The Best Christmas Gifts For Teen Girls 2023

If you have a teen girl in your life, you might be looking for the best Christmas gifts for teen girls for this holiday season. Here are some of the trendiest gifts for teen girls this year!

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christmas gifts for teen girls

Teen girls can be hard to get gifts for because I feel like they’re so specific about what they want. When I was a teenager I remember I would have such specific gift requests for special occasions, and if I didn’t get my exact requests, I’d be disappointed (very reasonable, I know).

If you’re having trouble gift shopping for a teenage girl, these are the trendiest gifts for this year that have been all over tiktok. These are things that any teenage girl would be thrilled to receive for Christmas!

After you read this post you’ll have so many amazing ideas for what to get your teen girl for Christmas this year.

This post is all about insanely good Christmas gifts for teen girls.

Christmas Gifts For Teen Girls They’ll Be Obsessed With


1. Hair Wax Stick

Hair wax sticks like this one are perfect for doing slick back hairstyles. If your teenager likes the slick back hair trend, she would probably love one of these to help elevate her look!

2. Laneige Lip Balm

Coming from somewhat of a lip balm connoisseur, this is the best lip balm ever. It makes your lips look so plump and glossy, is super moisturizing, and smells and tastes so good.

It’s super popular on social media, and if your teen hasn’t tried it yet, I’m sure she would absolutely love to get this as a gift.

3. Hot Air Brush

Round hot air brushes like this one have been going super viral on tiktok the past few weeks. People are using them to do really gorgeous blowouts at home!

Whenever I was a teenager I was all about following the newest hair trends, and if your teenager is the same, this would be the perfect gift.

4. Sugar Scrub

This stuff is so good. I tried it when having a sleepover with one of my friends, and I pretty much immediately ran to Target to get some for myself. It smells amazing and makes your skin so soft!

5. Sol de janeiro Fragrance

Sol De Janeiro perfume has been all over my tiktok for you page for MONTHS. At one point every other video I saw was about how good this fragrance is. I’ve heard it smells amazing. If your teenager is a perfume junkie, she would be obsessed with this.

6. Lip Oil

This lip oil is perfect for hydrating your lips and making them look super glossy! The reviews on amazon are really good.

7. Hair Oil

Ouai hair oil is super popular and is apparently amazing. Reading the reviews is making me want to try it myself!

8. Dae Styling Cream

I’ve been seeing this product in so many videos where people are doing slick back hairstyles and it creates amazing results! It allegedly also smells really good.

9. Summer Fridays Lip Balm

Summer Fridays lip balm has been going super viral recently. This is another great gift to give if your teen girl is obsessed with lip balm. It would also be an amazing stocking stuffer for teen girls!

10. Olaplex Hair Mask

Olaplex products are absolutely amazing for damaged hair. This is a great gift to give if your teen has bleached or damaged their hair with heat!

11. Perfume

Cloud by Ariana Grande is another fragrance that has been all over the internet for smelling so amazing. I personally have this perfume and I get so many compliments on it.

12. BAth Bombs

These bath bombs are perfect for the teenage girl who likes baths! These are super moisturizing and leave your skin feeling super soft.

13. Dyson Air Wrap Or Shark Styler

The Dyson air wrap is something that is on most girl’s wishlists. It is a great luxury gift for teenage girls!

If you’re not wanting to splurge on a Dyson air wrap, the shark styler is a great dupe and does the same things for a fraction of the price!

Either of these would make amazing Christmas gifts for teen girls!

14. DIY Gel Nail Kit

If your teen girl likes to do her own nails or go get her nails done, a DIY gel nail kit like this would be the perfect gift. It would save her (or you, whoever is paying for her nails) so much money by being able to do cute nails at home!

I’ve used a lot of gel nail polishes and this brand is the best and is what I use to do my own nails at home!

15. CosRx Snail Mucin

If your teenager is a skincare junkie, this stuff would be the perfect gift! I’ve seen so many people saying this improved their skin so much.


16. Ugg Boots

These Ugg boots are super trendy and are a gift any teen girl would love. I got a pair of Ugg boots for Christmas one year when I was a teenager and I wore them for 6 years even though my dad accidentally ordered me a size too big. That’s how much I loved them!


If you’re not wanting to spend that much money on Uggs, these are a good dupe!

17. CArhartt BEanie

Carhartt beanies are super trendy, especially for cold weather. This would be the perfect gift for a girl who likes to wear beanies!

I have a Carhartt beanie and I absolutely love it. It’s so warm and cozy!

18. SMiley Face Slippers

These slippers are super trendy and cute. They would be a great inexpensive gift idea for a teen girl!

