23 Stunning Graduation Nails For 2024 You Have To Try

One of the most important things to think about when it comes to getting ready for graduation is graduation nails. Here are some of the absolute cutest nails for graduation that you have to try!

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Looking for cute graduation nails was one of my favorite parts of getting ready for graduation. When I got my grad nails done I timed it so I would have them for both my graduation pictures and the graduation ceremony.

I was so obsessed with the nails I got done for my graduation. I was sitting next to a football player at graduation and he actually complimented my nails lol.

There are so many amazing ideas for cute graduation nails that’ll make you stand out! After this post you’ll have the absolute best graduation nails ideas for 2024.

This post is all about the cutest graduation nails for this year.

1. Chrome French Tip Nails

Chrome nails have been super popular for the past couple years. They look so lovely and clean! Adding some chrome powder to a classic french manicure is a way to level it up.

2. Nude Holographic Glitter Nails

These graduation nails are super subtle but so cute! At first look they seem like normal pink nails, but the glitter will reflect when you move them around!

3. Cute Bow Nails

If you’re like me and are obsessed with the coquette aesthetic, these are the graduation nails for you. They are so cute and feminine!

4. Star Nail Design

I’ve been seeing starburst nails like this everywhere, and I am obsessed. I love the rhinestones in the middle of the stars! These would be so perfect for graduation.

5. School Color Squiggle Nail Design

If you’re wanting to do a nail design that incorporates your school colors, this would be perfect! You could do pretty much any color combo with this and it’d look great!

6. Vine Design Nails

This is another manicure you could incorporate your school colors into, or you could just do a neutral color like black!

7. White Nails With Silver Metallic Designs

This nail design is so classy. It also seems kind of futuristic to me! If you’re into the clean girl aesthetic, these would be perfect for that vibe as well.

8. Flower Nail Design

Doing a flower design like this would be so cute with any color, but the black looks so nice for graduation nails! These would be perfect for graduation because it’s a super cute design while not being too over the top.

9.White Nails With Metallic Gold Accents

Nails like this feel so angelic to me. The white and gold color combo looks so stunning. If I were to graduate again right now, I would probably do something like this for my nails!

10. Elegant Nail Design

This nail design is so classy, and it wouldn’t be too hard to do on yourself! You’d need some pink nail polish, some chrome powder, and some glitter polish for the stripe.

11. Gold Foil Nails

Nude nails with gold foil like this would be so cute for graduation! They also give off a super celebratory vibe, which is perfect for such a big accomplishment.

12. White Jelly Nails With A Pearl Nail Accent

White jelly nails are so simple, but they look so good every time. I’m only just becoming aware of the pearl nail trend, but I am obsessed. The accent nails with the pearl polish look so good! I’m so close to buying some pearl polish so I can do these nails on myself.

13. Marble Nails

Marble nails are another design that you could do with pretty much any color. It would be really cute and unique to do with your school colors! If you want to recreate these nails on yourself, you’ll need some nail blooming gel polish to make the marble effect.

14. Line Art Design

This is such a cute neutral color nail design to do for graduation! The colors they used look great, but you could also use your school colors if you wanted to.

15. Pearl Nail Tips

These are another insanely cute example of pearl nails! A design like this would be super pretty for graduation and grad pictures.

16. Reflective Glitter Nails

If you’re someone like me who loves any excuse to do glitter nails, these would be so good for you! If you wanted to try these on yourself, you’d need some reflective silver glitter polish.

17. Gold Star Nail Design

Gold star nails are so clever for graduation! It’d be a funny callback to getting gold stars in elementary school.

18. Chic Black And Silver Glitter Design

This is another amazing classy nails idea for graduation. The line art on these nails looks so good, and I love the accent nail with the sparkle designs.

19. Flower French Tips

If you’re wanting to do french tips, but want to add a little spice, these nails would be perfect. I love how they did the flowers at the tips of the nails to match the rest!

20. Gothic Nail Design

These nails look SO good. The black nails literally look like velvet! This might be my favorite black nail set I’ve ever seen. These would be so good for graduation if you’re wanting to do a darker design!

21. Heart Nails

If you want your graduation nails to be a little more cutesy, you could do some heart nails like these!

22. Metallic Gold Nail Design

These nails literally look like gold was melted down and put on the nails. I’m obsessed! Gold nails like this are super trendy right now, and for good reason.

23. Velvet Nails

Velvet nails are another insanely cute nail trend! To do them, you use a cat eye nail polish and use the magnet in a pattern that makes the nails look like velvet!

This post was all about super trendy graduation nails for 2024.

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