dorm room essentials for girls

Going to college soon and looking for some dorm room essentials for girls? Here is the best college packing list for girls.

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dorm room essentials for girls

If you’re going to college soon, you might be looking for the best dorm room essentials for girls. It can be really hard to know what you should pack for college, or the best things to buy for your dorm when college shopping.

So, I’ve created this college dorm checklist for freshman girls to help you know what you should get for your dorm room. These are things I used in my own freshman dorm, so I know you’ll need them too! Here are some of the best freshman dorm essentials.

This post is all about dorm room essentials for girls.

The Best Dorm Room Essentials For Girls


1. Twin XL Memory Foam Mattress Topper

dorm room essentials list

Dorm beds are SO uncomfortable. Getting a good quality mattress topper is so important to make sure you’re getting good sleep in the dorms. When I first went to college I got a really cheap mattress topper, but I had to switch to a memory foam one because it was still just so uncomfy.

2. Twin XL Bedding

college dorm checklist for freshman girl
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unexpected things to bring to college

Dorm beds are size twin XL. Unless you happen to have that size of bedding laying around at home, you’ll need to get some twin XL bedding before you go to the dorms.

3. Mattress Protector

freshman dorm essentials

They typically don’t switch out dorm beds between people. Getting a mattress protector is important so you’re not getting the germs of the person before you, but also so you can protect the bed from spilling things on it.

4. Back Pillow

uncommon dorm room essentials

Having a back pillow in your dorm is convenient if you like to watch tv/ read/ do homework in bed.

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5. Throw Blanket

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Having a throw blanket is nice if you want to get cozy but don’t want to get all the way under your bed covers. It’s also nice to have to wrap around yourself if you have to be around people when you’re already in your pjs.

For example, if the dorm fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night and you have to rush outside. This luckily never happened to me, but I do have a few friends who this happened to when they lived in the dorms.

6. Weighted Blanket

dorm room essentials

I am obsessed with my weighted blanket. Throughout college I found it so helpful when it came to relieving stress and anxiety.

dorm essentials


9. Full Length Mirror

dorm room essentials list

Having a full length mirror is so convenient when you’re trying on outfits. This one is perfect for a dorm room because it comes with 4 individual squares that you can stick on the wall/ door or wherever it will fit to make the full mirror.

10. Laundry Basket

freshman dorm essentials

Having a cute laundry basket is an easy way to add a little bit of decor to your dorm room. You’ll need a laundry basket anyway, and a cute one like this is perfect for keeping your room looking put-together.

11. Rug

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A rug is another easy way to add decor to your dorm room when you don’t have a whole lot of space. I had a fluffy rug like this in my dorm room and it was really nice to lounge on it and do homework.

12. Curtains

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essentials for college

Having some blackout curtains for your dorm windows will be sooo helpful if you’re going to be sleeping at all when the sun is out (you probably will. I took so many naps my freshman year).

13. Desk Lamp

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You’ll need a desk lamp for doing homework, and this one is so cute!

14. Ambient Lighting

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college list dorm
college list for dorm

Decorating your dorm room with some cute ambient lighting will make it feel so much more cozy and like home. These are my favorite things to use for ambient lighting and what I have in my own room!

15. Plants/ Fake Plants

college dorm room essentials

Getting some plants, real or fake, to decorate your dorm room with will make it feel so much more alive. One of my favorite parts of my dorm room was the little plants I had in there.

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16. Wall Decor

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dorm essentials list
dorm room essentials for girls ideas

Wall decor is another easy way you can decorate your dorm room! I have these vines in my room and I’m obsessed. I think they look so cute and they’d be perfect for a dorm room.

Other Bedroom/ Decor

  • Desk Lamp
  • Trash Can
  • Command Strips
  • Padlock Or Safe For Valuables
  • White Noise Machine
  • Letterboard
  • Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Toiletries/ Bathroom

17. Shower Items

dorm room essentials for girls college
dorm room essentials for girls college packing

If you’re going to be using communal showers or sharing your bathroom with anyone, you’ll need these dorm shower essentials. Having some shower shoes is insanely important if you’re using a communal bathroom. You’re probably fine not getting some if you’re only sharing your bathroom with a couple of people, though.

