The Best Dorm Organization Ideas To Keep You Super Organized

Going to college soon and looking for dorm organization ideas? Here are the best dorm organization tips to help you keep your dorm organized.

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dorm organization ideas

It is no secret that most dorm rooms are itty bitty, and this calls for some genius dorm organization ideas to help you fit everything you need into your dorm.

When I first went to college, I knew that my dorm room would be tiny, but I don’t think I realized how little space there was actually going to be. I hadn’t really thought about the need for things to help me organize my room, and this led to me basically just smooshing everything into a closet with no system.

It was a mess, but now I’m here to tell you all of the best dorm organization tips to help you be wayyyy more organized than I was. These are the things I wish I would’ve known about organizing a dorm room, and the dorm organization products I wish I’d used in my freshman dorm to keep me organized!

If you’re wondering “what is the best way to organize a dorm room?” this post will give you all the best ideas!

This post is all about the best dorm organization ideas.

The Best Dorm Organization Ideas To Keep Your Dorm Super Organized

Dorm Organization Ideas

1. Storage Drawers And Organizers

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I think this dorm organization idea is so cute! You just need some storage drawers and some drawer organizers like these. It’ll save you so much space and keep everything super organized.

2. Closet Kitchen With Undershelf Baskets

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Undershelf baskets are one of my fav dorm organization hacks, especially in kitchen areas. You can put pretty much anything in them, but they work really well for holding dishes and such in a little dorm kitchen area!

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3. Power Strip Labels

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Power strip labels like these are perfect for keeping all of your power cords organized in a power strip so you know which is which. It also looks really cute!

4. Over The Door Organizer

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Over the door organizers like this one are a must have when it comes to dorm storage. They are so versatile and you can put so many different things in them, whether it’s shoes, makeup stuff, or snacks like this person did.

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5. Over Desk Shelf

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Using a desk shelf is the perfect way to capitalize on vertical space in a dorm room for extra storage space. I really like how this person decorated theirs and made it look super cute with the baskets, knick knacks, and globe string lights!

dorm organization hacks

6. Rolling Cart

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dorm room storage ideas for guys

I’m sure you’ve seen rolling bar carts literally everywhere by now. They’ve pretty much taken over the internet and are a really popular choice for dorm decor and organization. You can use a rolling cart to make a little coffee bar, you can use it to organize your toiletries, the options are endless!

7. Wall Baskets For Books

Copy This Dorm Organization Hack:

dorm desk organization ideas

These hanging baskets are a perfect way to create a space to store textbooks and notebooks for class! It also makes them super accessible and easy to grab on your way to class without having to go through drawers to find what you’re looking for.

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8. Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

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This is another really good example of how you can use vertical space to make extra room in your dorm. Lots of people loft their beds as high up as they go and just put things under their bed like this.

9. Drawers Under The Bed

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dorm room storage drawers

Plastic drawers like this are a great option for dorm organization. I kept some drawers under my bed in my dorm and kept snacks and stuff in there! These are a good option because they aren’t clear so you won’t be able to see all the clutter in the drawers.

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10. Drawer Organizer Trays

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When I first went to college I used to love looking at how people organized their drawers with organizers like this. They can be a really great way to keep all your things separated and organized!! These trays are perfect because you can use the ones that will fit and rearrange them how you want.

11. Use Binder Clips To Organize Cords

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This is one of the more extra organization ideas on this list, but it’s a great way to keep all of your cords from getting tangled and keeping them where you need them!! It’s super simple too because all you need are binder clips.

12. Put An End Table At The End Of Your Bed

Copy This Dorm Setup Idea:

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Using an end table like this one is also a really cute idea for some extra storage space. This one is more of a decor organization idea though since everything will be out in the open. You’d have to decorate it and use some containers like these to keep it looking tidy.

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13. Sitting Area Under Lofted Bed

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dorm under bed storage

I am OBSESSED with this dorm couch! It is perfect because it’s small and doesn’t take up a lot of space but creates the perfect sitting area! I think the way this person organized everything under their bed is genius.

14. Mini Storage Drawers For Fridge

Shop These Dorm Storage Drawers:

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This is a great organization idea if you have roommates! You can have designated drawers for your snacks to keep them organized. It would also be good if you don’t have roommates, though! It’s a clever way to create some extra storage space in your fridge.

15. Command Hooks For Bags

Shop These Dorm Room Space Savers:

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Command hooks are amazing for dorm/ apartment organization. Hanging your bags on them saves SO much space. I actually used this organization hack in my last college house and put command hooks on the inside of my closet door to keep my bags organized.

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16. Revolving Trays

Shop This Dorm Room Food Storage Idea:

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Another example of how you can use mini storage drawers! They’re perfect for organizing things like makeup, hair ties, accessories, etc, and they usually fit under the sink. Using a rotating tray like this one is also a great idea because you can just rotate it around to get whatever you need!

Other Organization Must-Haves

17. Under The Bed Storage

organizing dorm room

Under the bed storage bags like these are great for putting clothes in or things like that. You just slide them under your bed and can pull them out when you need them!

18. Hanging Closet Organizer

small dorm room ideas

This is one of the things I’d really wished I had when I got to college. I saw that my roommate had one and was like omg that is genius. It hangs in your closet and you can put folded clothes and other things in it.

19. Hanger Stackers

closet organizer for dorm

These hanger stackers are great for creating more space to hang things in your closet!!

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20. Storage Cube Organizer

desk organization dorm
dorm desk organization

I see tons of people use storage cube organizers like this in their dorms! They’re a great all around storage option.

21. Mini Fridge Organizer

dorm desk organizer

A mini fridge organizer is good for organizing dishes and spices and such! It’s a must have for creating a little kitchen space in your dorm.

22. Mini Fridge Shelving

dorm setup ideas
dorm storage drawers

If you’re getting a mini fridge for your dorm, mini fridge shelving is an essential for dorm room organization!! These are both good options for mini fridge shelving.

This post was all about dorm organization ideas.

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