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This is part 2 of my “what I did during a week in LA” post. If you’ve not read part one yet, you can read it here.

A couple weeks ago I took a trip to LA, here are the things I did and places I went during the second half of my week there!

Day 4

On my fourth day in LA we stayed in and watched America’s Next Top Model until around lunch time. This was a slower day because we were all tired from going to the beach the day before.


Around lunch time we walked to Coco Fresh LA to get some boba. I got Thai tea but my friends got taro milk tea and let me try it, and HOLY MOLY that was the best taro milk tea I’ve EVER had. The sweetness level was :* chef’s kiss.

coco fresh tea and juice

Pool Time

After we got boba and some groceries we rested for a bit and then that evening we went to the pool. This is the only picture I got from our time there, but we got in the hot tub after this and met some really cool people. It was super fun.

Full Moon Ritual

This day also happened to be the day of a pretty powerful full moon. Here is my little manifestation jar that I made.

Day 5- Japantown

This day was one of my favorites during my week in LA. We visited Japantown and it was SO FUN.


We started out our day by stopping by Daiso, which is basically a Japanese dollar store. They had so many cute plushies I wanted to buy, but I could only get a few because my flight home only allowed a personal item. So I could only get what would fit in my backpack. 🙁

japan town LA
daiso plushies


For lunch we went to a place that is famous for their soup dumplings. I’ve always wanted to try soup dumplings and REALLY wanted some, but unfortunately they didn’t have any vegetarian options. 🙁 So, I ended up getting normal steamed veggie dumplings and they were pretty yummy.


After lunch we shopped around a little. The picture below was taken in front of the window at my favorite store we went to called Giant Robot. I bought a really cute shirt from there that I’m obsessed with.

giant robot japan town


There were so many dessert places in the area we wanted to try. We had to limit ourselves, though. We started out by going to Honeymee, a place that sells icecream with honey in it. I got the original Honeymee which was just plain vanilla icecream with a chunk of honeycomb. The experience of eating a cold honeycomb was interesting and super tasty!

honeymee japan town

Maggie got a honey affogato, which was similar to what I got except for the fact it had coffee in it. They spilled it on their pants while Sarah was taking pictures of us and that’s what was happening in this picture lol.

After Honeymee, we hit up a creampuff place called Bearded Papa.

beard papas japan town

I got a strawberry creampuff with matcha filling. Shortly after this picture was taken, I took a bite of it and a whole lot of green matcha filling spilled out of the bottom of the cream puff. I didn’t even know it was happening until I looked down and Sarah had caught all of it in their hand to keep it from ruining my white skirt. The true MVP.

Day 6


At this point in the week we were all bone-tired from all of the activities, especially after walking around Japantown the day before. So, we decided to chill and walk to the beach to hang out for a bit.

toes beach


For dinner Sarah made some cabbage “steaks” and potatoes and they were soooo good. Truly a culinary mastermind.

cabbage steaks

Peep Sarah’s dinosaur hello kitty shirt that they got when we went to Giant Robot in Japantown. Isn’t it so cute?

two friends having dinner

Snack & Netflix time

After dinner we ran to the vending machine in the building to get some snacks for our nightly routine of watching Twilight movies.

vending machine friends

Day 7- Last day 🙁

The last day I was there was a more laid back day since I had to fly out that night.


At this point we were all craving the aforementioned heavenly taro boba from Coco’s, so we ordered some from Uber Eats.

I literally cannot explain how good this boba was. If you’re ever in the area, I’d def recommend checking it out.

We drank our boba and watched America’s Next Top Model until dinner time.

coco fresh tea and juice


For dinner we walked to a little Thai restaurant. I can’t remember what my dish was called but it was spicy and yummy.

Goodbyes 🙁

Once we got back from dinner we watched a little more of America’s Next Top Model while I packed. Then I called an Uber to come get me and take me to the airport.

Here is me really trying not to sob like a baby while saying goodbye to Sarah and Maggie. Holding back tears in the back of that Uber on the way to the airport was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do lol.

Flight home

Then I got on my flight home! I left LA at around 1am LA time and landed in Indianapolis around 8am Indianapolis time.

I was scared I’d be bored on the flight and unable to sleep, but two strangers in the seat in front of me got in a yelling match and had to be separated, so that drama actually entertained me for a while.

After that I ended up sleeping for the majority of the flight. I did manage to wake up to see a little bit of the sunrise out my window though. 🙂

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That concludes part 2 of my trip to LA! It was probably my favorite trip I’ve ever been on. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the experiences as much as I enjoyed living them!

As always, thanks so much for reading. If you’d like to hear more from me, be sure to hit the button below to be notified when I post. Until next time! 🙂