19. Cute Purse

This purse is on Amazon’s list of most loved gifts for the holidays! It is very cute and trendy.

20. Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

Long sleeve jumpsuits like this are perfect for the cold weather and they are so cute! I’ve been seeing jumpsuits like this all over my tiktok feed lately.

21. LEg Warmers

Leg warmers are another thing that is super cozy and cute for cold weather! These would be especially cute to go with Ugg boots. I have a pair of white leg warmers like this and I absolutely love them.

22. Zodiac Necklace

If your teenager is into zodiac signs, this necklace would be an amazing gift to give her. It’s so pretty!

23. FAnny Pack

Fanny packs have come back into trend in the past few years. This fanny pack would be so cute if you think it’s something your teen would like! They’re so useful.

24. Birkenstock Clogs

This is another pair of shoes that has been super trendy lately! I have a friend who wears a pair of these religiously and they look really cute and are comfy.

25. Yankees CAp

Yankees caps are super trendy and would go with pretty much any outfit.

Tech Gifts

26. Airpods Max

Airpods max are another luxury gift for teenage girls and are definitely a splurge, but it’s something she’s guaranteed to love! I got a pair of nice headphones as a gift when I was a teenager and I still use them 7 years later!

This is one of the best Christmas gifts for teen girls this year.

27. Kindle

If your teen girl is a reader, a Kindle paperwhite is the perfect gift idea. I got one as a gift for my birthday a couple years ago and it’s still one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received!

28. Nintendo Switch

If your teenager is a gamer, a switch would be an amazing gift! I got one as a gift when I was a teenager and I was super excited and I still use it.

29. Ipad

An Ipad is an amazing gift idea that your teen girl would be sure to use! She could use it to play games, to draw, for schoolwork, and so many other things.

30. Selfie Light

If your teenager likes to take pictures or make videos, a selfie light like this would really level things up for her and I’m sure she would get so much use out of it!

31. Kindle Bed Mount & Page Turner

These would be amazing gifts to go along with a Kindle, or great gifts to give if your teen girl already has a Kindle. These are on my personal wishlist for this year. It’s a Kindle bed mount so you don’t have to hold it and a bluetooth page turner.

32. Phone Bed Mount

A phone bed mount would be amazing for girls who like to watch things on their phones in bed!

33. Airstick Phone Mount

An Airstick phone mount is another amazing gift for teen girls who like making videos/ tiktoks! I’ve heard amazing things about this. It sticks to things so well but is completely reusable! It makes it so you can take videos anywhere.

Miscellaneous Gift Ideas

34. WEighted Blanket

If your teen girl doesn’t already have a weighted blanket, it would be such a good gift to give! My grandma got me a weighted blanket for Christmas when I was a teenager and I still use it. They’re great for relieving stress and anxiety!

35. Gratitude Journal

The 5 minute journal is a super popular gratitude journal. You spend 5 minutes a day doing the prompts and it helps with positivity and mindfulness.

36. Stanley Cup

Stanley cups are definitely the most trendy and popular tumblers right now. You can never have too many reusable cups and this is something a teen girl would definitely use.

37. Needoh Nice Cube Stress Toy

This stress toy went viral on tiktok not too long ago and I saw people playing with it and I was immediately like “I have to have that” (for reference, I’m 25 lol).

If your teen girl likes sensory toys or stress balls, this would be such a good gift! I got one a few days ago and oh my goodness, it is so fun to mess with.

38. Warmies Weighted Lavender Scented Microwavable Stuffed Animal

A warmie would be a great gift for a teen girl with anxiety. It’s a weighted plushie that smells like lavender and you can microwave it to warm it up. They are so fun to snuggle and are so calming.

My mom got me one as a Christmas gift when I was a teenager and I absolutely loved it. I even bought one as a gift for one of my friends after that!

39. New Pillows

This is a very practical gift idea, but a good one! I was always asking for new pillows as a Christmas gift when I was a teenager.

These pillows are super comfy and have such amazing reviews!

40. DNA Test

If your teen girl has any interest in knowing about her ancestry, this would be such a good gift! My dad got me one as a gift one year for Christmas when I was a teenager and it was so cool to see all the info it gives you!

41. Squishmallows

If your teenager likes stuffed animals/ plushies, squishmallows would be the PERFECT gift. They’re so squishy and nice. I personally used to collect them and have a bunch of them on my bed. They’re the best!

42. Barefoot Dreams Cozy Blanket

I have heard such amazing things about this blanket brand! A nice blanket is such a great gift idea because she will be able to use it year-round.

This post was all about the best Christmas gifts for teen girls this year.

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