55 Super Cute And Affordable First Apartment Ideas For Decorating On A Budget

Are you looking for cheap first apartment ideas for decorating your home without spending an arm and a leg? Here is some affordable decor to help you make your apartment look super cute on a budget.

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first apartment ideas

Finding first apartment ideas for decorating when you’re on a budget can be hard. I remember when I moved into my first apartment I wanted it to be really cute, but I had a hard time finding cute apartment ideas on a budget.

In this post I have gathered all kinds of affordable decor to help you decorate your first apartment. So many cute decor ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!!!

After you read this post you’ll have a ton of insanely cute decor ideas for your new home. 🙂

This post is all about affordable first apartment ideas.

Super Cute Affordable First Apartment Ideas For Decorating On A Budget

Table of Contents

Living room

1. Mirrors

first apartment ideas decorating

Round mirrors are so trendy right now. This one is perfect for putting above the couch in your living room!

first apartment ideas decorating cheap

Full body mirrors are a MUST for decorating your apartment. This one is perfect to help you be able to see how your outfits look.

2. Shelves

apartment decorating ideas

These floating shelves are so cute for a living room. You can hang plants, pictures, decor, or whatever you want! Perfect for a boho apartment aesthetic.

3. Rugs

small apartment ideas

This big fluffy rug would be such a cute addition to a living room.

first apartment must haves

This faux sheepskin rug looks so much more expensive than it is! It would be perfect for a pet to snuggle up on, too.

4. Art

apartment decorating on a budget

These wall art prints are perfect for a boho themed living room.

small apartment ideas

These art prints would be really good for a minimalist theme!

5. Lamps

small apartment decorating ideas on a budget

I am OBSESSED with this industrial floor lamp. It looks so cute and expensive while being so affordable.

first apartment necessities

This is another super cute affordable industrial style lamp that would look amazing in a living room or on a desk.

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6. Throw Blanket

first apartment gifts

This throw blanket looks so cute and comfy and would be so perfect for a living room couch or chair.

7. Throw Pillows

first apartment starter kit
first apartment/ dorm needs

These throw pillow covers would look so cute with pretty much any living room theme.

first apartment essentials for women

This affordable round velvet pillow is perfect for leveling up your decor and making things look more expensive.

8. End Tables

cheap apartment patio ideas

These end tables are perfect for a living room and are so cute.

9. Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

apartment decorating tips on a budget

This wall hanging is perfect for adding a pop of green to your living room space.

10. Moon Phase Wall Mirrors

small apartment decorating ideas on a budget

If you’re a fan of moon decor like me, these moon phase mirrors are so perfect for putting above a couch.

11. Keyholder

studio apartment decorating ideas on a budget

A keyholder is essential for a first apartment. This one is cute and affordable!

12. Battery Operated Candles

college apartment decorating ideas on a budget

I saw on tiktok recently someone who had her battery operated candles set on a timer to turn on and create ambience every evening. I think that’s such a cute idea! These are perfect for creating ambient lighting in the living room.


13. Duvet Set

first apartment kitchen essentials
first apartment gifts for women

This is the duvet cover that I have in my own room and I swear by it. It is so soft and comfy, along with being so cute!

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14. Rug

cute ways to decorate apartment

A comfy rug is a must for apartment bedrooms. This one is perfect for making your bedroom look cute and cozy.

15. Blackout Curtains

living room apartment ideas

These blackout curtains are perfect for blocking out the sun and helping your space look super put-together.

16. Digital Alarm Clock

first apartment decorating ideas on a budget

Digital alarm clocks are so trendy, especially if you have a minimalist or modern apartment theme.

17. Wall Art

cheap first apartment decorating ideas

This wall art is super cute for a boho themed bedroom.

18. Satin Pillow Cases

first apartment decorating kitchen

Satin pillow cases are so much better for your hair and skin than regular cotton pillow cases. These are the ones I use in my own bedroom and I love them! They look nice while still being comfy to sleep on.

19. Neon Sign

first apartment decorating balcony

A neon moon and cloud sign is a perfect way to decorate your bedroom wall.

20. Moon Lamp

first apartment decorating couple

I think moon lamps like this one are SO cute. They’re perfect for a dreamy bedroom.

21. Throw Blanket

first apartment decorating patio

Throw blankets in your room are a must so you can bundle up in them when you’re watching tv or reading.

22. Galaxy Projector

cheap apartment decorating ideas pinterest

I have a galaxy projector in my room and I am OBSESSED. It projects onto your ceiling and literally makes it look like a galaxy or the night sky.

23. Wall Vines

cheap apartment furniture ideas

Wall vines are a staple for a magical bedroom and for adding a pop of color. I have vines on my bedroom walls and it makes my room look like a magical fairy garden.

