21 Actually Genius Dorm Storage Ideas To Copy In 2024

If you or a loved one is going to college and moving into the dorms soon, you’re probably looking for dorm storage ideas to help you figure out how to organize. Here are the best dorm room storage ideas for 2024!

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It can be so hard to figure out dorm storage ideas when you’re first moving into the dorms. I remember moving into the dorms and being so confused about how I was supposed to fit all my things into such a tiny space (and I didn’t even have a lot of things).

After living in the dorms, I’ve figured out all the best dorm organization hacks that are guaranteed to help you with dorm storage and keep your dorm room super organized!

After you read this post, you’ll know all the best dorm storage hacks.

This post is all about the best dorm storage ideas.

The Best Dorm Storage Ideas

1. Mini Fridge Shelving

Copy This Dorm Storage Idea:


Mini fridge shelving is the perfect way to use vertical space as storage in your dorm room. It would be perfect for storing snacks and food!

2. Drawers And Storage Cubes Under The Bed

Recreate This Dorm Under Bed Storage:

Under the bed dorm storage is a foolproof dorm storage idea. Putting your drawers and some storage cubes like these under your bed is a great way to store things.

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3. Bathroom Shelving

Shop This Dorm Organization Idea:

If you’re going to have a private bathroom, some space saver shelving like this would be a great idea for some extra bathroom storage.

4. Nightstand Storage

Copy This Dorm Room Storage Idea:


This is a great idea for not only storage but for dorm decor as well! Since there isn’t much space for things in a dorm room, functional decor is the best option.

5. Space Saver Shelves Coffee Bar

Recreate This Dorm Organization Idea:


This is a great example of using wall space as storage space! If you want to recreate this coffee bar idea in your dorm, you could use floating shelves like they did.

6. Rolling Cart Storage

Shop This College Storage Idea:


Rolling carts like this one are another super popular storage idea for dorm rooms. They’re awesome because you can use them for pretty much anything and they look really cute!

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7. Coffee Cart

Copy This Dorm Storage Idea:


This is another very cute example of how you could use a rolling cart in your dorm room. I am obsessed with this pink Keurig and it’s another cute functional decor option!

8. Bedside Caddy

Recreate This Dorm Room Storage Idea:

A hanging storage bag like this is perfect for being a catch all! You could put your laptop, water bottle, phone, kindle, etc in it for easy access!

9. Closet Kitchen

Shop This Dorm Closet Storage Idea:

I am obsessed with this dorm closet kitchen set up! It’s the perfect idea if you want to create a little kitchen space in your dorm, and it looks so cute.

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10. Over The Door Storage

Copy This Dorm Room Storage Idea:

These are so good because they don’t really take up any extra space and you can put shoes, clothes, snacks, pretty much anything you want in them.

When I first got to college I saw my roommate had one of these. I hadn’t even thought about using them for storage, but I thought my roommate was genius when I saw hers!

11. Accessory Hooks

Recreate This Dorm Organization Hack:


This is the perfect idea for storing your accessories inside your wardrobe/ closet. I think the diamond hooks they used are so cute!

12. Drawer Organizer Trays

Shop This Dorm Storage Idea:


If you want to be extra organized, using some drawer organizing trays like these is such a good idea. You can create little spots for everything and keep things separated!

13. Revolving Trays

Copy This Dorm Room Storage:

Revolving trays like this are perfect for using in cabinets so you can spin them around and have easy access to things.

Other Dorm Storage Must Haves

14. Hanging Shelves


This is another storage item that I saw my roommate had when I moved into the dorms that I thought was so smart.

You can store clothes, snacks, shoes, etc in one of these and you just hang it in your closet!

15. Under Bed Storage


These containers are perfect for under bed dorm storage. You can put anything you want to store in these and just slide them under your bed so they’re out of the way.

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16. Hanger Organizers


I really wish I’d known about these when I lived in the dorms! These are perfect if you plan on bringing a lot of clothes to college, but even if you don’t, they’d be super convenient.

You stack your hangers on them and they make it so they take up less space in your closet!

17. Bed Shelf


This is another thing I seriously wish I’d known about when I was living in the dorms because it would’ve made my life SO much easier. This is an especially good thing to get if you don’t plan on having a nightstand.

This shelf attaches to your bed so you can set your stuff on it without having to get out of bed.

18. Mini Fridge Organizer


A mini fridge organizer like this is perfect for storing your dishes and little things like seasonings.

19. Mini Storage Drawers

These are a great all around storage idea! They are a bit of an eyesore so when I use them I like to hide them in a cabinet or the fridge for storing snacks.

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20. Catch-All Baskets


Having a few little baskets around is a great idea as a catch all so you can have a place to put little things like stray bobby pins, your keys, little trinkets, etc.

21. Drawer Organizers

These are perfect for organizing your clothes in your drawers. It divides everything and keeps it all put together and separate.

This post was all about genius dorm storage ideas.

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