45+ Perfect First Apartment Gifts For Their New Place

Are you looking for some first apartment gifts for someone moving into their very first apartment? Here are some amazing first apartment gift ideas that they’ll actually use.

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first apartment gifts

Knowing what first apartment gifts someone will actually use can be kind of hard. You want to get them something cute, but you also want to make sure that it’s something they’ll actually get some use out of.

So, I’ve gathered a list of amazing gifts for a new apartment!! These are things I totally would have loved to get when moving into my first apartment and definitely would have used, along with some first apartment must haves.

This post is all about first apartment gifts.

The Best First Apartment Gifts

Top Picks

Best Overall: Dyson Handheld Vacuum

Top Easy Gift: Housewarming Basket

Best Decor: Galaxy Projector

Top Funny Gift: Funny Housewarming Candle

Practical Gifts They’ll Definitely Use


1. Robo Vacuum

first apartment gift ideas

Robo vacuums are so convenient. You just set it to go around your house, and it vacuums all the floors for you without you having to do a thing! This is something I definitely would have used in my first apartment, especially as a busy college student who, admittedly, did not think about vacuuming the floors very often.

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2. Pet Camera

first apartment gifts for her

A pet camera is the perfect first apartment gift for pet owners, that way they can check on their fur babies when they’re not at home. This pet camera also has a treat dispenser and it’s so cool!

3. Echo Dot With Alexa

funny first apartment gifts

An echo dot with alexa is the perfect gift for a first apartment. You can just talk out loud and tell it anything you want it to do and it’s so awesome. You can also hook it up to tons of different electronic devices.

4. Dyson Vacuum

first apartment gift basket

I feel like a Dyson handheld vacuum is something that’s on everyone’s apartment wishlists. It’s an insanely good vacuum, along with it being cordless, lightweight, and you can even take the top off and transform it into a handheld vacuum. My mom has a dyson and I love to borrow it and use the handheld part to vacuum out my car.

5. Security Camera

kitchen gifts for first apartment

A security camera is a great gift idea for apartment living, especially if they’re living alone, for a little bit of extra safety and security.

6. Air Fryer

gifts for small apartment

An air fryer is another thing I feel like is on everyone’s apartment wishlist. It makes it so easy to quickly and conveniently cook all kinds of foods.

7. Coffee Maker

gifts for a new apartment

Everyone needs a coffee maker, and this Keurig coffee maker can’t be beat. This is the coffee maker that my roommates and I have in our house and I swear by it! It makes making coffee so easy and convenient. It heats up super fast, has a water tank so you don’t have to fill it up every time, and has 3 different cup size options to choose from!

8. Good Blender

gifts for new apartment

A good blender is such a good investment. For years I had a cheap little blender that I would use, but everything I made in it never fully blended. This is the blender that my roommates and I have in our house and let me tell you, having a nice blender to use has been a life changer.

A good blender is the perfect gift for anyone moving into their first apartment.


9. Cutting Boards

new house gifts

Cutting boards are a first apartment essential. Anyone who ever cooks at home is going to need some cutting boards for their first apartment.

10. Cooking Utensils

new apartment gift

When I moved into my first apartment I had this one spoon that I would use to cook everything because I didn’t have any other cooking utensils and was too broke to buy any. Getting someone cooking utensils as a first apartment gift will help them avoid that same fate of using the same spoon for everything.

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11. Mixing Bowl And Measuring Cup Set

new apartment gifts

A mixing bowl and measuring cup set is something that anyone moving into their first apartment would really appreciate so they have things to cook with!

12. Cute Food Storage Containers

gifts for first apartment

These cute storage containers will help them organize all of their pantry essentials in their new apartment!

13. Tea Towels

apartment gifts for college students

These cute tea towels are perfect for adding a little extra decor to the kitchen.

14. Cookbook

first apartment must haves

A cookbook is such a great gift idea for a first apartment, especially if they’ve not cooked a lot.

This cookbook is perfect for college students moving into their first apartment!

15. Knife Set

college apartment gifts

If they cook at all, they’re going to need a knife set for their first apartment. This knife set is super cute and is the perfect first apartment gift idea for her!

16. Cookware Set

college apartment warming

They’ll also need a cookware set of pots and pans if they’re going to cook. This is another super cute cookware set that they’d definitely use!

17. Dish Drainer Rack

college apartment warming gifts

Something I’ve seen a lot of people do in their first apartments is lay a towel down and lay all of their clean dishes on it (I did this is my first apartment). Having a dish drainer rack is so much more convenient and effective, but it’s something not a lot of people want to spend money on for their first apartment. So it would be a perfect gift!

18. Pot Strainer

best first apartment gifts

I saw this pot strainer on Amazon and I think it is so genius and cool. It would be such a perfect gift for anyone moving into their first apartment!


19. Towel Set

first apartment checklist

A towel set is a first apartment bathroom essential. This towel set is super cute.

