14 Mind Blowing Dorm Room Under Bed Storage Ideas

If you’re going to college and moving into the dorms soon, you might be looking for dorm room under bed storage ideas. Here are the best dorm under bed storage ideas you need to copy!

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dorm room under bed storage

With the limited amount of storage in a dorm room, one of the ways to maximize your space in your dorm is by using dorm room under bed storage space.

It can be hard to know what to do for under bed storage while still keeping your room looking cute. These are some amazing dorm under bed storage ideas that look super cute while still creating some extra storage space!

After you you read this post you’ll have so many good ideas for how to do your under bed storage in your dorm!

This post is all about the best dorm room under bed storage ideas.

1. Storage Cubes


Under bed storage like this would be super cute to do. If you do a storage cube organizer like this, you could use whatever color of storage cubes that would match your dorm decor.

2. Cute Basket Storage


Cute little baskets like these would also be perfect to put in a storage cube organizer or bookshelves (like they did in the picture) under your bed!

3. Put Your Desk And Some Drawers Under A Lofted Bed

Lofting your bed and putting your desk under it is one of the best ways to save space in your dorm! Plus, you could add some curtains and fairy lights to make it a really cute and cozy study space.

4. Rolling Storage Cart

A rolling storage cart like this would be a create catch-all storage option to have under your bed. You could put shoes in it, cleaning supplies, snacks– the options are endless!

5. Grey Storage Cubes

This is another cute storage cube color you could use for your under bed storage! I did grey and pink as the color scheme for my dorm room.

6. Rolling Storage Drawers

Some rolling drawers like this would be so convenient to have for under bed storage. The wheels would make it so you could just roll them out any time you needed something out of them!

7. Plastic Storage Drawers


Plastic storage drawers like these are another good option for under bed storage. These are cute enough that they would go well with any kind of decor!

8. Rolling Shelf

You could also do a rolling shelf like this for under bed storage. You could use it on it’s own and put shoes or other things on it, or you could use it to put containers on so you can roll them out if you need to.

9. Kitchen Set Up Under The Bed

This is one of my favorite dorm under bed storage ideas! Creating a little dorm kitchen area is super convenient, and it’s a great way to store things.

10. Mini Fridge Set Up

This is another great way you could do a “kitchen” set up under a lofted bed in a dorm room!

11. Stack Drawers

You could also stack different types of drawers under your bed for storage! These different drawer/ shelf set ups look super cute.

12. Rolling Storage Containers

I said it earlier in this post but I’m going to say it again, rolling storage is super convenient for under bed storage! It makes it super easy to just roll the containers out when you need them. These containers would be perfect for storing extra clothes, blankets, shoes, etc!

13. Under Bed Storage Containers With Handles

These long storage containers are also perfect to use for under bed storage. I used some like this in my dorm! They’These long storage containers are also perfect to use for under bed storage. I used some like this in my dorm! The shape makes them perfect for under a dorm bed, and the handles make them easy to grab and pull out when you need to.

14. Under Bed Storage Cubes With Clear Panels


These are another great storage container option for under bed storage! I love these because they have a clear panel, so you can see what is in each container without having to pull them all the way out!

This post was all about the best dorm room under bed storage ideas.

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