16 Cutest College Nails Trends To Recreate This Year

If you’re in college or going to college, you might be looking for some inspo when it comes to college nails trends. Here are the cutest nails for college students to do!

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College students are usually on top of all the trends, including college nails trends. There are some super cool nail ideas that are super trendy this year that you should definitely try.

Whether you’re looking for nails to do back to school nails, game day nails, or just every day nails, this post has you covered.

After you read this post, you will have so much cute college nail inspo for this year! Here are some super cute nail ideas college students are obsessing over right now.

This post is all about the cutest college nails ideas.

1. French Tips With Rhinestones

Rhinestones have been a huge nail trend this year. This kind of manicure is so perfect if you’re into the clean girl aesthetic! They’re classy, simple, and would go with any kind of outfit!

2. Star Themed Nails

I have been seeing manicures with designs like this EVERYWHERE. I’m obsessed! It’s one of my favorite nail trends of this year.

3. College Themed Nails

If you want to do college themed nails for back to school, game day, etc, this is a really cute idea! You could do this design with your school colors.

4. Coquette Nails

The coquette aesthetic has had so many people (myself included) in a chokehold this year. If you want to do something super girly, these nails would be perfect.

5. Chrome Nails

If you keep track of nail trends at all, I’m sure you’ve already heard of the Hailey Bieber chrome nail trend. You really can’t go wrong doing your nails like this! A mani like this is really classy.

6. Sparkly Nails

I’m not sure if you’d call this a trend, but I have been so obsessed with doing sparkly nails like these lately. These are so good because they’re super pretty, simple, and would go with so many different outfits!

7. Floral Nails

Floral nails are another nail design you really can’t go wrong with. 3D nail charms like this have been super popular recently!

8. Solid Color Nails

Solid colored nails in general are always good and always cute, but red nails in particular have been super trendy recently! Something called the “red nail theory” got popular on TikTok, and now a bunch of people are doing red nails!

There has been a ton of discourse on TikTok recently where people are trying to find the “perfect red” nail color!

9. Pearl Nails

When I first saw this nail trend I gasped and immediately went to find pearl nail polish so I could do my own nails like this. These nails are stunning!

10. Metallic Design Nails

This is another gorgeous nail trend this year that you should definitely copy. I’ve been seeing all different kinds of designs like this using metallic nail polish.

11. Aura Nails

Aura nails are SO pretty. They’re perfect for any time of year, but especially the warmer months! You can do aura nails with pretty much any color combo you want! I’ve seen people use eye shadow/ blush to get the effect in the middle of the nails.

12. Water Droplet Nails

I hadn’t seen this nail trend until my bestie did her nails like this and it looked SO cool! The droplets are a 3D effect and they stick out from the nails.

13. Fruit Nails

Fruit nails have been super popular lately. Cherry and strawberry nails are the most popular, but I’ve seen all kinds of fruit nails! I love how they used rhinestones for these cherry nails.

14. 3D Design Nails

As you’ve seen from some of the other ideas in this list, 3D nail designs are super popular this year. I saw this design yesterday and I really wanna do these nails on myself! I feel like the texture would be so satisfying.

15. Rhinestone Nails

I’ve been seeing rainbow rhinestone nails like this a lot recently. They’re so cute! They remind me of the 2000s.

16. Cool Design Nails

Nails with different designs on every finger like this have been really popular the past couple years! The world is your oyster when it comes to doing nails like this, you could do so many different combinations of designs and colors.

This post was all about super cute college nails ideas.

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