25 Super Aesthetic Dorm Room Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Dorm Look So Cute

Going to college soon and looking for some dorm room decor ideas? Here are the cutest dorm room decorating ideas that will help you have the cutest dorm room on campus!

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dorm room decor ideas

If you’re going to college soon, you’re probably looking for some cute dorm room decor ideas.

Decorating your dorm room and making it your own is one of the most exciting parts of going to college for the first time! If you’re wondering “how can I make my dorm room look nice?” this post is for you.

Here is the best dorm room decor list with some of the cutest dorm room decor inspiration! After you read this post, you’ll be so ready to start decorating your new dorm room.

This post is all about dorm room decor ideas.

The Cutest Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Dorm Bed Ideas

1. Blue And Pink Bedding

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This robins egg blue dorm bedding is SO cute! I love how they paired it with the peach colors. It’s the perfect dorm bedding combo. To recreate the fluffy bedding look you’ll need to get a duvet insert like this one along with the blue duvet cover.

2. Earth Tone Bedding

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Earthy tones and sage green are super trendy right now. This dorm bedding idea is perfect for anyone who likes neutrals and greens together!

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3. Pastel Bedding

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I am obsessed with this rainbow tufted comforter. This dorm is perfect for anyone who likes pastels. The throw pillows are a super cute addition, too!

4. Use Cute Decorative Pillows

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I love the retro feel they were going for with this dorm room, and the chill pill pillow is so clever! Adding different unique throw pillows like these is the perfect way to spice up your dorm room decor.

5. Cottagecore Bedding With A Canopy

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I think this dorm idea is my favorite on the list! Transform your dorm room into a cozy cottage by using a bed canopy, crochet blanket, and some fake vines.

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6. Boho Bedding

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I feel like this dorm room has very clean-girl vibes, but then the woven tufted throw and the wall hangings give it more of a boho feel. Super cute! It’s the perfect bedding idea if you want to do boho dorm decor.

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7. Mixed Pattern Bedding

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I don’t even know what to really call this aesthetic, but I do know it’s really cute. It gives me maximalist vibes with all of the different aesthetics going on at once.

8. White And Pink Bedding

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Image credit: @jordanr.23 on Instagram

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This is the same kind of color scheme I have in my room! I love how white, pink, and green decorations look together. I think the vines on the wall really pull it all together.

Dorm Wall Decor

9. Plants On Shelves

Shop This Wall Decor:

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This wall decor gives this dorm such a magical garden fairy aesthetic. The combo of the lights and the floating shelves looks so whimsical! Using shelves like these for putting plants on is the perfect way to add some greenery to your space without taking up too much dorm space.

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10. Vines Behind The Bed

Shop This Wall Decor:

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I really like how they used the fake vines and the round mirror to dress up this minimalist room! Big circle mirrors like this are super trendy right now, and using them is a great way to make your space look bigger.

11. Flower Garland Strands

Shop This Wall Decor:

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Using fake flowers as wall decor is also super trendy right now. I love how they paired them with some globe lights and a wall collage!

12. Brick Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Shop This Wall Decor:

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This brick peel and stick wallpaper is super popular in dorm decor, and for good reason. It is such a good way to level up your space and it looks good with most aesthetics!

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13. Black And White Dots Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Shop This Wall Decor:

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This is another great example of how you can use peel and stick wallpaper in your dorm room! This pattern is another very popular one along with the brick.

14. Fairy Lights

Shop This Wall Decor:

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String lights are a perfect way to add some ambient lighting to your room if you’re like me and hate turning on “the big light.” I am also obsessed with the vintage style butterfly poster they used for this dorm room.

15. Themed Wall Collage

Shop This Wall Decor:

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Themed wall collages are a super cute way to decorate your walls in your dorm room. You can get specific packs to match pretty much any aesthetic!

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16. Tapestry

Shop This Wall Decor:

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Using a tapestry for your dorm room is such a great wall decor idea. If you’re going for hippy/ boho vibes, this wall tapestry is perfect.

17. Neon Signs

Shop This Wall Art:

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I absolutely love how they used so many different neon signs for this dorm room. The rainbow star decals they used are really cute, too!

18. Posters

Shop This Wall Decor:

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Using posters/ prints on the wall can be a really great way to decorate your dorm room. I really like the bees & honey art they used in this room.

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Desk Decor

19. Salt Lamp And Plants

Shop This Desk Decor:

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A salt lamp and some fake plants are perfect desk decor pieces for a hippy style dorm room! I like how they put the fake plants on some floating shelves above their desk.

20. Use A Book Stand

Shop This Desk Decor:

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I love the soft and soothing energy of this desk decor! I’d study here any day. A cute wood book stand is perfect for dorm desk decor, and it’ll keep you from having to hold your books when studying.

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21. Botanical Desk Decor Theme

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Shop This Desk Decor:

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If you’re someone who loves plants and anything botanical, this could be a good dorm desk decor idea for you! It would also look super cute with some plants added to it.

22. Danish Pastel Color Theme

Shop This Desk Decor:

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I am obsessed with this color scheme. It looks so soft and dreamy! There are so many different ways you could incorporate these colors into your dorm room outside of your desk to tie it all together.

23. Art Supplies Decor

Shop This Desk Decor:

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If you’re an artist, this is the perfect desk for you. I love how they used the tiny mannequin as decor. It’s also so clever to use an easel to hold your Ipad while you study. I wish I’d thought of that while I was still in school!

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24. Light Academia Desk Decor

Shop This Desk Decor:

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This is another one where they used an easel as decor. They’re perfect to use as Ipad holders! I also love their use of the trendy candles.

25. Dreamy Minimalist Theme

Shop This Desk Decor:

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This dorm desk decor looks so cozy and soothing. I’m obsessed with the neon crescent moon sign, and a digital alarm clock like the one in the picture is a great way to level up your desk decor.

This post was all about the best dorm room decor ideas to help you decorate your dorm room.

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