16 Insanely Fun College Christmas Party Games Guaranteed To Make The Best Party Ever

If you’re planning a college christmas party, you might be looking for fun college christmas party games to play. Here are some of the best christmas party games to try at your party!

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college christmas party games

One of the best parts of parties is playing games, so if you’re planning a christmas party, you’re probably looking for college christmas party games to play.

These are some fun christmas party games that will have everyone talking about your party afterwards!

After you read this post, you’ll have some amazing christmas game ideas to try at your party that are sure to be crowd pleasers.

This post is all about the funnest college Christmas party games.

The Best College Christmas Party Games To Play

1. Christmas Jeopardy

Christmas jeopardy would be such a fun game to play. The 100 slot could be for $1, the 200 slot for $2, and so on. If you’re not wanting to put all of your own money into it, you could ask everyone contribute $5 or something to the pot!

2. Christmas Punch It

Shop This College Christmas Party Game:

The way this game works is each cup has a “gift” in it and you pick which cup you punch and get the gift inside. The way the people in the video played it would be so fun for a college party because each cup had a different mini liquor bottle. You could also do it with little goodies though!

3. Christmas Beer Pong

Recreate This College Party Game For Christmas:

Beer pong is a staple college party game, but you can make it Christmas themed with some lights on the table. You could also do glow in the dark beer pong to go along with the Christmas theme!

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4. Candy Cane Fishing

Play This Christmas Party Game:

I called this candy cane fishing because I wasn’t sure what else to call it. Basically you hold a candy cane in your mouth and use it to try to move all the candy canes from one plate to another before your opponent.

This would be so funny to watch your friends play, especially if they’ve been drinking.

5. Reindeer Ring Toss

This would be a fun game to have going in an open space at the party! It would also be great to play in the backyard.

6. Christmas Trivia

This would be a super fun game for everyone at the party to play. You could also do cute little prizes for the people who get the most points!

7. Bow Spatula Game

Try This Christmas Party Game:

This game would be so funny to watch people play in general, but it would be hilarious to watch people who’ve been drinking play it.

You put a blindfold on and try to scoop as many Christmas bows into a basket/ bowl as you can with a spatula, and whoever gets the most wins.

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8. Saran Wrap Ball Game

Recreate This College Christmas Party Idea:

I had so much fun the first time I played this game. You wrap gifts/ candy/ gift cards/ money, really whatever you want, into a giant ball of saran wrap, and everyone gets 10-20 seconds to unwrap as much as they can and they get to keep whatever falls out during their turn.

Then you go around in a circle taking turns until the ball is all the way unwrapped!

9. Christmas Ornament Toss

Copy This Game Idea:

This is another game that is similar to beer pong that you could play! You’ll need some non-shatterable Christmas ornaments like these to play.

10. White Elephant Dice Game

Try This Christmas Party Game Idea:

This game seems to be a variation of White Elephant. Everyone brings a gift that aligns with the predetermined rules (like all gifts have to be under $20) and then after the first round of picking/ stealing gifts, you roll the dice to determine what happens next.

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11. Guess How Many Ornaments

Recreate This Game Idea:

This would be a fun thing for people to do as they’re entering the party! You could have a cute prize for the person who gets the closest.

To recreate it you’ll need a big jar and a pack of assorted sized ornaments like this one.


This is the Christmas version of the very popular game Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. The reviews say it’s tons of fun!

13. 12 Games Of Christmas

This is the perfect thing to get if you want some different options for Christmas party games! This pack comes with 12 different Christmas themed party games to choose from.

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14. Jingle Bell Toss

Copy This Christmas Game Idea:

Jingle bell toss is another really cute Christmas beer pong adjacent game. You toss jingle bells into shot glasses! This would be so unique and fun.

15. Cotton Ball Snow Ball Game

Recreate This Game Idea:

This is another game that would be absolutely hilarious to watch your friends play. You use cotton balls as “snow balls” and everyone uses a straw to try to get all the snow balls into the cup the fastest.

16. Snow Ball Toss

Play This Christmas Game:

Snow ball toss would be another fun game to play if you’re going to have a bit of open space at the party!

This post was all about super fun college Christmas party games to try this year.

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