25 Cutest St Patrick’s Day Nails That Will Make You Feel So Lucky

If you want to avoid being pinched this year, you might be looking for some cute St. Patrick’s Day nails. Here are some of the cutest ideas for this year!

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st. patrick's day nails

If you’re a fan of green nails, you probably love doing St. Patrick’s Day nails. There are so many cute and trendy green nail ideas you could recreate for the holiday.

I spend so much time looking at nail ideas, and there is nothing better than finding the cutest nails to try for different holidays throughout the year.

Here are some of the trendiest green nail designs you have to try for St. Patrick’s Day this year!

This post is all about super cute St Patrick’s Day nails to copy.

1. Green Nails With Squiggle Design

A simple line art design like this would be perfect for the holiday! This design wouldn’t be too hard to do on yourself at home.

2. Green V French Tips

This design would be so pretty for St. Patrick’s Day! The colors of green they used for this mani look so nice together.

3. Green Ombre French Tips

Doing a different color of green on each nail to give an ombre effect is such a cute idea! This is another design that wouldn’t be too difficult to try on yourself.

3. Green Swirl Design

This swirl design is so pretty! I might try to copy this one myself for St. Patty’s Day.

4. Green French Tips With Pearls

Pearl nails like these are so in this year. I’ve been seeing them everywhere! This would be the perfect classy nail design for the holiday.

5. Shamrock Rainbow And Gold Design

Shamrock, rainbow, and gold glitter are the perfect St. Patrick’s Day nail design combo! It’s a really cute way to recreate the gold at the bottom of the rainbow theme.

6. Green Lava Lamp Design

I am obsessed with these nails! If you’ve ever played Splatoon, this nail design reminds me of that game! They also remind me of a lava lamp.

7. Mini Rainbow And Shamrock Nail Art

This is another really cute way to do rainbows, shamrocks, and gold! This is perfect if you’re wanting to do a dainty design.

8. Little Green Heart Design

These nails would be perfect to do if you’re wanting to do a subtle nail design for St. Patrick’s Day! These green nails would be cute to do year round as well.

9. Green Sparkle Tips

If you’re a big glitter fan like me, these nails would be really cute to do for the holiday.

10. Dark Green Nail Tips

This is another simple green nail idea that would be super cute to do! These nails would go well with pretty much any St. Patrick’s Day outfit as well.

11. Rainbow Accent Nail

These would be so cute if you’re wanting to incorporate a rainbow into your mani! It is simple while still being celebratory.

12. Ombre Nails With A Shamrock Accent Nail

A shamrock accent nail like this would be amazing to do for the holiday! You could add a shamrock to pretty much any green mani and it would be super cute.

13. Green Chrome Design With Sparkles

Chrome designs like this have been super trendy lately! So have sparkle designs like this. So, putting them together is an amazing idea!

14. Green Nail Design With White Flowers

If you’re someone who loves floral nails, these nails would be perfect for you! They’re green, so they’ll keep you from getting pinched, and they’re cute and girly.

15. Cute Frog Nails

My best friend got her nails done like this one time, and oh my goodness. They were so cute. I couldn’t stop looking at them! If you like cute nail designs like this, this one would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

16. Green Glitter Nails

Green glitter nails like these wouldn’t be too hard to DIY at home! These are a super pretty idea if you’re wanting to do glittery nails for the holiday.

17. Dark Green Nails

If you’re someone who likes doing darker nails, this design is for you! This one is good because they almost look black, so they’d go with pretty much anything.

18. Green Nails With Simple Designs

This is my first time seeing a super simplistic nail design like this, and I really like the idea! Just putting a dot on the nail seems so random, but it really pulls it together.

19. Green Nails With Flower Border Design

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flower border design like this, but it is so so cute! I would 100% copy these nails for St. Patrick’s Day.

20. Artsy Green Nails

This is such a cool and unique green nails idea for St. Patrick’s Day! These nails would definitely be attention grabbers.

20. Green To White Gradient Nail Tips

I don’t even really know how to explain what the nail tips would be called, but they are really cute! This is also another cute floral nail design to try for the holiday.

21. Shamrock Outline Nails

If you’re wanting to do shamrock nails, doing an outline like this would be super cute! I also love how they did a gold leaf accent nail as well.

22. Light Green Nail Designs

This is another really cute and super unique nail design you could try for St. Patrick’s Day! These are perfect if you prefer pastel nails.

23. Lucky Charm Nails

Lucky charm nails for St. Patrick’s Day is SUCH a clever idea. If you wanted to do these at home, you could try using a nail sticker sheet like this one!

24. Dark Green And White Designs

This is another super cute swirl line art nail design to try for the holiday! The dark green and white combo looks really good.

25. Green Heart Nails

I’ve been seeing heart nails like this everywhere! They remind me a lot of the Power Puff Girls. I love them! These would be SO cute for St. Patty’s Day.

This post was all about super cute St Patrick’s Day nails to copy.

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