The Cutest March Nails To Recreate This Year

If you’re looking for March nails to do for the month, here are the cutest march nail designs to try this year!

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With the official start of spring right around the corner, there are so many cute ideas for March nails, especially if you love colorful floral nail designs.

I love finding cute and trendy nail designs to try, so here are some of the best nail ideas for March this year!

This post is all about the cutest March nails!

1. Vine And Floral Design

I tried this nail design on my own nails during spring and it turned out SO cute. This design is perfect for when the weather starts warming up, and it would also be good for St. Patrick’s Day because of the green!

2. Aura Nail Design

My bestie did a design like this on her nails and I was obsessed. It’s one of my favorite new trends– it looks so pretty!

3. Outline Nail Tip Design

You could do this design with pretty much any color! The electric blue they used really makes it stand out, but it would also look lovely with other colors like white, black, or pink!

4. Green Nail Tips

This is the perfect simple nail design for March. Green is the perfect nail color to do in March because of the beginning of spring and St. Patrick’s Day!

5. Green And White Floral Design

I love how this nail design looks! It is so soft and dainty. The color of green they used looks so pretty with the white.

6. St. Patricks Day Nails

If you’re wanting to do a nail design for St. Patrick’s Day, this design would be perfect! Do green nails count as wearing something green to keep you from being pinched?

7. Holographic Glitter Nails

Holographic glitter nails like these are so pretty. They look like a solid color until the light hits them!

8. Cherry Nails

Cherry nails are so trendy. I’ve been wanting to do a cherry nail design for so long! It is so adorable.

9. Garden Nail Design

This is one of my favorite nail designs I’ve seen for spring! I love how it feels like an overgrown garden or a bouquet of flowers.

10. Pastel Sparkle Design

I’ve been seeing sparkle designs like this everywhere recently. There are so many different ways you could do this design, like gold sparkles on white nails, but I adore the pastel design on these nails! It reminds me a lot of Sailor Moon.

11. Sage Green Nails With White Glitter Accents

The sparkle designs on the accent nails look so lovely! I’ve never really thought to do white and green together like this for nails, but it looks so good!

12. Blue Nails With White Floral Design

The periwinkle color of blue they used for these nails is so pretty. The flower design on the accent nail reminds me of lace!

13. Strawberry Nails

Fruit nails are so in this year. The little blossoms they paired with the strawberry design are so cute!

14. Green Nail Art Tips

This is another really cute green tip nail design! This one would also be really cute for St. Patrick’s Day.

15. Vintage Floral Nails

This pink floral design with gold leaf gives of vintage vibes to me! It reminds me of vintage floral bedding.

16. Pastel Tips

If you’re like me and love any excuse to do pastel nails, these are for you!

17. White Nails With Blue Sparkle Design

This is another really cute example of the sparkle nail trend I was talking about earlier! They used blue rhinestones in the middle of the sparkles for this one.

18. Cloud Nails

If you’re wanting to do a cute design on your nails, clouds are an adorable idea! They’re so dreamy.

19. Shiny Green Nails

This is another nail idea that would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! I think they used chrome powder to give it the really shiny effect.

20. Floral Design with Gold Leaf

This is another nail idea for March that gives me vintage vibes! I love nail designs with a neutral base like this because you can’t really tell when they grow out.

21. Sage Green Nails

If you’re wanting to do simple March nails, sage green is the color to do!

22. Purple Marble Nails

I love this nail design for March because it reminds me of the violet and purple dead nettle that blooms at the beginning of spring!

23. Pink Floral Design

If you love pink like me, this is the perfect March nail design for you! I love how they overlap the flowers in the design.

24. Cute Frog Design

My bestie did a frog nail design like this for spring one year, and it was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen!

25. Pastel Nail Art

This is another really cute pastel nail design for March! The design on these nails is so unique and pretty.

This post was all about the best March nails ideas for this year.

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