20. Shower Caddy

first apartment gifts basket

A shower caddy makes life so much easier, but its another thing a lot of people don’t want to spend money on for themselves. Save them from having all of their toiletries sitting on the side of the tub by getting them a shower caddy as a gift.

21. Poo-Pourri

first apartment gifts ideas

I don’t know if this is TMI, but I LOVE poo-pourri spray. You just spray it in the toilet before you go #2, and it takes away the smell and makes it smell like the spray instead. One of the best things ever invented in my opinion, and it would be the perfect first apartment gift.


22. Doormat

first apartment gifts basket ideas

This rainbow doormat would be such a cute housewarming gift!

23. Extra security

first apartment gifts ideas college students

Like a security camera, it’s a good idea to get this door lock for extra security. It prevents forced entry, along with keeping people out even if they have a key (which apartment managers and maintenance do). This is a great gift idea for anyone, but especially for someone who will be living alone.

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24. Spray Mop

first apartment gifts ideas friends

A spray mop is so much more convenient than a regular mop. Anyone who doesn’t already have one would appreciate this to make cleaning easier.

25. Bedding Set

first apartment gifts basket college students

A nice bedding set is the perfect gift for a first apartment. You can never have too many options when it comes to bedding.

26. Cute Laundry Basket

move in gifts apartments

A cute laundry basket is a great gift idea because a having a laundry basket is essential, but this one can also be used as decor!

27. Tool Kit

new apartment checklist

Everyone needs a toolkit. When they move into their first apartment they’ll probably be setting up furniture and all kinds of stuff, so having a toolkit is a must.

Feel-Good Housewarming Gifts

28. Nice Showerhead

apartment gift ideas

Depending on the kind of apartment they’re moving into, the original shower head in the apartment might not be the best. A nice rainfall shower head would be such a good gift. And it would be the gift that keeps on giving!

29. Diffuser

apartment warming gift

Help their new house smell super nice and refreshing with an ultrasonic diffuser and essential oils!

30. Streaming Device

college apartment gifts

Everyone needs a streaming device to easily watch their favorite shows and movies. My Roku is literally my favorite thing (right after my dog, of course), and it is the perfect gift for anyone moving into their first apartment.

31. Galaxy Projector

gifts for moving

I have this galaxy projector and it is literally SO COOL. It projects stars onto the cieling and immediately transforms any room into a magical dreamland. It’s the perfect gift to turn their new apartment into a super relaxing atmosphere.

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32. Coffee Table Books

move in gifts

Coffee table books are such a cute decor gift idea. This Chanel coffee table book would be a super cute way to level up their decor.

33. Throw Blankets

moving in gifts

No one can ever have enough blankets. Help make their new apartment super cozy by getting them a throw blanket!

34. Comfy Slippers

apartment warming gifts

Cozy slippers are another essential for making your home super comfy and cozy. They’re the perfect housewarming gift!

35. Self Care Box

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gifts for first apartment

This self care box is one of my favorite gift ideas. It comes with cozy socks, lavender honey, tea, and more! It would be such a thoughtful and nice gift to get someone.

36. Subscription box

apartment gifts

A subscription box is a great gift idea if you want to get them a gift that will come every month. This makeup box subscription is a perfect first apartment gift for girls.

37. Renter Friendly Decor

gift for apartment
gift ideas for new apartment
new apartment gift ideas

Some renter friendly apartment decor like this is perfect for someone who wants to make their apartment super homey and level up their space.

38. Nespresso

apartment gift ideas

A Nespresso is an awesome gift idea for anyone who loves coffee! It can make you amazing high quality coffee at home.

39. Good Vibes Candles

new apartment gifts for her

I am obsessed with this good vibes candle set! It would be such a cute gift to give someone for their first apartment to help with the vibes.

40. Ambient Lighting (salt lamp, fairy lights, led lights etc)

practical moving in gifts
practical moving in gifts

Ambient lighting is a must for making an apartment feel cozy and homey. I have these fairy lights in my room and they provide the perfect soft lighting and make it feel so magical. Multicolored LED lights are another great option for ambient lighting.

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41. Back Massager

new apartment gift basket

A back massager is something that a lot of people would get use out of, but would probably never splurge on for themselves. It would be an awesome gift to get someone for their first apartment.

42. Shower Steamers

housewarming gift ideas

Shower steamers are awesome for making showers feel spa-like. You just throw them in and they make your shower smell amazing and relaxing and are great for aromatherapy.

43. Housewarming Gift Basket

best gift for housewarming

A super easy gift idea would be to just buy them a pre made housewarming basket.

Funny Gifts

44. Funny Candles

best housewarming gifts
first apartment tips
first apartment ideas

These candles are hilarious and would be the perfect funny first apartment gift.

45. Funny Coasters

first apartment checklist

Everyone needs coasters, and these ones are the perfect practical, but also funny, gift.

46. Funny Mug

first apartment essentials

This is another gift that they would probably actually use, but it’s a bit more personalized to their situation.

47. Dish Towels

first apartment checklist pdf

These dish towels are such a cute and funny gift idea for a first apartment.

This post was all about first apartment gifts.

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