A shower caddy tote is important whether you’re using a communal shower or just sharing your bathroom with a couple people.

18. Towels, Head Towel, And Washcloths

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essentials for dorm room

Don’t forget to get some towels, washcloths, and a head towel for when you go to school!

19. Bath Robe

essentials for college dorm room

A bathrobe is super convenient to have when you live in the dorms because you can just throw it on instead of walking around in a towel when you’re likely to run into people. It’s also convenient to put on whenever you have to see people when you weren’t expecting it.

20. Bathroom decor

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the ultimate list of dorm room essentials for 2021

If you have a bathroom that you’ll be sharing with suite mates instead of a communal bathroom, you’ll probably need to get some bath mats and a shower curtain. You could probably collaborate with your roommates/ suite mates on this to make sure that you only buy one though!

21. Nail Stuff

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dorm room essentials freshman year

Don’t forget to bring some stuff to do your nails to college! If you’re like me and like having fake nails, this is the best and easiest kit to use!! They last 3 weeks and will save you tons of money on getting them done at the salon.

23. Shower Cap

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If you don’t wash your hair every day, you’ll need a shower cap!

24. Period Products

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Don’t forget to bring your menstrual products to college!! If you use menstrual cups, these are the best.

25. Hair Brush & Hair Ties

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essential for college
college packing list girl

Some other things you don’t want to forget are a hairbrush, hair ties, and scrunchies.

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26. Dry Shampoo

freshman dorm room essentials

I would highly recommend getting some dry shampoo before going to college. Odds are you’ll have some times where you didn’t have time to wash your hair and some dry shampoo will be a life saver to keep you from going to class with dirty looking hair.

Other Bathroom/ Toiletries:

  • Hair Tools (straightener, curling iron, blow dryer)
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Face Wash
  • Deodorant
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Shaving Cream
  • Razor
  • Body Wash
  • Tweezers
  • Medicine


27. Dishes, Bowls, And Cups

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dorm room essentials 2021

You do need some dishes, bowls, cups, and mugs for the dorms, but you only need about 4 of each. These sets are so cute and perfect for the dorms!

28. Reusable Containers

dorm room essentials 2022
uncommon dorm room essentials

Reusable containers/ reusable baggies are perfect for taking food back to your dorm from the meal hall or for packing your lunch.

29. Reusable Water Bottle

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Don’t forget to get an emotional support water bottle to make sure you’re drinking enough water!

30. Travel Mug

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A travel mug is a good idea to get so you can take coffee, or whatever warm beverage you prefer, to class.

31. Dish Rack

what to pack for college out of state

This is something I literally did not think to get when I went to college. If you’re going to have a small kitchenette/ sink for dishes in your dorm, I’d definitely recommend getting a dish drying rack.

32. Coffee Maker

freshman college supply list

Coffee is a life saver in college. Having a coffee maker in your dorm will save you a lot of money from buying coffee all the time. This mini Keurig is perfect for a dorm room!

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More Kitchen Essentials:

  • Silverware Set
  • Can Opener
  • Dish Sponge
  • Dish Towels
  • Mini Fridge
  • Toaster/ Toaster Oven
  • Mini Skillet
  • Electric Kettle
  • Blender


34. Mini Vacuum

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When I first went to college I took a big clunky vacuum. It took up so much space in my closet that I really needed for other things, and it was a pain to lug it around. A mini vacuum is so much more convenient for the dorms because you’ll still be able to clean, but it won’t take up as much space.

35. Clorox Wipes

extreme college packing list

When you’re going to be living in a space with a bunch of other people, having some disinfecting wipes is a good idea, especially in the COVID era.

36. Laundry Stuff

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college apartment
college checklist

Laundry stuff is one thing I forgot to bring to college. Don’t be like me! These are my favorite laundry products. I literally cannot explain how good the Downy Calm fabric softener smells.

37. All Purpose Spray

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You don’t want to bring a million different cleaning sprays to your dorm because you probably won’t have space for all of that. An all purpose cleaner will let you clean pretty much anything without having to get a bunch of different sprays!

