21 Insanely Cute College Tailgate Outfits For Game Day You Need To See

If you’re in college and like to go to football games, you might be looking for college tailgate outfits. Here are some super cute football game outfits to give you the best inspo.

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college tailgate outfits

A super fun part of tailgating is getting to wear the cutest college tailgate outfits.

I wasn’t super big on going to football games in college, but a lot of my friends were. My favorite part of football season was getting to see all of the cute tailgating outfits they put together for the games!!

So if you’re going tailgating, I’ve gathered some of the cutest college tailgate outfit ideas I’ve seen to give you some inspo! After you read this post you’ll have the best ideas for college game day outfits.

This post is all about the best college tailgate outfits.

The Cutest College Tailgate Outfits To Copy

1. White Skirt

Shop This Outfit Idea:

college tailgate clothes
college tailgate tops

A white skirt like this one will go with tons of different school color shirts. It looks so cute and is def a wardrobe staple.

If you want to copy this outfit exactly, you could get this navy shirt and use white iron on letters to put your school name on it.

2. Statement School Color Pieces

Shop These College Tailgate Ideas:

college tailgate ideas
college tailgate party
college tailgate outfit ideas

Another really cute way to plan outfits for tailgates and football games is to get some items that match your school colors like they did. If your school colors have red in them, these lace up pants are SO cute and would definitely be a head turner.

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3. Cheerleader-esque Outfits

Recreate These Outfits:

college football tailgate outfits
boston college tailgate outfit

A super cute way to show your school spirit would be to dress like a cheerleader like these girls did! You could opt for a tennis skirt and a school themed top, or you could get a cheer skirt! This one comes in different colors, so you could get one to match your school colors!

4. School Color Bottoms

Copy These Outfit Ideas:

tailgate ideas for college
college game day outfits

For tailgates that happen in the warmer weather, some short statement color bottoms like these would be super cute!! Plus, faux leather skirts like these are super trendy right now.

5. DIY School Spirit Jeans

Shop This Outfit:

college gameday outfits pinterest
college tailgate apparel instagram

If you’re like me and like to DIY things, these would be perfect for you, and so unique! If I were going to recreate these pants I’d order some iron on patches like this football one. Then, to do the letters, I would probably print out each individual letter on a piece of paper, trace and cut a piece of cardboard to match it, and then place the cardboard on the pants and trace around it with some white fabric paint. You could do the same with the stars and other little designs on the other leg!

Alternatively, you could use some iron on letters like these, but the letters won’t be as big as the example.

6. Cowgirl Boots

Recreate These Outfits:

college tailgate attire
college tailgate dress
college tailgate wear

Cowgirl boots have been super trendy lately. I went to college in Oklahoma, and they’ve always been pretty trendy here, so if you go to school around here this is definitely a good tailgate outfit idea. But it would be cute for other schools as well!

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7. Bandana

Shop This Outfit:

tailgating outfits
cute football game outfits
game day outfit ideas

This is a super low maintenance outfit idea. All you need to show your school spirit is a bandana in your school colors! This is a great idea because it’s really versatile and you can wear it a lot of different ways.

If you want to recreate this outfit, you can get a tight cropped white tank like this one, along with some black iron on letters to write your school name on the top.

8. Oversized Jersey

Copy This Outfit:

gameday outfit ideas

This is definitely a staple game day/ tailgate outfit. And it’s super cute! All you need is an oversized jersey. This one is super cute because you can customize it and put your own name! You could also buy a jersey from your school.

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9. DIY Tube Top

Shop This Tailgating Attire:

tailgate outfit ideas
tailgating outfit ideas
what to wear to a tailgate

This is my favorite outfit idea on this list because it is so creative and unique! If you’re artsy, you can get a black tube top like this and some fabric paint and freehand the design. If you don’t think you could freehand it, you might be able to find some dripping letters online and print them out and trace them!

10. Airbrush Shirt

game day outfit

Recreate These Outfits:

what to wear to tailgate
fall game day outfits

That’s my friend Avery in the picture, and I absolutely love this game day outfit. I think she probably got her shirt made at the fair or something, but you can order custom airbrush shirts like this one on amazon!

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11. Faux Leather

Shop These Outfit Ideas:

fall tailgate outfits
winter tailgate outfits
what to wear to a tailgate party

Faux leather everything is super in right now. Both of these outfits are insanely cute and would be perfect for a college game day outfit!

12. Biker Shorts And Ultra Cropped School Shirt

Copy This Outfit:

tailgate outfits 2022
tailgate outfits 2023

This is such a cute outfit idea that would work with pretty much any school colors. Her sunglasses remind me of my grandpa but they also look really cute?

13. DIY Jean Jacket

Recreate This Outfit Idea:

football tailgate outfits
what to wear to a football tailgate

This is another really cute DIY game day outfit idea! To recreate it, you’ll need a jean jacket like this, and some fabric paint or acrylic paint. To make the letters you can either DIY some letter stencils by printing out the letters on paper and then cutting them out on the paper or cardboard, or you could buy some letter stencils like these.

14. Matching Set

Shop This Outfit:

what to wear to football tailgate

I am absolutely obsessed with matching sets because they’re so low maintenance but make you look so put together. This set comes in a ton of different colors and would be perfect for a tailgate outfit!

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15. Patterned Pants

Copy These Tailgate Outfits:

game day outfit inspo
tailgate party outfit

Zebra and patterned prints are definitely in right now, and I’ve been seeing these flare leg zebra pants all over the place. Some loud patterned pants like these paired with a school shirt would be perfect for game day!

16. Patterned Dress With Thigh High Boots

Shop These Outfits:

tailgate party outfits
college tailgate outfit football

Here’s some more zebra inspo!! This is such a cute outfit idea for colder weather! If it’s super cold, you could add a pair of black tights.

17. Patterned Skirt

Recreate These Outfits:

college tailgate
college tailgate outfit fall

Like the patterned bottoms, another cute idea would be a patterned dress or skirt! I wasn’t able to find the exact dress the first girl is wearing in the picture, but this skirt is super similar and would be really cute paired with a school shirt for a tailgate party!

18. Rompers

Shop This Outfit Idea:

college tailgate outfit cold

The way these two coordinated their outfits is SO cute. This is a great option for tailgating/ game day because the options are pretty much limitless for what you wear under it. You could wear a cute bandeau or bra that is the school colors!

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19. Leather Pants And Satin Top

Copy These Gameday Outfits:

college tailgate outfits winter
cute tailgate outfits college fall

Some other cute staples for game day outfits are leather pants and satin tops! Black faux leather pants like these will go with anything, and you could get a satin scarf in your school colors to wear as a top!

20. Comfy Sweat Set

Recreate These Outfits:

cute tailgate outfits college cold
cute tailgate outfits college winter

This is a great idea for cold tailgating outfits. To recreate this idea you’ll need a school sweatshirt and a pair of matching sweats!

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21. School Color Boots

Shop These Outfit Ideas:

college football tailgate outfits
college football game outfit

I’m 99% sure that this inspo pic is from the school I went to (the University of Oklahoma) and I am OBSESSED with these red heart boots. If you have red in your school colors they would be insanely cute to wear to a tailgate party!!

This post was all about insanely cute college tailgate outfits.

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