The Best Dorm Room Layout Ideas To Maximize Your Space

If you’re moving into a dorm room soon, you’re probably looking for dorm room layout ideas to try. Here are the best dorm layouts you should copy!

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dorm room layout

One of the most confusing things when moving into a dorm is figuring out how you want to do your dorm room layout. Dorm rooms have really specific furniture and very little space, so it can be hard to figure out the best way to set up your room to make it look cute and maximize your space.

Luckily, there are some seriously genius dorm room layout ideas out there. This post has some amazing layout ideas that you should definitely try when setting up your dorm room.

This post is all about the best dorm room layout ideas.

1. Couch Under Lofted Bed

This is one of my absolute favorite dorm room layout ideas. I love how they made the space under the bed into a little entertainment area! Plus, having an ottoman like this one is a great way to create some extra storage space if you get one that you can put things in.

I’m pretty sure the “couch” in this picture is just a mattress propped up, but I’ve seen a lot of people do the same kind of set up with a futon!

2. Desks Between Beds

This is an amazing way to maximize the space and furniture that is gonna be in your dorm room. Setting up a double desk space like this that also doubles as nightstands is so smart!

3. Under Bed Storage Cubes

Putting some storage cubes like this under your bed is one of the best (and cutest) ways to get some extra storage space in your dorm. You could also easily cover up the under bed storage using a bed skirt!

4. Single Dorm Entertainment Area


If you’re lucky enough to get a single dorm room, this would be an awesome way to set it up! When I had a single dorm room I pushed the beds together like this and it was so nice and cozy.

5. Coffee Table Between Beds

I love the idea of setting up the pillows on your dorm beds like a couch and then putting a coffee table in between them!

I recently discovered lift top coffee tables were a thing, and if I was setting up my dorm room like this, that’s the kind of coffee table I would do! You can lift the top off to make it like a desk! It would also be perfect because there would be a bit of extra storage space in the coffee table.

6. Desk Under Lofted Bed


This is a super popular dorm layout idea that people do! You loft your bed and then set up your study area underneath.

7. Space With Curtains Under The Bed

You get very little privacy in a dorm room, and if you’re an introvert, I’d recommend creating a set up like this! The curtains give you some privacy from your roommate, and you can create your own little safe space under there.

8. One Bed On Top Of The Other

This is a super cute way to set up your dorm! I love how they did coordinating colors on the beds.

9. Lofted Beds With Movie Area Under

Creating a cozy movie set up like this underneath lofted beds is SUCH a good idea. You and your roomie could have cute little movie nights!

10. Entertainment Area Between Lofted Beds


This is another good example of how you could set up an entertainment space in a dorm room! I really don’t like doing work or studying in bed, and if you’re like me, having a cozy spot to do homework like this in your dorm is essential.

11. Dorm Kitchen Set Up

Another thing you’ll probably want to include in your dorm room layout is some space for a small kitchen set up! There are so many good ideas for how you could do your dorm kitchen set up. I have a post with some amazing ideas here!

12. Dorm Bed “Couches”


If I were to live in the dorms again, I would 100% do this. Setting up your pillows on your beds to make them look like couches would be so perfect to do during the day.

13. Storage Drawer Nightstand

I’ve seen a ton of people use these kinds of drawers in their dorm room! With the limited amount of space in the dorms, you want your furniture to have as many uses as possible. This is great because it doubles as storage and a night stand!

14. Bunk Beds


One of the most common dorm room layout ideas is to make bunk beds! If you get the bottom bunk, you could hang some curtains and fairy lights to make it really cozy.

15. Cozy Set Up Under Lofted Bed


This is another genius idea for creating a cozy set up under a lofted bed. This space looks absolutely perfect for studying! I couldn’t find the exact chair in the picture, but this beanbag chair is pretty similar and would be perfect to use in a dorm room.

This post was all about the best dorm room layout ideas.

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