28 Important College Apartment Kitchen Essentials You Can’t Forget

Looking for essentials for your college apartment kitchen? Here is the best college apartment list of things you need to get!

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college apartment kitchen

If you’re moving into your first college apartment, you might be looking for college apartment kitchen essentials.

I remember when I moved into my first apartment in college I had no idea what to buy for my kitchen. When I tried to cook for the first time I realized I’d forgotten so many college apartment essentials when it came to the kitchen.

I recently graduated college, and now I know everything you need in a college apartment kitchen after living on my own for a few years. Here is the best college apartment kitchen checklist of things you actually really need to have in your kitchen.

This post is all about cute college apartment kitchen essentials.

Absolute Must Have College Apartment Kitchen Essentials


1. Electric kettle

college apartment kitchen essentials

An electric kettle is a great appliance to have in a college apartment! It heats up water super fast and efficiently, so it’ll save you money on your electric bill if you use it instead of the stovetop!

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2. Microwave

what do you need in a college apartment kitchen

A microwave is an absolute essential in a college apartment. You’ll need it to heat up frozen food, leftovers, etc.

3. Water Filter

college apartment kitchen list
college apartment kitchen decor

In most places you need a water filter, because in most cities the tap water does not taste good. A brita filter pitcher like this one is perfect to have at home, and a brita filter bottle like this one is great for getting clean water on the go while you’re on campus!!

4. Blender

what do i need in my kitchen as a student

This might not be an essential for everyone, but if you like smoothies or like to cook it is!! Along with making smoothies you can use it to blend soups, make sauces, etc.

5. Coffee Maker

what do i need for a dorm kitchen

If you’re a coffee drinker, getting a coffee maker will save you so much money. You can just make coffee at home instead of buying it from coffee shops! I swear by my Keurig because it is so quick and convenient!!

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Cooking Tools

6. A Pot

college apartment essentials

If you’re only going to be cooking for yourself, a single pot should work for pretty much anything you need to cook. If you’re someone who cooks elaborate meals at home you may need more than one, but I honestly only have one and it’s all I’ve ever needed!

7. A Pan

appliances you need for college

Same thing with a pan. All you really need for simple cooking is one pan like this one! It depends on the kind of food you make, but one pan should cover it for most people!

8. Measuring Cups

college apartment
college essentials

You’ll need some measuring cups for cooking as well. A measuring cup set like this one is perfect for a college apartment. I also really love Pyrex measuring cups for measuring liquid!

9. Knives

essential for college

You really don’t need a lot of knives for a college apartment, a few will usually do (again, depends on what you’re cooking). This set has more than you’ll probably need, but you can’t beat it for the price!!

10. Mixing Bowls

essentials for college

You will also probably need a mixing bowl set. This set is perfect for cooking and baking and it’s less than $11!

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11. Can Opener

college checklist

I totally forgot to buy a can opener for my college apartment and didn’t realize it until I was in the middle of cooking something and needed to open a can. Make sure you get one!

12. Baking Sheet

college checklists

You’ll need a baking sheet as well. Like the pots and pans, you really only need one.

13. Tupperware

college apartment decor

Some storage containers like these are essential for storing leftovers and other things!

14. Plastic wrap, Parchment paper, Aluminum foil

college apartment kitchen table
college apartment kitchen set
college dorm kitchen

It is good to have plastic wrap, parchment paper, and aluminum foil on hand for cooking, too!

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15. Strainer

college apartment checklist

You’ll need a colander/ strainer to strain pasta noodles, rinse fruit, etc. This one is great because it is collapsible so it will save you space when you’re not using it.

16. Small Dish Set

checklist for college apartment

You don’t need a ton of dishes unless you plan to be cooking for a lot of people. This dish set is perfect for a college apartment because it comes with 4 cups, 4 bowls, and 4 plates. It’s also really cute and eco-friendly!

17. Mugs

apartment checklist college
bedroom ideas college apartment

You don’t need a whole lot of mugs either. 4 is probably good! This mug set matches the dish set that I just talked about, and these mugs are perfect if you’re a person who likes heavier mugs. You can always add to your mug collection later on! Thrift stores always have really cute mugs for super cheap. A set like these will be good to start you out, though!

18. Cutting Board

college apartment bedroom ideas

A cutting board is another thing I forgot to buy for my first college apartment. I ended up ruining all of my plates because I would use them to cut things on because I didn’t have a cutting board. I’d definitely recommend investing a few dollars in a cutting board! They’re pretty inexpensive and definitely worth the money.

19. Utensils

college apartment kitchen checklist

You’ll also need a utensil set for cooking. This one is perfect because it has everything you’ll need, and it is a really good option for the price!

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20. Silverware

how do you stock a college kitchen

You’ll need some silverware as well, but you don’t need to get a huge set unless you’ll be cooking for a ton of people. This 20 piece set is perfect for a college apartment!

General Kitchen Things

21. Dish Towels

how can a college student stock a fridge

You’ll need some dish towels for your kitchen. I love using cute ones in my kitchen and hanging them up because they double as decor. This set would look insanely cute in a college apartment!

22. Dish Drying Rack

college apartment kitchen ideas

This is another thing I literally did not think to get when I moved into my first apartment. I tried to dry my dishes by laying a rag on the counter and setting my dishes on it to dry. My counter was always covered in water and my dishes never completely dried.

I 100% recommend getting a dish drying rack. It’ll make your life literally so much easier because it will save you counter space and your dishes will dry a lot faster.

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23. Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

college apartment kitchen organization

An anti-fatigue kitchen mat is good to put in your kitchen so you’re comfy while doing dishes or cooking. They’re super squishy and will keep your feet from hurting! I would call this an unnecessary essential because you don’t absolutely need it, but it would be really nice to have.

24. Dish Sponge

college apartment ideas

You’ll need a dish sponge to do your dishes. I like to use dish wands like this one. You fill the handle with soap, and it comes out automatically through the sponge while you’re doing dishes! I like using these a lot better because it’s convenient and instead of having to put my hand in the dirty dishes like I would with a handheld sponge I just hold onto the handle and let the sponge do all the work lol.

25. Dish Soap

college apartment bathroom

You’re also going to need some dish soap. I like this dish soap brand because it’s cruelty free and is made with essential oils, but any dish soap will work really!

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26. Ziplock Baggies/ Reusable Baggies

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cute college apartment ideas

I would get some ziploc bags ahead of time so you have them when you need them. If you’re willing to spend a bit more for an eco friendly/ reusable option, these reusable baggies are a great option!

27. Oven Mitts

roomate ideas apartments

Don’t forget to get some oven mitts like these so you don’t burn your hands when getting things out of the oven.

28. Trash Can

college home decor

The last thing you’ll need for your college apartment kitchen is a trash can like this one! This is an absolute essential so make sure you grab one asap when you’re moving in.

This post was all about college apartment kitchen ideas to help you decorate.

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