38. Bathroom Cleaning

college checklist for freshman
college dorm checklist for freshman

A plunger and toilet cleaning brush are two other things I literally did not think to bring to college. You’ll only need these if you’re going to have your own bathroom or are sharing it with a few people!

Other Cleaning Stuff

  • Dish Soap
  • Room Spray
  • Garbage Bags
  • Wrinkle Release Spray
  • Stain Remover Stick
  • Lint Roller
  • Toilet Cleaner

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39. Under The Bed Storage

college dorm checklist for freshman 2022

Under the bed storage is a good idea so you can store things under your bed without it being cluttered.

40. Closet Organizer

college packing list 2022

A closet organizer is great for some extra storage space in your closet!

41. Stacking Shelves

college packing list 2021

These stackable plastic drawers are perfect for a dorm because you can just stack them wherever they’ll fit for a bit of extra storage.

42. Over The Door Storage

dorm packing list 2022

When I got to college I saw that my roommate had one of these and I was like….that’s genius. You hang it over the door and it gives you tons more storage. You can put shoes in it or just like other miscellaneous small items.

Other Organization Essentials:

  • Hangers
  • Drawer Organizers
  • Jewelry Organizer
  • Cabinet Organizers


43. Ipad + Apple Pencil

dorm packing list 2021
freshman college checklist

An Ipad and Apple Pencil are the best things I ever bought in college. I downloaded all of my books and took all of my notes on my Ipad. They can be a little expensive, but I definitely think it is a worthy investment for college. I got mine used on Facebook Marketplace to save a bit of money.

44. Laptop

freshman college checklist 2021

A laptop is an essential in college. I used my Macbook Air through all 4 years of college and it was great.

45. Roku

freshman college checklist 2022

My Roku is one thing I couldn’t have lived without when living in the dorms. It fits all of your streaming services into one little box and you just hook it up to your TV! I still use my Roku every day. I’ve used apple tv and the fire tv stick, but my Roku is definitely my favorite.

46. Extras

necessities for dorm
necessities for dorm 2022
necessities for dorm freshman

Don’t forget to bring these extras to college! If you’re bringing a TV you’ll need an HDMI cord, you’ll probably need batteries for all kinds of things, and you’ll definitely need a power strip to plug all of your things into because your dorm probably won’t have a lot of outlets.

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Other Electronics:

  • Headphones
  • Kindle
  • Video Game Devices
  • Chargers
  • TV

School Supplies

47. Planner

necessities for dorm college freshman

A planner is a MUST in college to manage your time well and keep track of assignments and deadlines. I literally would not have made it throughout college with good grades without using a planner.

48. Notebooks

freshman college move in checklist 2022

You’ll need notebooks to take notes in your classes. Unless you’re like me and use an Ipad!

49. Writing Supplies

college packing list pdf 2022
college clothes packing list
college clothes packing list 2022

You’ll need some pens, pencils, and highlighters for taking notes and doing homework. These are my favorite pens and pencils. And these pastel highlighters are super cute!

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Other School Supplies:

  • Binders
  • Backpack
  • Lunchbox
  • Calculator
  • Flashcards
  • Mini Stapler
  • Tape
  • Bookmarks/ Sticky Notes


  • Drivers License
  • Student ID
  • Copy Of Birth Certificate
  • Health Insurance Cards
  • Auto Insurance Card
  • Financial Aid Documents


50. Safety/ Self Defense

things to buy for college
things to buy for college 2022
things to buy for college dorm

Extra safety/ self defense is one of the most important dorm room essentials for girls. This door lock protects against forced entry and keeps people from getting in even if they have a key. And this pepper spray and taser set and alarm are good for self defense.

51. Rainy Day

things to buy for college dorm 2022
things to buy for college dorm room
things to buy for college dorm room 2022

Getting stuff for when it rained is something that did not cross my mind at all when I was shopping for college. Then one day I woke up and it was pouring down rain and I realized I didn’t have an umbrella, rain boots, or a rain jacket, and I had to walk to class. Don’t be like me and forget these things because sitting in class dripping wet is…not fun.

Other Miscellaneous

  • Earplugs
  • Sleep Mask
  • Bike

This post was all about dorm room essentials for girls.

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