit night going out
college night out outfit

Patterned prints like zebra and leopard have been really making a comeback recently. If you want to do an outfit that is a little more loud, this one is for you!

This post was all about the cutest college party outfits.

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