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24. Light Up Bonsai Tree

college apartment living room ideas

This light up bonsai tree is another perfect affordable bedroom pick for creating soothing, ambient lighting.

25. Moon Phase Wall Hanging

college girl apartment ideas

This moon phase wall hanging is another perfect idea for creating a dreamy room.

26. Lamp

how to decorate an apartment on a budget

This floor lamp is so cool and would be an amazing bedside lamp for reading.


27. Mixing Bowls

college apartment wall decor

Getting a set of matching mixing bowls is a great way to make your kitchen look more put-together.

28. Potholders

modern apartment decor on a budget

This set of potholders is so cute for decorating your kitchen with.

29. Dish Towels

decorating a rental apartment on a budget

Getting some cute dish towels is such an easy way to make your kitchen look cute.

30. Tea Towels

how to decorate your first apartment on a budget

Cute tea towels are another easy way to make your kitchen look decorated.

31. Soap Dispensers

minimalist apartment on a budget

These matching soap dispensers are perfect for decorating the kitchen.

32. Salt and Pepper Shakers

how to decorate a small apartment on a budget

Matching salt and pepper shakers are a must for decorating your apartment kitchen. They’re so much cuter than just keeping your salt and pepper in their normal containers.

33. Coffee Wall Art

how to furnish your apartment on a budget

This coffee art print is one of my favorite first apartment ideas. So cute for decorating the walls in your kitchen!

34. Cutting Boards

first apartment checklist

Cutting boards are an essential in any kitchen, and getting some cute ones like these is a great way to decorate your stovetop.

35. Kitchen Mats

first apartment kitchen essentials

These kitchen mats are so much cuter than having plain ones!

36. Measuring Cups and Spoons

first apartment decor

I think this measuring cup set is so adorable and is the perfect addition for a super cute kitchen.

37. Paper Towel Holder

first apartment furniture

A paper towel holder is another kitchen essential, and getting a cute one like this is a great way to level up your kitchen decor.

38. Utensil Holder

first apartment reddit

Get a cute utensil holder to avoid having them clutter up your drawers, and it will help everything look super put-together!

39. Mats for Hot Dishes

first apartment excitement

I think these leaf silicone mats for placing hot dishes on are SO adorable.

40. Utensil Set

first apartment checklist 2022

This utensil set matches the measuring cup set from earlier, and it is so cute. Getting a cute matching utensil set is such a good way to make your kitchen look so nice.


41. Toilet Paper Holder

first apartment aesthetic

This gold toilet paper holder is the perfect bathroom decoration. It’s so much cuter than a plain one.

42. Leaf Bath Mat

first apartment goals

This leaf rug is perfect to use as a bath mat.

43. Fake Plants

first apartment tips

Fake plants are a great way to bring some green into a bathroom without having to worry about keeping the plants alive.

44. Mason Jar Holders

first apartment with boyfriend decor

This mason jar set is perfect for putting your toothbrush, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and soap in.

45. Towel Holder

first apartment decorating

Having a towel rack in your bathroom is a must. This one would be such a cute bathroom decoration, and is a good idea if you want to avoid hanging your wet towels in random spots in your bathroom!

46. Hair Tool Organizer

first apartment decorating ideas

This hair tool organizer is such a cute bathroom decoration and would keep your hair tools from getting all tangled in a drawer.

47. Makeup Organizer

cheap apartment decor

Adding a makeup organizer to your bathroom counter is an easy decoration idea, and it will give you a spot for your makeup.

48. Storage Baskets

cheap apartment decor first apartment

These affordable storage baskets are so cute, and they’re perfect for putting things like perfume in.

49. Peachy Clean Bath Mat

cheap apartment decor on a budget

I think this “peachy clean” bath mat is SO cute!

50. Floating Shelves

budget apartment decor

These floating shelves are perfect for a bathroom if you need extra storage, or they’d be so cute to put little decorations or plants on.

51. Butt Wall Decor

budget first apartment ideas

Butt wall decor in a bathroom is so funny. This art print would be perfect to decorate your bathroom wall with.

52. Peach Shower Curtain

budget first apartment decor ideas

This peach shower curtain would look so cute with the peach rug from earlier! It would add lovely pop of color.

53. Hand Towels

budget first apartment decoration ideas

These hand towels are so cute and would be the perfect bathroom decor.

54. Bath Towels

budget first apartment decorating ideas

Getting a matching bath towel set is a great way to help your bathroom look decorated and put-together.

55. Toilet Cover Set

budget first apartment decorating

A toilet cover set is the ultimate bathroom decor idea. You know you have your life together if you have a toilet seat cover.

This post was all about first apartment ideas for decorating on a budget.

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