30 Best Gifts For Mom She’ll Be Obsessed With

Whether you’re looking for gifts for the holidays, a birthday, mother’s day, etc, you might be looking for the best gifts for mom. Here are the best mom gift ideas for this year!

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Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what gifts for mom to get, especially if your mom is like mine and always says she doesn’t want anything.

These are some amazing gifts that any mom would absolutely love!

After you read this post, you’ll have so many good ideas for gifts to get your mom for any occasion.

This post is all about the best gifts for mom she’ll love.

The Best Gifts For Mom 2024

1. Coffee Maker


I’ve heard such good things about the Nespresso coffee maker. If your mom is a coffee fanatic, or if she spends an absurd amount of money getting coffee from coffee shops, this would be such an amazing gift to get her. You can make really great coffee at home with it!

2. Pottery Kit


I’m including this on the list because this is what I got my mom for her birthday this year. A pottery kit is such a cute idea if your mom is crafty, but really any kind of craft kit will do!

3. Slippers


Slippers are a gift any mom would appreciate, and she would definitely use them! These slippers are so cute and trendy.

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4. Lip Balm

This is a great small gift/ stocking stuffer idea if you’re not wanting to break the bank on a gift. I’ve heard such good things about the Summer Friday’s lip balm on tiktok. The laneige one is my absolute favorite because it tastes really good and makes your lips look so plump and hydrated.

Either of these lip balms would be a great option.

5. Blankets


You can never have too many blankets. I feel like my mom has an absurd amount of blankets in here house, but she is always so happy to receive one as a gift.

Weighted blankets help with stress and anxiety, so it would be a good gift to help your mom destress.

6. Wireless Charger


Wireless chargers are all the rage right now. You just lay your phone on it and it charges! This would be the perfect gift if your mom forgets to put her phone on the charger or her phone is dying all the time.

7. Wine Stuff


When I asked my mom for gift ideas for this post pretty much all she could give me was “wine stuff, all moms love wine.” So, here are some cute things you could get your mom if she’s a wine lover!

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8. Travel Jewelry Case

This is a great idea if your mom wears jewelry and travels a lot, but she could use it at home as well!

9. Apple Watch & Cute Band

An apple watch is definitely more of a splurge/ luxury gift for mom, but if you’re wanting to really spoil her, it would be a great gift!

You could get her a cute band to go with it, or you could just get her the cute band if she already has an apple watch!

10. Candles

Candles are a foolproof gift to give, and I feel like moms love candles even more than the average person does. I love this brand of candle! They always smell amazing.

11. Heated Coffee Mug


This is another more pricy gift idea, but if your mom likes coffee or hot beverages, she would definitely get use out of this. It’s a self heated mug that will keep your beverages warm for hours! So genius.

12. Duvet Cover & Insert

I feel like you can’t go wrong with cozy bedding as a gift for moms. This pink duvet cover is the exact one I have on my bed and it is so cute and cozy!

A pro tip to getting the fluffiest, coziest duvet ever is to get your duvet insert a size bigger than your cover. I have a king sized insert in my queen sized cover and my bedding is so fluffy and seems so much more expensive than it was!

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13. Lavender Scented Pillow

Following the bedding theme, a new pillow would also be nice! This one is lavender scented and has great reviews on amazon.

14. Soda Stream


If your mom is like mine and is obsessed with soda or sparkling water, this would be an amazing gift to give her so she can make her own and it will save her money! It also has amazing reviews on amazon.

15. Air Fryer


When I lived with my mom we accidentally got an air fryer shipped to us for Christmas one year, and she got obsessed with it so quickly. It’s something she didn’t even know she needed but she used it so much.

16. Audiobook Membership

If your mom is a reader and listens to audiobooks, and Audible gift subscription would be the perfect gift to give her!

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17. Kindle

A kindle is another gift that would be great to give if your mom is a reader. I’ve thought about gifting my mom a kindle so many times!

Coming from someone who is an avid reader, my kindle is probably my favorite gift I’ve ever received.

18. Satin Pillowcase


This is another good gift idea if you’re wanting to upgrade your mom’s bedding! Satin pillowcases are cozy, and they’re better for your hair and skin than normal pillowcases.

19. Teeth Whitening

This might seem like a very random gift idea, but it’s something my mom told me to put on the list.

If your mom likes to whiten her teeth or is interested in starting, this would be the perfect practical gift idea she would definitely use!

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20. Eye Massage Mask


I had never heard of an eye massage mask until I was writing this post, but I think it’s so genius and I am heavily considering buying one for myself now.

It apparently gently massages your eyes and temples and is great for people who have trouble falling asleep, get headaches, or have sore eyes. The amazon reviews on this are great!

I have a back heating pad from the same brand that makes this that I am totally obsessed with, so I trust anything else they make.

21. Dyson Vacuum


This is the most expensive gift idea on the list, but it would make an amazing gift for mom if you’re willing to spend the money on it! My mom had this vacuum, and she used it religiously for years.

22. Tea Kettle

A cute tea kettle like this would be such a cute gift idea for a mom who likes to make tea or other hot beverages. It would make a super cute piece of decor even if she never used it.

23. Cricut


A cricut is another amazing gift idea for crafty moms! You can use it to make tshirts, decor, stickers, custom mugs/ cups, the options are endless!

24. Self Care Box

If you’re at a loss for what to get your mom, a self care box would be a good foolproof gift idea. It comes with candles, socks, a tumbler, and more!

25. Back Heating Pad


I have this back warmer on my back as I’m writing this post right now. I use it every second I possibly can– it’s that good. It’s weighted, covers your whole back, neck, and shoulders, and has a remote where you can control the temperature and the time that it is on!

It’s amazing 100/10 would recommend this as a gift for anyone.

26. Towel Warmer


This is another product I have myself and use religiously. If you’re wanting to really help your mom level up her self care, this towel warmer is the way to go. There is nothing better than having a warm towel or robe when you get out of the bath/ shower!

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27. Light Therapy Lamp


Light therapy lamps are especially great for people who get seasonal depression from the lack of sunlight, but they’re also good to help with mood and overall well-being.

28. Stanley

Stanley cups are another thing everyone on the internet is raving about. They’re apparently insanely good and would make such a good gift for moms!

29. Cozy Socks

Cozy socks are another thing you can never have enough of and are a foolproof gift idea. My mom is obsessed with cozy socks.

30. Foot Spa


This would be the perfect gift to really pamper your mom! It’s an at home foot spa like they use at the nail place when you’re getting a pedicure. My grandma had one of these when I was growing up and I had so much fun using it.

This post was all about the best gifts for mom.

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