dorm christmas decorations

Since Christmas is coming up, if you’re living in the dorms, you might be looking for cute dorm christmas decorations. Here are the best dorm room christmas decorations!

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dorm christmas decorations

If you’re like me and are obsessed with dorm decor, you’re probably looking for dorm christmas decorations to celebrate christmas.

For this post I’ve gathered some of the cutest christmas dorm decorations to help you decorate for christmas!!

After you read this post you’ll have so many amazing ideas for christmas dorm room decorations!!

This post is all about dorm christmas decorations.

The Best Dorm Christmas Decorations

1. Mini Tree

Shop This Decor Idea:

dorm christmas decorations
dorm christmas decorations
dorm christmas decorations

A mini tree is the perfect christmas decor idea for a dorm room. It’s festive while still being able to fit in the small amount of space! I also love that they hung the red snowflake garland and stockings.

2. Festive Throw Pillows

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dorm christmas decorations
dorm christmas decorations

Another super simple but effective way to decorate your dorm for christmas is with festive throw pillows!! There are so many christmas throw pillow options to choose from out there, but these two would look really cute together!

3. Banners

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college dorm christmas decorations ideas
dorm room ideas

You can also hang festive banners like this “merry christmas” one in your dorm. This is a great way to decorate because it will only take up wall space. Also, I’m obsessed with the white pom pom pillow this person used to decorate. It isn’t really a “christmas” themed pillow, but I think it definitely matches the vibes and would be really cute for christmas decor!!

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4. Christmas Tree Door Decor

Shop This Decor Idea:

christmas dorm decorations
christmas dorm room decorations

A suuuper popular way to decorate your dorm room for christmas is by doing door decor like this. To copy how they did theirs you’ll need some gold wrapping paper, a green tinsel garland, some battery operated fairy lights, and some shatterproof (in case they fall off the door) christmas ornaments!

5. Window Ornaments

Copy This Decor:

dorm room christmas decorations
christmas dorm room decor

I think this is SUCH a smart way to decorate a dorm room for christmas. It’s so simple but it looks so pretty! To recreate this you’ll need some christmas tree beads, some fishing wire to hang the ornaments from, and some pretty ornaments! To hang the beads without damaging the ceiling in your dorm, you can use command hooks.

6. Ceiling Lights

Recreate This Decor Idea:

dorm christmas decorations

I think this is my favorite idea on this list for christmas dorm decor. It looks so good and also doesn’t take up any space that you’d be using! You’ll need a long set of fairy lights like these, and to hang them from the ceiling you can use command hooks here too!

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7. Silver Garland Wall Decor

Shop This Decor Idea:

dorm room christmas decor
christmas decor for dorm room

This is another cute dorm christmas door decor idea! It’s super simple but still looks cute and festive. I like how they paired some white stockings with the silver garland!! Also, aren’t their matching pjs SO cute lol.

8. Christmas Bow Wreath

Recreate This Decor:

christmas dorm door decorations
dorm room christmas

This idea could be used for door decor or really any wall decor in your dorm! To make the wreath, you’ll need a foam wreath form, some bows, and some hot glue. You’ll just glue the bows on the wreath form.

9. Christmas Throw Blanket

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christmas dorms

This pic has alllllll the christmas bedding, but another really simple but cute way to decorate your dorm for christmas is with a christmas throw blanket!! I love this idea because the blanket will keep you cozy as well.

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10. White And Red Bedding

Copy This Decor:

christmas tree for dorm room
christmas dorm room door decorations

Another really cute bedding idea is to do red and white bedding to get that christmas feel!! I have this white bedding and I’m obsessed. You can pair it with some cute christmas throw pillows and a festive throw blanket!!

11. Curtain Lights

Shop This Idea:

dorm door decorations christmas

This person’s decor looks soooooo lovely. I actually just bought these curtain lights to put in my own apartment and I am so excited to put them up!! I will definitely be copying their decor and hanging ornaments from the lights. Also, peep how good the red and white bedding theme looks here too!! Truly fail proof.

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12. Warm Toned Decor

Recreate This Decor:

how can i decorate my dorm room for christmas
dorm christmas decor

I know I keep talking about how good red and white decor looks, but this warm toned christmas decor looks SO GOOD too. I feel like it is so subtle and understated but looks literally sooooo cozy.

13. Decorate Your Mirror

Copy This Decor:

dorm christmas decor college
dorm christmas door decorations

Another space-saving way to decorate your dorm for christmas is to decorate your mirror!! I feel like almost everyone has a floor length mirror like this one, and if you do, this would be a really cute way to decorate it for christmas.

14. Plaid Bedding

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christmas door decorations for dorm
christmas dorm decorations room ideas

I feel like red plaid bedding like this is a staple way to decorate for christmas. It also gives a very cozy cabin feel. I feel like this kind of decor can feel a little middle-school-boyish, so I really like how they kind of toned down those vibes with their moon phase mirrors on the wall!

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15. Fairy Light Christmas Tree

Recreate This Decor Idea:

dorm room door christmas decorations

I saw this idea when I was in high school and I became OBSESSED. It’s the perfect idea if you don’t have space for an actual christmas tree. To recreate it you’ll need some white christmas lights. To hang them I’d use command hooks!!

16. Globe And Snowflake Ceiling Lights

Copy This Decor:

college dorm room decorations christmas
college dorm room christmas decorations

This is a cute twist on the ceiling lights from earlier. I like how this person used globe lights!! I think the snowflakes they added look really cute.

17. Dangling Lights

Shop This Decor:

christmas decorations for dorm rooms

I couldn’t find the exact lights they used, but a really cute way to decorate for christmas is with dangling icicle lights!! I’ve used these in my room before and I really liked how they looked.

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18. Shelf Nick Nacks

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dorm room christmas decorations bedroom ideas
christmas decorations for dorm

This is another great way to decorate if you don’t have a ton of space!! You can just use some little shelf nick nacks (you could find a ton for cheap at the thrift store!!) I adore the little gingerbread houses they used. Also, my family had this little christmas tree as shelf decor when I was little and I always really loved it.

This post was all about super cute dorm christmas decorations.

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