Chit chat #1: Life updates & more

Hi everyone! So I don’t usually post a lot of personal stuff on my blog, but I’ve decided that every once in a while I’m going to do a little chit chat/ life updates so that you guys can get to know me a little better and so that I can share important things with you guys along the way. So, yeah! Let’s get into it!

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Life Updates

Okay, not to start this off on a super depressing note, but my first life update is that my dog Zelda died last weekend. 🙁 We had her for 9 years, so our whole family is super upset about it. We think that she had a brain aneurysm. So yeah, super sad. That’s like the only sad update though, so don’t worry!

The next thing that happened is that I brought my dog Dobby to college with me.  It’s been really nice having him here with me to snuggle, but also really stressful because he like, freaks out when he is alone so when I go to class he barks incessantly (which is not ideal for a college dorm, yikes). I will keep you guys updated on how things with him are going!

Other than those two things, nothing major has really happened. I’ve just been getting into the flow of being back at school and stuff. I got a 100 on my first test yesterday though, yay! But yeah now let’s get into the fun part of this post, my current obsessions!

Current Obsessions

Now I’m just going to tell you guys some things that I’ve been loving recently, things like food, beauty picks, shows, music, and whatever else.


After hearing so many great things about it, I finally went out and got myself some Maybelline Fit Me foundation, and I am loving it. My skin is super oily and I have a lot of redness, so it’s amazing to have a foundation that takes care of both of those things.

I’ve also been really loving the Tarte sex kitten liquid liner. I’ve never been great at doing wings, but this eyeliner has the perfect tip for drawing on a wing super easily! Pssst. The liners are both usually $20 each and the mascara is $23, but right now there is a limited offer to get the whole eye set with the liner, mascara, and liquid liner for only $20! The set was one of my Christmas presents and I LOVE it. Definitely a steal for only 20 bucks!


I’ve been eating so much veggie chicken lately. I really like slicing up veggie nuggets and putting them in rice. It’s sooo yummy.


The first show that I have been loving is The Magicians. I binge watched the first two seasons and now I’m just waiting for the third season to be on Netflix! I love anything having to do with magic and fantasy, so I really like it.

I also binge watched literally all of End of the F***ing World last night. It’s a bit of a weird story, but I honestly like weird shows so I loved it.

The show that I’m watching currently as I’m watching this is Black Mirror. Oh my gosh, guys. It is SO good. 10/10 would recommend. I’m obsessed.


I just started rereading “Shatter Me” by Tahereh Mafi. It’s actually my all time favorite book so I’m super happy to be reading it again!

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Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Florence and the Machine and the Peaceful Piano playlist on Spotify. I really like to listen to instrumental music when I study, and instrumental music is perfect!

Recent Goals

For the last part of this post I’m just going to list some of the things I’m working towards currently!

  • Start making crock pot meals
  • Read more
  • Make more art
  • Take time to relax
  • Come up with a blogging schedule
  • Work on growing Instagram following (you can follow me here!)


That wraps up the this chit chat post! Thanks so much for reading, and if you liked this post don’t forget to hit the button below to subscribe! Until next time.







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